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chiromama's Avatar chiromama 08:56 PM 08-09-2004
Ok, those of you that have used oral, topical or progesterone suppositories... tell me what they did to you.
Increase breast tenderness?
Increased temp?
Sleeplessness, or tiredness?

momto l&a's Avatar momto l&a 09:12 PM 08-09-2004
I used topical and it made me tired and for that reason I always applied it at night.
gristastic's Avatar gristastic 10:06 PM 08-09-2004
I used Topical Progesterone. It made me really itchy, but nothing else... No increased temp, no increased breast tenderness (not until after af was due, anyway)

I was really tired, but I associated that with the pregnancy, not the prog. It didn't start until later in the luteal phase.
Joi's Avatar Joi 03:28 PM 08-10-2004
I used a gel and it made me very sore and crampy. My temp did go up and bit and I was a little sleepy after taking it (it didn't last that long though). It looks like I will be back on it soon so if you have anymore questions feel free.....
waiting4baby's Avatar waiting4baby 09:42 PM 08-10-2004
I use vaginal progesterone suppositories. The lengthened my lp, made my breasts sore, and made me a bit crabby with dh. They also leak during the day, so I use them rectally during the day (Shannon also did that). However, while that method keeps everything in, it also made me a bit noisy and uncomfortable "bowel-wise." :
Daffodil's Avatar Daffodil 10:10 PM 08-10-2004
I used oral progesterone for a while, and it made me really sleepy and dazed all the time. I hated it - felt like I could barely function. Also progesterone shots, and those weren't a big problem at all.