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alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 09:07 PM 07-07-2004
Um, Jess? It was negative and I got my period the next day... you still wanna spank me for making you wait? :LOL Silly Jess... even if I'd tested earlier, it woulda been a negative...

That said, I AM the Queen of not testing!!!! Beautiful! One more thing I get to be Queen of (ya'll better watch out, I'm gonna be Queen of Everything before I'm through!)

Sending hugs to those rebooting And patience hugs to those waiting to know (And don't test too early vibes to those of you who need them! :LOL)

Jesse -- I'd send you regular cycle vibes, but I don't think I have any! :LOL I'll probably ovulate in -- what, I'm CD 6, let's see -- 15 days (give or take a few days!)

Anyway, M is making stor fry for dinner (smells delish!) and I got yarn to play with (my hair falls are about 1/2 way through... will work on them tonight during TV -- speaking of which, I've been meaning to post about The AMazing Race and Big Brother on my LJ -- two great shows, which I love and hate to love!) Oh -- and for those of you who care, my costume that I ordered from CA came today, so I am not worried about that anymore! Yay!

Alrighty, I better go feed my doggie and help Mike a little....

Belly Blessings!

Shorin_Mama's Avatar Shorin_Mama 09:13 PM 07-07-2004
Originally Posted by alexisyael
... you still wanna spank me for making you wait?
Are you offering?


Joi's Avatar Joi 10:09 PM 07-07-2004
Ok my Dr. gave me Prochieve............ has anyone else used this? If so, what was it like for you?

Now where is that spanking line??
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 10:28 PM 07-07-2004
Marie, way too early to test with afternoon urine!! Test again in the morning my dear.

Sorry, not much to say, I've been sorta keeping up but with how sick I am it's hard. I go in tomorrow to have my picc line installed and maybe then I can get hydrated again and start to feel human.
Had another U/S today and baby measures right at 8w 5d, heart rate was 158 and he/she was swimming all around.
pamamidwife's Avatar pamamidwife 10:44 PM 07-07-2004
Megan, I'm sending lots of warm, lush energy your way for your BFP that you will be getting soon! Yay!

Honestly, everyone else, too, but I cannot wait to see Megan pregnant!!
proudmamanow's Avatar proudmamanow 12:05 AM 07-08-2004
quick note

Public Service Announcement: Get.away.from.the.stick
Unless it's cd 14 or later of course! :LOL

shannon so glad to hear your little bean is so great!! wish you felt better at the same time...

don't know prochieve, sorry!

I got all my m/c blood test results today! Everything came back normal except for testosterone, which is low (so I must not have PCOS after all) Beth says she always knew I was a girly-girl and now she has proof
Normal is good....though it would be nice to know there was something specific wrong I could fix, yk?

I will definitely be doing baby aspirin and progesterone.

good night all!
chiromama's Avatar chiromama 12:28 AM 07-08-2004
Ok first off.... If anyones getting spanked, it's me.

Second... this new smilie : looks like someone giving a blow job. (sorry, I just had to say it!!)

Marie!!!! TOO EARLY! (test again in the know you all would do it too!!)

Angst, no idea what procheive is.... I'm looking it up as we speak!

So my day was awesome... I had a few patients this morning, then a networking luncheon and one of the finest restaraunts in portland, then looked at some new property for moving our practice... then spent the rest of the afternoon with my awesome friend Erin and her sweet new babe Eva. I taught Erin how to knit... and got lots of good baby love! (It's nice to spend time with someone who is an awesome mommy, after being with someone who sucked. : ) Now I'm hanging out waiting for Ryan to get back from the golf range ( what a geek!!!)

My cervix is so low and hard... more than I've ever noticed. And it had a mucus on it that was almost thick like peanut butter. ( sounds gross, eh?)

Shan - glad your babe is on schedule, and that you are getting some fluids. No more uke:
Patchfire's Avatar Patchfire 12:34 AM 07-08-2004
Originally Posted by chiromama
My cervix is so low and hard... more than I've ever noticed. And it had a mucus on it that was almost thick like peanut butter. ( sounds gross, eh?)
Ahhh I am glad I am not the only one. I checked mine today and my word for the mucus was 'goopy.' Not to mention mine is actually closed. Not the half-open state that all multips who've delivered vaginally have. I hope it's a good sign.

When are you testing, Korin? I think you O'd just a day after me.
Becca'sMama's Avatar Becca'sMama 12:51 AM 07-08-2004
Here is what I found on about Procheive...I was lurking : and had to find out what this new "drug" was!

quoted from
What are good sources of natural progesterone?
Wild yam is a source, but the body lacks the enzyme that converts wild yam to progesterone. There are many sources available over the counter and by prescription of products where the wild yam has been converted into progesterone. Two are approved by the FDA: a vaginal cream called Procheive and another called Prometrium.

JoAnn V. Pinkerton, MD, director of the Midlife Health Center and associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Virginia."
RaggedyAnn's Avatar RaggedyAnn 01:04 AM 07-08-2004
Snow Cherries:

Shannon: I hope you feel better soon. And stay hydrated.

Marie: Like everybody else says test with FMU.

I know there was more that I wanted to reply to, but I have been gone all day and I am tired. I rewarded myself with a couple of beers tonight. I figured it was safe. LOL

Thanks everybody you guys are just so sweet!!
phoebekate's Avatar phoebekate 01:10 AM 07-08-2004
I got my cd7 progesterone blood test results and it was 24, which the Dr says is "normal". Being oh so full of faith in (new) Drs i need to double check, someone here did say that was fine recently right?

Shannon - being sick sucks but healthy bean rocks! I am so happy for you. Drink LOTS

Korin & Patchfire - I have the low hard cervix with gloopy mucus too, my CM started up again cd7 and seems to have a little spike each day mid morning. Mine sounds creamier than yours but it definitely wasn't here last cycle at this time. Oh and patchfire my cervix felt CLOSED, far more than I expected post vaginal birth, a few days ago, now it feels slightly more open but kind of plugged up with jelly. I am so hoping this is a good sign.
squeakermansmom's Avatar squeakermansmom 01:35 AM 07-08-2004
CD31 4dpo

marie : i say TEST AGAIN TOMMORROW...but that's only b/c i live vicariously thru you all right now. :LOL

shannon - a PICC line??? - holy you must be really sick. lots of get well vibes coming your way. so glad to hear everything looked good with the u/s though.

Korin - you are too right about the new smilie : it's just so....dirty.

angstmommy - Prochieve is supposed to be AWESOME. We are using it with a lot of patients at my work right now. very expensive, but it has the research to back it up. wish i had the studies here with me....but there at work. sorry.

: to all of you in the 2ww - c'mon we need some BFP's!!!!
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 01:48 AM 07-08-2004
Hey everyone :

My new (fake) hair is awesome, but Korin might get jealous of the cool-a$$ yarn I bought, so I'm not posting pictures! : : :

No, actually, it's just too dark to take pics without a flash and with the flash sucks... so you'll just have to wait til daylight!

Jess -- :

Jesse -- I'm glad you're PCOS-less Beth married a girly-girl and now I'm married to a butchy-butch -- Mike got his hair cut!!!! It's actually a "boys" cut now... kinda sad, cause I miss the long hair a little, but it is cute And now I get to tease him about being butch, so that's fun, too : : :


Shannon -- drink some water NOW! (That was my "stay hydrated" psa for the day ) Sending you a bynch of hugs, grrlfriend!

Peanut butter cm sounds promising, but decidedly GROSS! :Puke:

And for the record, if I were Marie, I would wait at least a day before testing again... thus spake the Queen of Not Testing

Seriously, HPT companies are the devil... I look at those ads they have on TV and want to trample them all into the dust (think Barnaby and what-his-name in Dogma).

Belly Blessings to you all!!!!!!!
adinal's Avatar adinal 02:19 AM 07-08-2004
Oh Shan! I am glad that baby is good - bummed that you are so sick. I am so sorry!

Alexis - knew you couldn't leave us!!! Heck after two years, I am still here. Only way I feel sane. :LOL (Oh yeah - plus I am the mod of this board now too!
adinal's Avatar adinal 02:20 AM 07-08-2004
Oh and Korin....What are you going to be doing around August 29th???
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 02:42 AM 07-08-2004
Shhh Adina, don't tell anyone, but I have a secret desire to one day be a mod, too

Yeah, it really didn't work to leave, even if it was for one day... I just got so behind, and then I rebooted... it wasn't a happy-Lexie time. Luckily, things are nearly back to normal now...

OH -- I found out some heavy-ish (maybe) news tonight... Mike may have a Varicoceles (see this page

He's had this "sack of worms" in his testicular sack for as long as I've known him. His GP told him a long long time ago (when he was a teen) that it was "nothing" and not to worry about it. Um. Well... my intuition about M's sperm count may be right...

I'm going to send him the links I found, and see if I can't talk him into going and getting a sperm test. I have this feeling he may get all defensive about it (cause he knocked me up before, so it couldn't be him.

Anyway, I'm a bit worried about that right now, but luckily, it's operable!

But to be on the safe side, if he doesn't get tested til later, I think I'll stick to a every other day plan for right now... well, for later, when I'm closer to actually ovulating! :LOL No need limiting the fun now, is there?
phoebekate's Avatar phoebekate 03:07 AM 07-08-2004
can I just say that progersterone makes me completely unable to deal with the cold? I know that is the opposite of what is supposed to happen but seriously my temp goes up and I feel steadily more cold. It is winter here, but its only 17 degrees celcius, which is just not that cold, however my fingers have been either white or purple for the last two days. At least there has been no vasospasm of the nipples this cycle, the lack of circulation is restraining itself to my hands and feet. COLD.
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 03:41 AM 07-08-2004
Alexis, my dh had a variocele, had the surgery, and he is fine now. Sperm count is right where it should be.

Lets see, went to a very nice bridal shower tonight, better than a baby shower any day. I can deal with weddings!!
Also, just chugged my very first wheat grass today. At first, I didn't think it was too bad, but the rest of the day........made me feel sick. Suppposed to lower high FSH you know!!!

Also, got my internet cheapie pg tests through the mail today.....I hope they 'work', all the other ones were negative.
muse's Avatar muse 06:23 AM 07-08-2004
Those of you with gobs of CM, : : : That was the big noticeable factor for me this cycle. there's still plenty of it. So what happens to teh ecrvix when pg? Doesn't it close up tight? If so, why all the CM?

Hugs to everyone else. It seems awfully calm out there right now, so i'm expecting a big wave of bfp's sometime soon.

Psst, wanna know a secret?

I'm 33 today!
Johanna's Avatar Johanna 06:31 AM 07-08-2004
Originally Posted by muse
I'm 33 today!
phoebekate's Avatar phoebekate 08:10 AM 07-08-2004
i was thinking about how you said the post O CM was one of the big differences for you this cycle when mine showed up... I so hope it's a good sign!

Have a great day for your birthday!
Patchfire's Avatar Patchfire 09:42 AM 07-08-2004
: Muse!

phoebekate - just because I am nosey (all right, and because I have several friends 'down there') - you're in Oz, right? (Not NZ?) Which part? (Okay, and maybe curious, too, would describe me. )

Okay, girls, give me your opinions -

I woke up this morning at 6:10, much earlier than normal (7:30). So I took my temp (97.5) and went back to sleep. Woke up again an hour later, since dd decided she wanted to get up early today I took my temp again at 7:10 and it was 98.4. Sooo. I used the temp corrector on fertility friend, and it gave me a corrected temp of 98.7!!! Which is a HUGE difference from the 6:10 temp, I must say. Should I use it? I don't feel like I can use the 7:10 temp, even though it's closer to normal time, because I only had the 1 hour of sleep previous... and I wouldn't care, but, that's a second temp jump, if they're right. Opinions?
mom2threenurslings's Avatar mom2threenurslings 10:14 AM 07-08-2004
: muse !!!

Shannon... It's wonderful that baby is healthy!!! It must be hard going back and forth to the hospital, getting a picc line, etc. to you!!!

Alexis...I love your hair!!! The last time I colored mine was when my 3 year old broke his arm and got a bright red cast ... we dyed my hair red to match it! I hope your dh is receptive to getting tested! Have fun!

Korin... : I agree!

Patchfire ... I'm absolutely no help. Sorry.

Velveteen ... I hope your new tests "work"!!! Don't you just hate it when the dern things don't show what they're supposed to show???

As for me... my kids, who have been sick with fevers/nausea for the last couple days are now fine ... I'm still nauseated, can barely eat, and don't even want to think about cooking. (This started before my kids got sick!) I was talking to my dh last night and was describing what was going on with me and he said, "You're pregnant. Happy Birthday ... 6 months early, but happy birthday!" (We planned on starting to ttc on my birthday in Dec!). I'm doing my best not to go out to the store for hpt's ... I'm going to try not testing for ... : ... a week! (No, I'm not trying to usurp the throne of the Queen of Not Testing!!! ) Dunno if I will actually be able to restrain myself for that long, but it's worth a shot! I refuse to waste any more money on hpt's, especially if af ends up arriving soon.
phoebekate's Avatar phoebekate 10:24 AM 07-08-2004
Kash - you are SO pregnant!! Why did you discard the low temp on cd6? looks like a possible implantation dip to for today i would use the 7:10 temp... but either way its a nice jump. DD is not a set your clock by it scheduled kind of girl, more of a rough routine. She goes through phase of waking up at 4am for a while, now 6am for a while, at the start of this cycle it was 5:30 am... it is usually within 15 mins of a given time for about a week and then just changes. Anyway I have been using 5:30 as my time for this cycle but few are the days when I wake up and temp at that time after 3 hours sleep. I have found that around O time my temp seems to be really variable, partly I kept getting out from under the covers at that time and waking up freezing and partly I would temp when DD woke me at 4:30, then when she got up at 5:30 and then when I got up at 6:30 and so on and they would all be fairly different and it was hard to choose... so i would go with the one closest to my normal time (which was usually in the middle). Pre O and Post O my temps just aren't that variable. I can temp the same number of times/wakings and get very similar temps, like exactly the same to two decimal points an hour apart. So basically i have a half a degree variablity around O time and almost none once the progesterone settles in. Its weird. Anyway you have a nice high temp, don't use the FF one is my thinking.

must go to bed so I can find out what my temp is in the morning :-)
RaggedyAnn's Avatar RaggedyAnn 10:32 AM 07-08-2004
Happy Birthday Muse!!

: : :
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 10:48 AM 07-08-2004
For whomever asked if a progesterone of 24 at 7dpo is good, yes it is, mine seldom gets over 24 now and that is with a wopping 200mg 4x a day of supplementation adn my baby is still in there!
Heading in now for my picc line, wish me luck, I have no idea how they will find a vein to put it in as they are ALL blown. I have to admit, I'm a little freaked out about having this done, but it has to happen.
May-lily's Avatar May-lily 10:54 AM 07-08-2004
Happy Birthday Patch!

Well, I got a bfn with fmu, but I'm so boobs look like they did when I was pregnant (raised areolas) and last night I almost puked my dinner. Of course that could be flying anxiety....I have weird crampy stuff going on, but it's as much in my belly as my back, where it is with af. I also have a diarrhea (sorry, TMI) which I remember being an early symptom for some of you pregnant ladies...again, that could be nerves. Anywa, I'm bumming that af may show after that little line and I'll have to tell dh on the phone. I hope he has not picked up somking again already!
I gotta I get ready and catch a plane to LA...will be gone til tuesday visiting a friend, which I hope will be fun, though she's very depressed and I may start bleeding. I'm definitely drowning my sorrows in a margerita if af shows!

hugs til tuesday

heveasoul's Avatar heveasoul 11:27 AM 07-08-2004
Ok, Korin, Shorin_mama:
I agree with you both, you dirty things, you!
<-----this one in particular


Kate - c'mon over, the water's fine!!

polka123's Avatar polka123 12:24 PM 07-08-2004
I'm cd 19 - 3 dpo

move me to wtk

hope all is well with everyone

Happy b-day Muse!
Shorin_Mama's Avatar Shorin_Mama 12:47 PM 07-08-2004
Originally Posted by chiromama
Second... this new smilie : looks like someone giving a blow job. (sorry, I just had to say it!!)
Don't forget this one:

Or this one: :yawning:

: Jess
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