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geogirl's Avatar geogirl 11:55 PM 06-25-2004
We are TTC, we tried last night and I think i am fertile. I have two boys my youngest is 18 months. So I swing wildly between what did I do to yeah! to Caeden is too young, what if he weans and back to yayayay! Ugh. Does anyone know what I mean?? :


Shorin_Mama's Avatar Shorin_Mama 12:04 AM 06-26-2004
I don't have any kids yet but yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Every time I think I may actually be pregnant I get excited and then really really scared. I can't believe I actually signed up for this!

MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 02:13 AM 06-26-2004
Yep! I know exactly what you mean. Will my DD accept her little brother or sister? Will it be really hard??? Are we financially capable??? I have a million thoughts, daily.
sleet76's Avatar sleet76 05:44 PM 06-26-2004
Yep, my DD is 13 months tomorrow, and we are TTC. It is exciting and a bit unknown at the same time. I felt more sure about getting pregnant the first time than now--but I think I will still have the same "but she won't be my only baby to spend all my time with" feelings when she is 5! Good luck!!
Selissa's Avatar Selissa 09:39 PM 06-26-2004
I feel the exact same way...back and forth....sometimes very scared and some times just ecstatic at the idea. there wer two newborns at the Diaper Free baby meeting today and i was so enthralled. oh sweet babies
Forevermama's Avatar Forevermama 10:25 PM 06-26-2004
Yep Had the exact same feelings with both boys, and I'm sure I will this go round too...
pixiemama's Avatar pixiemama 11:29 PM 06-26-2004
Yep, I feel the same way right now!