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shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 10:28 AM 05-25-2004
Ok, my entirely non educated opinion is that you actually O'd on cd 22 or 23 (most likely 23)
What made you test this morning though silly girl????

Boobs's Avatar Boobs 10:48 AM 05-25-2004
I just couldn't wait any longer! : And it's one of those 5 days early tests. I know, I know. Wasted 8 bucks.

Tracie (who has misplaced her egg)
mama2m&m's Avatar mama2m&m 10:50 AM 05-25-2004
tracie LOL those things are evil aren't they?

puddingpop - i have cycles like that sometimes to. never have figured it out.

wow Katie, no junk food on holiday! that is great. i have no such willpower LOL which is why i just sent my rings to be resized from 5-1/4 to 6-1/2 ugh!

velveteen, it's a ll a mind game isn't it? i wish we could lock it away in little compartments only to take out when absoultely needed!

maman - stay strong! hope your blizzard was yummy!

waiting4 - waiting to know! i'll check back frequently and hope that today greets you with a lovely surprise.

well, i'm farily confident (knock on wood) that i will o sometime this week, probably closer to week end. dh said last night he wanted to ply me with alcohol again to bring out the naughty me : then we had an interesting discussion about dirty magazines : an interesting evening to be sure. he gets turned on by a clean house so i can't wait til wednesday night! the house will be extra clean and he should be set! : i'm in a goofy mood today. i always feel better in gio week. plus he's doing pick up tonight so i can go straight to the lake and try out my new running shoes tonight. i really need to get moving.
Mizelenius's Avatar Mizelenius 11:10 AM 05-25-2004
I know I'm gonna miss people . . .

waiting4-- any news? A BFP from someone here would make my day!

Tracie-- I buy 10 Internet cheap tests a month, and test way too early on a regular basis. But, I don't feel too guilty since the 10 cost less than a pack of drugstore tests . . .sad to get the BFN, though, so I might stop testing early!

shannon- how's the migrane going? DH gets them and I don't know how he makes it through the day.

Alexis-- I totally missed the post about you getting a house. I thought you found one you liked but weren't gonna get it-- CONGRATULATIONS since you are! Very exciting! (And I'm so with you on the bathtub thing!)

Katy-Becca is adorable! I liked your home ed camp pics, too (that mosaic was fabulous!) I'd love to see your wedding pics as well.

Velveteen-- I think it's great that you're feeling positive? Less stress than feel negative!

Erika- good luck on the self control. I have none, so I'll probably be pestering you to test early.

Jesse- sounds like a great weekend at the cottage!

Lesley- hope your back is feeling better. Does it happen often?

Jamie- welcome back! You must post pics!

Denise-- I like your DH's "creativity!!!"

As for me, AF isn't here yet, but the spotting continues. Oddly, my temps are still up but I doubt that will last long. DH and my mom are making me go to the doctor under our current (bad) insurance today-- my mom even told me she'd pay for tests (our next ins. will have 100% coverage). So, I'm going to call any and every OB/GYN and try to get in TODAY for an appointment. I have a slight case of insomnia and a constant lump in my throat from the worry . . .

DH was so sweet last night. He told me that he was CERTAIN that we'd be able to have another baby (have I mentioned how optimistic he is?) but that if by some chance we didn't, we're still "the luckiest people in the world because of our daughter." He made me teary.
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 11:15 AM 05-25-2004
You know Miz, I wouldn't count you for being pregnant, that chart actually looks pretty good, many a mom has had spotting and been pregnant.
If I were you I'd get me some progesterone and ask the OB to do a beta.

Now where is W4B, she should have peed 15 min ago, are you out there????
mama2m&m's Avatar mama2m&m 11:20 AM 05-25-2004
awwwwwww elena, he is so sweet! my dh has similar sentiments. i hope you can find some answers today. spotting is always mentally troublesome.

katy - well the outpriced snacks does help us toe the line doesn't it? : especially if they aren't appetizing. i told myself i'd slim down for well over a year now and figured it's time. the funny thing is i didn't get this way until about a year after dd was born. i wore my rings all through pg and only took them off because i was afraid i'd swell but never did. it was the after weight gain that did me in. but i'm determined to fight it! help me stay strong today against the soda and extra nutter butters!

alexis, did i miss something about a house too? was that on the last thread? i missed a bunch at the end of that one. congrats!!!!!!!!! and if it has a two-person spa tub -- AWESOME! we talked about rehabbing our house since we can't afford to move and we needed an extra room. i insisted on a whirlpool tub so that next i got pg i could labor in it or at least luxuriate in it if i didn't.. my regular small tub with my dd didn't cut it but the water felt great! you will so enjoy it i'm sure!
Lousli's Avatar Lousli 11:28 AM 05-25-2004
I'm up! Where's w4b? I can't go to work today not knowing!!!

I really only have a few minutes, so I thought I'd drop by.

As for me, 7 DPO, the 1ww is over and I'm on to the really hard part.

My temp stayed up in that really high range. If you look at my chart on temps alone, you would say I O'ed 3 days ago. But factor in the OPK's, CP, and CM, and it looks more like 7 days ago. Research mode says 7 DPO, advanced mode says "Not detected"!!!

I don't know what to think. Could be inflammation, as my back is still sore. Trying to be mildly optimistic that it is going triphasic....
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 11:32 AM 05-25-2004
ok W4B, I do need to go to work today!!!! it's now 9:30, I gotta be in town by 10:30 at the latest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mizelenius's Avatar Mizelenius 12:59 PM 05-25-2004
After many phone calls, I finally got an appt.-- and for today!!! It REALLY irks me how hard it is to get one when you aren't PG. I remember trying to get an appt. prior to TTC with DD, and I had to wait months. I got PG while waiting for the appt., and all of a sudden I got a new status, and got in right away. So unfair.

Anyway, where's waiting4???? WE'RE WAITING!
mama2m&m's Avatar mama2m&m 01:06 PM 05-25-2004
i'm always afraid no news means bad news. :

yeah on getting your appt today! hope it goes well.
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 02:03 PM 05-25-2004
Wait4, I hope you are doing OK!! Here to support you either way.

Elena, that is SO SO sweet!
Hey Lesley, when are you going to test? I'm thinking about Friday, that is 11 dpo, and it should be pretty acurate by then.

Hey Katy, really proud of you with the healthy lifestyle

Miz, so glad you got the appt. Would you let us know what's going on? Sorry your spotting. I think it was Shannon that said that plenty of pg mom's spot, and I concur!!

Traci, if I have pg tests in the house, I am just SUNK. They call to me too! but I hate wasting money.

pudding, I hope this is YOUR cycle too! thanks for the nice words.

I still feel very positive, I hope it lasts!!
waiting4baby's Avatar waiting4baby 02:22 PM 05-25-2004
Hello All! Sorry about the delay!!

I woke up early, temped (it has gone up again) and took that HPT - BFN. So, I went back to sleep!! I'm still crossing my fingers!! :

Thanks for all the support!! I will see if I can get an appointment to check both progesterone and HGC this week.
mama2m&m's Avatar mama2m&m 02:36 PM 05-25-2004
rats! still : for ya!
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 02:37 PM 05-25-2004
Elena :

Denise and Mizelenius -- yeah, the house we decided on has a 2 person whirlpool tub. The one we looked at on Sat and decided against only had a one person soaker tub... but I wanted it so bad just based on the tub, but I trusted Mike that it wasn't right and look what I got? A better tub! It is big enough to have a baby in (the same size as tubs I've seen pics of in birthing centers.... and I am gung-ho homebirthing!)

Miz : Also : for Lesley and Velvet and Tracie and... my gosh, there are a lot of us to keep our fingers crossed for, aren't there!?! Yay! Well, I have : for ALL of us!

Sorry I'm no use with charts today... just can't make heads or tails of it, Tracie.

Denise -- sounds like you should be in my special "Nympho training" sessions!

Hmmm... I could make a lot of money teaching Nympho-wannabes my techniques... you are so lucky you get me for free :

Where's Korin this morning? And Adina -- how's our techie doing? (Hope Heve had a good long weekend, too!)

Belly Blessings!
mama2m&m's Avatar mama2m&m 02:45 PM 05-25-2004
Originally Posted by alexisyael

Denise -- sounds like you should be in my special "Nympho training" sessions!
who knew it would take me 35+ years to reach my prime? i almost don't recognize myself : so where do i sign up??
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 02:48 PM 05-25-2004
Originally Posted by mama2m&m
who knew it would take me 35+ years to reach my prime? i almost don't recognize myself : so where do i sign up??
That's when we're supposed to reach our sexual prime!

Hmmm.... I guess I could start a new LJ for my training sessions! Or a yahoo group... do I have enough interest????

: I meant it as a joke, but you know I am game for this! :
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 02:54 PM 05-25-2004
Ok, I need charting help!

So, I just got around to putting my temps in today... and if I mark Sat as "spotting" (which it really was, there was only the lightest bit of blood in my cm) and not as "light" (which I accidentally hit at first), FF does not have me starting a new cycle...

I gather the new system is automatic...

Ok, so what is up with this? (I didn't temp yesterday cause I lost my thermometer temporarily, and actually, I'm only guessing at what Sunday's temp is, cause I forgot to write it down... it may have been above my coverline, similar to today's...)

I really don't think there's a reason to KHA -- could anyone tell me what's up?

(BTW, my breast tenderness is nearly gone, but they still feel heavy).

alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 03:08 PM 05-25-2004
I just posted my question as a new thread, in case anyone wants to respond there instead of here! THanks everybody
MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 03:09 PM 05-25-2004
Well, I know we'll have a BFP from somebody this week (maybe several), I just know it.

Sorry about the BFN w4b.

I'll join the nyphos R us group if you're starting one, Alexis. :

This morning I'm nauseous from all the crap I ate last night. LOL That'll teach me. :

I'm 6 DPO, this time last cycle I had already taken 2 tests. I'm hopeless! But thankfully, I have none in my house and I don't live *that* close to a drugstore anymore since I moved.

Can't wait to see what this week brings from some of you mamas....
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 03:14 PM 05-25-2004
Still hoping for ya wait4!!! It aint over yet.

Alexis, I am really happy about your house!
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 03:15 PM 05-25-2004
Oh, and I just wanted to say to Heve, hope you will come back soon. We miss you.
mama2m&m's Avatar mama2m&m 03:34 PM 05-25-2004
Originally Posted by alexisyael
That's when we're supposed to reach our sexual prime!

Hmmm.... I guess I could start a new LJ for my training sessions! Or a yahoo group... do I have enough interest????

: I meant it as a joke, but you know I am game for this! :
oh i thought it was closer to 30 LOL! so why is it so young for men and so high for women? now that i've reached mine, dh is way past his. oops that was probably tmi maybe it's just his stressful job, yeah that's it!
KateSt.'s Avatar KateSt. 03:53 PM 05-25-2004
Wait4b-- : still. It ain't over 'til the red lady sings!!

Alexis -- I'm so happy for you 'bout your new place! A 2 person whirlpool -- I'm absolutely green with envy. I've often dreamt about a waterbirth too. How wonderful! And THANK YOU for your wave of the magic wand -- it did give me shivers.

Velvet -- your 2ww is driving me crazy!!! Is it REALLY only 6dpo????? The suspense is killing me!

Jesse -- Great to hear about your fun weekend with friends and fam. You seem to be doing well.

MamaFran and Lesley-- Keeping : for you too!

Miz -- on your appt today. Please keep us posted.

Me, I'm doing okay. Not trying to think too much about being preg or not being preg, when it will happen again, if it will happen again. Not charting, temping or checking cm. But I do look longingly at babies...
Ah well, trying to be patient and healthy.

to you ladies!
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 03:56 PM 05-25-2004
Originally Posted by mama2m&m
oh i thought it was closer to 30 LOL! so why is it so young for men and so high for women? now that i've reached mine, dh is way past his. oops that was probably tmi maybe it's just his stressful job, yeah that's it!
Actually, I've heard everywhere from 30-40 for women.... depends on the woman, maybe

And the reason for the difference -- I'd say in part it's a misconception, in part it's social conditioning and in part it's real physical differences.

Younger men are hornier b/c a) they are not used to getting sex b) they are conditioned to think being horny is good (whereas girls are not) and c) their bodies are just conditioned to go for shorter, more intense bursts (with more frequency).

Older (esp married) men know they're going to be able to have sex on a fairly regular basis, so it loses some of it's novelty, they have more stress, so while they may be horny, they don't feel like acting on it, and they are conditioned to go for longer periods of time, with less frequency.

That said, M pretty much has the same sex drive he's had since about the 2nd or 3rd year of our relationship (when he hit his early twenties). And I think that's more about not having the time to spend all day GIO! (Cause we basically spent this whole weekend in GIO-mode... I seriously lost count...)

Anyway, I'll think more about how to set up a Nymphos-in-training group and let you all know!
coleslaw's Avatar coleslaw 04:00 PM 05-25-2004

Not really here, but wanted to sign up for Alexis's class on nympho-wanna-be's (Well, at least that's the class I would like). Dh deserves more action when my body is ready, which hopefully is soon. He has been fantastic (and very, very patient ) through the pg and m/c. I actually was hoping for that list of good reading from you Alexis. That usually helps me. PM me when you can!

As always, hoping for BFP for everyone!
chiromama's Avatar chiromama 04:05 PM 05-25-2004
Wow, lots to reply to today!!

W4b - : looking good!!! get a blood test!!

Tracie, I agree with Shannon, I think you might have Oed on cd21 or 22. maybe the dip on cd26 was implantation. still your post O temps aren't super high, so maybe progesterone would be in order for you. KHA girl!!!

Alexis, congrats onthe new digs. sounds great! ( I have a giant tub too - it's lovely!!!) I have no clue why your chart didn't re-start. mine does as soon as I enter blood.I'd ask a ff guide!

Elena - Do you normally start to bleed this early? It could easily be implantation bleeding!!! I'm excited you got into a doc today!

Lesley... your chart looks great! hope you're going triphasic!! :

Pudding - You're chart looks good, but maybe next month (if you're not already pg) you should get a new battery for your therm.. I thnk that is what flat temps mean.

Ok, that's all i have time for right now.. I'm off to yoga in a few minutes.

not much happening with me. My BIL and his fiance (here is a twist.. my husband's brother is going to marry my sister's husband's sister - sounds totally Jerry SPringer, but it's not)are coming to town this week for almost 2 weeks, and Of course I'll be Oing during that time. Hubby has agreeed to GIO every other day, and I warned him not to let me down. We shall see. I am getting pregnant this month!!!! I really don't like my soon to be SIL, I'm sure I'll about her in my LJ. Speaking of which, my "friend" still hasn't responded. So I'm assuming that the "friendship" is over. Guess that was an easy decision! :LOL

Where is Heve?
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 04:15 PM 05-25-2004
I think we've agreed over in my other thread that FF is just being evil, Korin... so I think maybe I'll take away SAt night's spotting and that will probably give me the right new cycle date...

And if it's Springer material you're after I know WAY better examples: my best friend's dad is living with his ex-SIL (twenty years after the divorce). Turns out, he was originally dating that sister, but had a fling with my friend's mom and whoops! Unprotected, withdrawal type sex = baby. They got married, and had 2 kids together, then got divorced...

Very Springer, very strange, and my friend's mom still hasn't quite got over it (even though she's had a husband a two other kids since!)

You're better off without that "friend" imo. OTOH, if she changes her ways, and apologizes.... :
waiting4baby's Avatar waiting4baby 04:27 PM 05-25-2004
Hello all - nice charts out there! If I don't get a BFP in the next few days, hope someone else does!!

Just a short note. Despite the BFN, I have felt fairly calm and hopeful today. All the support here has helped! Plus, my sense of smell has been really heightened the last few days (which happened during my last pregnancy) - and I almost was ill on the bus this morning from some rank smell that I would not have otherwise noticed a week ago!

Also, last pregnancy I had VERY faint positives. So, I will try to arrange for a blood test this week if AF does not come tomorrow!!
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 04:39 PM 05-25-2004
L'Nayim -- lots of women don't get a + right away -- and if yours was faint last time... well, I think waiting and getting a blood test is a GREAT idea! :

I'm going to go make a new LJ -- this will be be my NIT (nympho in training) one...
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 05:14 PM 05-25-2004
I decided to go with a yahoo group, for privacy's sake (wouldn't want my in-laws to stumble around on this!) Click here to join

The address is love_2_gio (a lot of other things were taken, and I didn't really want to use the word "nympho" in the name, since I'm expecting a lot of stupid spam anyway...

This is members only, and you must have my aproval to join. NO MEN will be allowed... I'll try to post a lot of tips and links... and for now, all posts will need to be approved by me (I'm being extra careful cause I think all these adult yahoo groups get a lot of weirdos!)

Anyway, if you can't click the above link, send me an email and I'll get you an invite to join!
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