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lhuff1984's Avatar lhuff1984 07:41 AM Yesterday
My husband and I have been TTC for a few months. I started using an app that charts my periods and my fertile days. I also chart my BBT and am observant of my cervical fluid. I'm 30 years old and have no children. My periods have always been pretty regular, with my cycle being between 28-31 days. Since keeping track, I have noticed that I do get a dip and then a spike in BBT during my fertile week. My cervical fluid is right on track (dry, then sticky then an egg white consistency). Yesterday my temperature was approx. 96.8 and I had sticky glue-like CF, and this morning it was 96.2 followed with egg white CF. My "most fertile" day is supposed to be tomorrow. Are these signs an almost guarantee that I'm ovulating? I also started taking Vitex last month, but my temps and CF have been pretty consistent since we started TTC.

However, I have NEVER had a positive OTC ovulation test... I've heard those can easily miss the big O.


centerednova's Avatar centerednova 09:21 AM Yesterday
It certainly sounds to me like you're ovulating - all the signs point to yes.

I've had good luck with the Wondfo ovulation predictors (the ones that are sold on Amazon) starting a couple of days before I'm due to ovulate and then the day of, if you're looking to try a different test.

Good luck!
pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 04:07 PM Yesterday
It certainly sounds like you're ovulating. Temp and CF and such are better ways to track ovulation than OPK's. The OPK kind of confirms that everything else was correct. It sometimes works better to do OPK's twice a day, around 10 am and 2 pm, instead of first thing in the morning. I used digital because I found the two line ones hard to read. I find OPK's extrememly annoying in general. I think you're better off going by your other signs. Good luck!
Oceanspray 10:35 PM Yesterday
I agree with pokeyac - testing twice a day might do it - some people even need to test more often (though that is not typical), as their surge is so short they could miss it otherwise. Mine is quite short and if I don't test twice a day there are times I have missed it with the OPKs and only knew I ovulated from the other symptoms you are noticing and Mittelschmerz. Another check on symptoms is to feel your os (cervix) to test its openness, position and softness. Right before and at ovulation, it will be softest, very open, and positioned downwards (to best be available for incoming sperm). That is just a generalisation but it is something to pay attention to if you like to monitor your symptoms closely. Once ovulation has passed, the os will tighten up (become smaller), your cervix will angle upwards a bit (away from the direct "line of fire" from your vagina), and you will notice a firming up of the cervix, also, as it becomes less hospitable to sperm and outside influences. In addition, the changes you have already noticed in your cervical mucus will be very obvious right at the os, too. There are some excellent books on monitoring and learning about your fertility (the names escape me though I am sure others can suggest them to you - I think one is called "Taking Charge of your Fertility"?), and they will give you much more detail if you want to pursue learning more.

Good luck, and it sounds like you are on the right track already!