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Hello all and welcome!

The original "Sane 2ww" thread was started by zenquaker. This is a continuation of the "Sane 2ww" thread and we felt "A Saner TTC" was a natural evolution. Over time, many of those TTC among us have been successful, but neither us nor them are ready to say good bye to this Saner Sisterhood. For that reason, we've expanded this description to include both those currently TTC as well as the graduates in the group.

Here's the gist of the original thread: this is a space to re-conceive the 2ww as a time of waiting and contemplation. Although we don't judge those who wish to poas frequently, symptom-spot, or do chart analysis, this a space set apart from that activity. We share our thoughts about other ways to approach the 2ww and all parts of our cycles. We encourage each other to feel our feelings fully and to greet all possible outcomes with openness.

We also seek to approach our pregnancies with the same holistic calm, knowing that both growing a baby and being a woman are complex experiences that deserve our humility and reflection. As our babies grow into this world, we seek to hold the space for them within ourselves and the world around us, to make our spirits ready as our bodies are made ready.

We also remember that there is much to life outside our efforts toward procreation, and we enjoy sharing all of our journeys with those who share the space with us here.

We hope you'll join us.
* * *

This month's moon name and meaning from the Farmer's Almanac:

"July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It was also often called the Full Thunder Moon, for the reason that thunderstorms are most frequent during this time. Another name for this month’s Moon was the Full Hay Moon."
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Hello and thanks for the new thread, Primal. I'm looking forward to all the babies and BFP's that are on the horizon.
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Thanks for the new thread Primaljoy! Also thanks for all the info as I said I love feeling a part of all your journeys, and the 'education' side of it is just a bonus.
I understand what you say about the stretchy uterus, by comparison a friend of mine had such tight stomach muscles that at 8 months she could tighten them and almost look not pregnant (her belly was exercise flat 24 hrs after birth) but because of that her son needed Physio as his feet were a little bent from being cramped - so personally I'll take stretchy and happy baby.
Mama blue, mares, wengrin, Oxford and Chrissy - anything new?
AGM DHL is off to Darwin for 10 days tomorrow, although I cope fine without him - I always feel sad before he leaves. Lol pathetic really, it's just over our years together I love him more...
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Thanks for the shiny new thread!

Chuord- how are you doing without DH? I feel lousy when mine goes away. I'm just happier when he is beside me. I hope you've got lots of nice thibgs planned with your friends and you can watch whatever you want on tv! ;-)

Primal- hang in there with your wriggly baby. He is going to be a live wire when he arrives. Oooh so exciting.

Mamablue- thanks for your care. When you said that I am talking differently, I noticed how bad thibgs were before. How are you feeling now? Are you still nesting and cleaning? I like your description of needin your DH close. You make sure you get what you need mama!

Wengrin- how are you doing love? Are you coping ok with the hot Florida sunshine?

I had a meeting today with a different director in my department and asked if I can go work for her! She was really enthusiastic, which is a nice confidence boost. I have a lot to think about now though as the job she has available isn't really what I want, but at least I get out of my current team. Hm lots to think about.

I was just thinking what a privilege it has been to watch your TTC journey, through to BFP and now we are going to have a couple if months of births. I've loved seeing theis special time of your life, from across the world :-) chuord, I'm watching out for yours next!

Have a great weekend everyone. Xx
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Oxford - totally will miss him, just got back from dropping him at the airport... Weird though I feel worse the day or two before he leaves. You know trying to enjoy as much of him as I can, now he's gone the countdown to him getting back begins lol... Pathetic really.
Re your work, even though you're not a fan of the other job - as it's within the company you'd stay eligible for the maternity pay right? Then if they are nicer that would be a great option, cos it's going to happen for you soon.... I believe I is is all that required and you'll be there. Then after you have your family you can look at the perfect career jobs... Just a thought I'm glad you have options, my sister just spent 6 months trying to leave her mysogynistic job and the person who was incompetent and saw her as competition (her boss) now she's in a great place where 40% of the employees are women globally (and in power roles) and she gets respect. She's in enviro and she's not prepared to sacrifice her morals or ethics.
Wengrin - hope you're busy having fun and not ill again?
Afm - just waiting after my long month...
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Hello everyone! I'm also looking forward to babies and more BFPs. Glad to hear about your opportunity Oxford, you do sound more relaxed!

Re: stretch marks, I do think it's just genetics. I don't have any on my belly, but I didn't do anything to prevent them. One of my friends has tons and tons on her belly and honestly it's so lovely.
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Hi Chrissy, mares
I'm out this month... AF arrived this morning - on to the next cycle! Not upset this time, just determined!
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Hi, jumping in to introduce myself! Just decided to add the necessary ingredient(sperm) to my life to allow for my family to expand. Single("divorced") mama here to 3 awesome kids; just worked it out with the man I chose to be biodad for baby #4 . Super pumped to get pregnant, but also trust that what needs to happen will happen. Also a nursing student about to enter my last year of school.

PrimalJoy, I have a ton of stretchmarks, too. Loose belly, covered in them, some 1/2 wide. I **almost** have the confidence to just show them off, but not quite. But since I already got my mama pouch, I should put it to good use!
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Welcome, August! Good luck and happy conceiving. Nursing school is no joke! I've been an RN for five years. Hang in there!

Chuord -- I love your outlook, determined and ready to move forward! Is next month another fresh IVF cycle?

Oxford -- I hope this new job happens for you! Will staying with the same organization let you keep your senority, benefits, etc?

Mares and Mamablue -- You guys are so close! I'm so excited for both of you! I'm thinking I have another week, and hopefully not much longer. That will let us maximize my leave and fit it in best with DH's summer break before he goes back to school.

Hi, Crissy!

We're very close to ready for baby time over here. Our diapers aren't set up yet (waiting for an order to arrive, and need to re-strip everything; we have some backup disposables we got as a gift, though), and there are some odd errands we need to get done, but we would actually be okay if babe decided to show up now. Now I just need to try to be patient. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow, and my other ones all arrived by 39 weeks, so I'm definitely in anticipation-mode. Watch this guy decide to wait until 40 or 41 weeks, just to teach me a lesson!
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Welcome august, hope yours is an easy journey!
Primal - omg, I swear we've just jumped a fortnight! You are imminently waiting for baby (so exciting) and mares and mama blue could even be in labour by now, soo exciting! Sending love and energy to you all to help you get through it as you wish.
Thanks, I'm finding I'm not really excited to start the hormones again, but I'm determined. I. Am. Sick. Of. Being. The. Bridesmaid. Lol time to be pg and my focus / dedication is way stronger than I could have imagined. Dh is away for another week, and I've already made peace with giving myself injections till then (for me that's like superman brave lol)
It's really surreal to think before I can harvest eggs three of you will probably have your babies
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Nah, no laboring here. Still waiting, but today there is the added excitement of mild heartburn.
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Still waiting here as well Very not mild heartburn for me. But honestly I don't have any complaints! I feel pretty good. Hoping for labor in the next few days. I feel ready.

I just saw a headline that Prince George's birthday is Tuesday, maybe one of our babies will share a royal birthday (which means nothing to me here in the US, but he sure is a cutie).
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Great to hear all is well! I think I'll need you girls to keep me calm before birth - you're all pros at not getting flustered... Medical events and me = headless chicken response lol
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Originally Posted by chuord View Post
Great to hear all is well! I think I'll need you girls to keep me calm before birth - you're all pros at not getting flustered... Medical events and me = headless chicken response lol
I was much more flustered with my first babies, and now I just manage to keep more of the frantic thoughts on the inside. :-) There are lots of mellow ladies here to keep things in perspective. Should help that your hubby is a doctor, too, right?
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That's nice to know that calm comes with experience primal. Re dh, yes it does - mainly cos if I'm uncomfortable or unhappy with something he'll make sure it's fixed. Nice thought thanks
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Morning ladies!

Any baby news??? It feels like springwatch!! Fingers crossed for you all. I hope the heart burn has subsided or is not too uncomfortable.

How exciting!!!!!!
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Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. DS and I have been sick this week, blah. Yucky summer cold that has left us feeling totally wiped out and not able to do much the past few days.

I am dough fine otherwise with the pregnancy. I have a sonogram next Wednesday. I already weigh now what I did when I delivered DS. My tummy is enormous. Don't know how I can continue to grow for 12 more weeks or so.

I'm keeping positive thoughts for you all that will be delivering in the next few weeks!! Happy time.

Oxford hope that you are able to switch to the other group at work. No one should have to endure what you have been dealing with. You're a trooper.

Chuord hope you're doing hubby back now? Sorry I quickly scanned through messages but will have to reread and post personals later. We are going to nap now since we just had lunch and DS is sleepy. I'm so over this cold.

Take care everyone.

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No laboring going on here. Overdue. Just waiting. La la la.
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No laboring here, either. Technically not due until Sayurday, but if this had been Malcolm or Clementine I would have had them in my arms early yesterday morning. So, feeling a bit antsy. Don't really want to do anything except wait for labor. And hate having DH gone for work during the day! My dad is here, though, which is great. He really entertains the kids and even went grocery shopping for me. At the same time that I am focusing on labor, I am really trying to appreciate these last days of pregnancy.

Malcolm has been very difficult lately, he's almost three and doing a lot if testing. Throwing fits at bedtime, etc. I am a bit nervous for when the baby is born.
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So exciting!!! It's like knowing there's a huge present in your future but the timing is a surprise lol... You ladies are still so patient! I hear you say 'antsy' mares, but you still sound calm. Fx for all three that it goes as you want it to!
Wengrin - hugs on the cold! Also on being later and uncomfortable - maybe you're like primal and your baby likes a large place to live. Hope the ultrasound goes well! Let us know.
Primal how are you doing?
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Mares -- it's funny how suddenly patience runs out! I bet you'll go in the next day or so.

Mamablue -- Staying sane while you wait? Did you say your previous ones were 12 days "late"? Does that make waiting easier? I have endless admiration for women who stay zen after their due date.

I saw my midwife today. My blood pressure was a little elevated, which is unusual for me. I really think that the LPN who took it had the wrong size cuff on there, and that it was on way too loose. People don't listen to me, though, even though they know I'm an RN. It's like, if I don't work in that office, whatever I know is worth nothing to them. I'm not an OB nurse, but I've taken a blood pressure or two over the years. Geez. Anyway, they were showing concern, but I knew it was the lousy cuff job. They were talking about sending me to L&D for monitoring, even. They ended up retaking the BP, and it was lower, and there was no protein in my urine or swelling to speak of (I even lost a couple of pounds this week). They did draw blood to rule out HELLP syndrome, and did a NST, which the baby looked great on. I'm honestly glad I got the NST, just because I've been making myself crazy with "what if"s. I feel better knowing that kiddo is doing well in there. I'm glad my practice is paying attention to my condition, too, even if they really just need someone to retrain this particular person on the BP machine. They also double-checked baby's position, and he's still head down. So, we're back to just waiting.

I have an appt next week on 39 weeks 3 days. Part of me is hoping baby comes this weekend (which would be consistent with when my others came), and part of me wants him to wait until the first of the month so I can finish payroll. :-) He'll come when he wants to!
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Primal - My babies have come at 39+3, 40+4, and (AROM by my midwife) at 41 weeks. This one is 40+4 today, and I got nothin'. My midwife stripped my membranes two days ago, which aggrivated some fakey contractions for a couple hours, but that's it. Baby is still high and keeps scooting its head over to my right hip when I sleep. We can push it back over the middle of my pelvis no problem, but it just won't engage. Since it's baby #4 in there, there's a great chance baby won't engage until labor begins. It won't be long. I'm just trying to stay relaxed, and keep the house clean. I gotta go the grocery store again.
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So exciting, @mamaBlue . It's maddening trying to keep everything *just so* while you wait. Everything will be clean, there will be food in the house, and I'll be like, "Okay, now's a good time." And then a few days later, it's messy again and we need to shop, and I'm like, "Okay, just hang tight until tomorrow, okay?"

I'm mentally getting myself good with this pregnancy lasting longer than I might have initially expected. 39 weeks is Monday, but I just don't feel close to labor at all. I don't know if I had any "lead up" signs with my others, though, until ctx actually began. At any rate, I think it's a good idea to be mentally prepared for whatever. I am hoping to not go over my dates, since that will cut short the amount of time DH is home with me before he starts back to school, but it will be okay if that's what happens.

We went to a big consignment sale today to get a couple of things we still needed. Lots of walking around... Too bad I don't really believe that starts labor. Maybe it will help wiggle the baby into a good position, though. A friend is bringing her dog over for a playdate with my dog, and then later we have a going away party for a friend of mine. Busy day!
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Come on, babies. This waiting is torture for us. Lol Glad everyone is just relaxed and waiting.
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I know Chrissy! Lol anyone would think they were our babies
I love the bunkering Down instinct, omg I retread my last post,when i try and minimize my typing the words don't always come out right.... You all know I was revering to the amount of water babies have to swim in right?
Ma I'm only day 5 of injections today, and I'm already getting tired of it, and my ovaries hurt to lie on... I just need to get some good eggs this time around!
Today my sister is coming over and we are checking her wedding plans (she's well organised), wants a very small wedding and no bridal party - effectively she's making it as little fuss about them as possible whole still celebrating the union. I think it's great, I mean I had a horse drawn carriage and a cathedral - but that's what we wanted (lol I love reading historic romances) I'm glad she's doing just what she wants. My role is the 'not bridal party' is to help make it happen for her just don't want to be full of morning sickness by then, but definitely pg!
Hope my waffle distracted you for a minute or two...
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Chuord -- I went back and read your last post and cracked up. That made my night. I think my babies like a large living space in all senses; maybe they sense that they'll be sharing with five other people when they get out, so should enjoy it while they can. :-)

I'm in admiration of you for getting through your injections on your own. Just a couple more days and DH is back to help, right? The ovary pain -- are they monitoring you for the OHSS again? I know you're making some amazing eggs right now! Hang in there!

I love the small wedding talk, as well as the big fairy tale production. I've had one of each. :-) Both nice in their own way. I am picturing you pregnant but not too sick when wedding time comes!
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I'm glad it made you laugh primal 'accidental' comedy whether it's tripping over my own feet or verbal coordination is one of my specialities!
I love that image, pregnant and maybe easily tired but not very sick at all sounds perfect for October 10! I'm so ready now, and determined!
To prevent ohss he's using a lower stim amount this month so my ovaries will be less agitated and we have the back up if using the more gentle trigger too. If I trust my gut, this cycle feels good - last time I was not confortable and was more relieved when it cancelled. I should trust my instinct!
Oxford - are you still around? Hope work is better.
I have to keep checking the page in case of babies
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Still no labor here But, Chourd, I'm really excited for your cycle! It would be neat to be getting another BFP right after our little baby boom. It makes so much sense to me that a less intensive cycle would be "it" for you - it seems like your body would be very sensitive to the subtitles of it all, it doesn't need a forceful shove, just a kind little nudge. You sound so excited and that makes me excited!!

Oxford, how are you?
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Chourd - I'm so excited for this new stim cycle. I'm ready to cheer on a pile of fat follies! When do you go in for an ultrasound? Gah, this is exciting!!!!

AFM - Nothing. Pfffft.

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