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chiromama's Avatar chiromama 04:19 AM 09-17-2004
Joi, you're welcome here anytime. And I promise a big ol 2 when I get home. 2

Amy, I think you may have ovulated my friend!!

Sweet teach.. come here when you can!

Johanna!! Blood! Sweet!

I'm in Seattle.. at my seminar. It's exhausting. I'm meeting L'Naiym this weekend I'll tell you all about it.

waiting4baby's Avatar waiting4baby 01:16 PM 09-17-2004
2 Joi - you are very, very welcome here!! BTW, weight gain is much more complicated than simple willpower. I'm rooting for you to get healthy for your baby!!

Korin - Sooooo excited to see you tomorrow!!

One final thing - ARGGGGH!!! Just got my progesterone retested yesterday (after a big hassle and snaffu with health provider who initially refused to test me because doctor forgot to put in request 3 months ago before she left on sabbatical). Even WITH my supplements, my progesterone level has DROPPED!!! ARGGGH!!

I have an appointment with my doctor this morning - so must go. Perhaphs she'll have some info!
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 03:32 PM 09-17-2004
Adina -- I haven't even had my apples and honey yet! :LOL The apples in my fridge look yucky! (I have had some honey, tho )


Johanna, I'm glad AF arrived

Hugs to everyone rebooting

And Amy, I agree - you might have ovulated! I have some cycles where I missed temping at the crucial moment... so Hopefully you covered those days when you had good mucus

Belly Blessings!
waiting4baby's Avatar waiting4baby 07:48 PM 09-17-2004
O.k. I'm back from appointment with my ob/gyn. She is strongly urging me to take the hsg dye test and has made a referral - I have agreed. It's going to be a bit of expense, but I think it will answer the final lingering question of whether my tubes are the problem (which I don't really think they are).

My progesterone IS a bit lower than it was three months ago so she agreed to double my prescription. However, she has warned me that the progesterone alone is probably not going to fix whatever the "problem" is. Since all my and dh's tests were normal, if my hsg test also comes back normal she is going to refer me onto a reproductive specialist outside the health care facility. She said that at this point in TTC - i.e., 25 cycles and all tests normal except for a bit low on progesterone - doctors don't usually know quite WHY a woman is not conceiving naturally. So, they just treat the symptom of infertility and go the aggressive route with Clomid and IUI. :

At this point, I'm all up for it. However, I don't know what the expense will be or what the process is like. So - any advice from those who are going (or have gone through) this route??

chiromama's Avatar chiromama 11:56 PM 09-17-2004
Lexie....is your chart right? are you really 17 DPO?
dani76's Avatar dani76 01:30 AM 09-19-2004
Alexis...your chart does say that you are 18 dpo. Is that right?? Or did you stop temping for awhile? Hopefully it's some good news.

So, I just got back from vacation. We visited our family and stayed in our honeymoon suite for our anniversary night. We had a good time. Didn't temp the whole time and it was kind of nice. So, I think no more temping after I've o'ed. We got to spend some time with my 7 month old niece and she is adorable!! I can't wait to be pregnant!!
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 02:14 PM 09-19-2004
No, my chart is wrong... sorry! I keep forgetting to put in my new date (to be fair, I did get my period right around when my other computer crashed! But since I got this one, I should have put data in... but I don't feel like it.)

Belly Blessings!
dani76's Avatar dani76 04:23 PM 09-19-2004
Do you guys think we should have a monthly thread, or just leave it the way it is?

Hope that everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 06:41 PM 09-19-2004
Usually someone just starts a new thread as it is needed (on sunday). I was thinking today might be a good day, since we're at 11 pages already!
adinal's Avatar adinal 06:54 PM 09-19-2004
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