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Elowyn's Avatar Elowyn 11:52 AM 09-12-2004
The List
PM me or post in this thread if you need to be updated.

Waiting to O

*Amy (StoneFence)
*Anne (bamboogrrl)
*Desiree (Polka123)
*Heather (kyle98sean02)
*Jenna (~Jenna~)
*Kailia (AugustLia23)
*Kara (k4kara)
*Katy (KatyBerisford)
*Korin (chiromama)
*Lisa (LisaCS)
*Melissa (Meli65)
*Morgan (Max'sMami)
*Tamra (Celtic)

Waiting to Know

*Amy (HoosierDiaperinMama)
*Annie (dogmommie_annie)
*Carolyn (allgirls)
*Danielle (Dani76)
*Dina (dinade)
*Erika (MamanFrançaise)
*Jess (funshine)
*Jodi (squeakermansmom)
*Karen (Serenity)
*Lindsey (RyleenColinsMom)
*Megan (amara's mom)
*Meghan (sweetfeet)
*Trisha (RaggedyAnn)

LLL-(Limbo Land Ladies)

LWNEH(Due to recent or threatening m/c)

Waiting to be ready

*Amanda (mom2threenurslings)
*Jessie (farmlife3)
*Kate (Elowyn)
*Rebekah (Bex80)


*Anna (annakiss)
*Christine (Sweetc)
*Keri (coleslaw)

umbrella's Avatar umbrella 01:45 PM 09-12-2004
Still Waiting to be Ready here.

And today starts the first day of NO BCP's!!!!! Yesterday was my last day of the mini-pill, Ever. I will never take pills for bc again.

It's still not yet time to ttc, and while we wait a few more months, I'm still getting the hang of charting, and we're using two other forms of protection.

I'm so glad to not take a pill anymore
AugustLia23's Avatar AugustLia23 01:50 PM 09-12-2004
Can I be added to waiting to know? I am currently 13DPO, so I will know soon.


ETA - nevermind I'm already there sorry...
MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 02:14 PM 09-12-2004
6 DPO or 19 DPO here. LOL

Nothing new to add... hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.
Pepper's Avatar Pepper 02:48 PM 09-12-2004
Can I be added to Waiting to be Ready? We did not try this month and AF is due in 5 month will be our first month ttc. Thanks.
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 03:00 PM 09-12-2004
Well, I have rebooted. CD 1, starting at the starting gate all over again.
sweetfeet's Avatar sweetfeet 03:23 PM 09-12-2004
I am 7dpo.
Sorry to all of those who are rebooting.
~Jenna~'s Avatar ~Jenna~ 03:25 PM 09-12-2004
Well I finally got AF today so can I please be moved to waiting to O?
Meli65's Avatar Meli65 03:28 PM 09-12-2004
Sorry Velveteen ....

Still no AF here, and VERY very tired. Weird.
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 03:35 PM 09-12-2004
s to all who are rebooting.

Welcome back, Korin! I'm so sorry about your reboot coming late. I hope you enjoyed your trip! Glacier's supposed to be gorgeous.

Well I had an extreme wave of nausea/dizziness last night out of nowhere. I had to sit down for a while and make my husband make me something to eat (though I didn't want to eat). I'll try not to read into it, but it was serious and all I could think that there was some huge rush of hormones causing it (okay, well I'm not trying very hard to not read into it). So let me ask you all a seriously ridiculous question. If I had a temp rise, and then 2 days had a higher temp rise, is it possible that I released two eggs and that was the sign? Or was it more like I released half an egg and then the other half? :LOL I'm thinking twins here... Okay, my brain is toast. Ignore everything I've said. :
adinal's Avatar adinal 03:55 PM 09-12-2004
Velvet = I am sorry about the reboot.

Korin!!! Welcome back!!! ANd wtf is up with the long LP????!!! Not fair, not fair at all. Complete BS if yo ask me. How was the trip?

As for me, well no frippin' clue what is going on here. I got + OPK, was too tired to GIO.... But now, I have not gottne a temp rise.....WTF??? Ignore the really low temps on my chart, I was camping and it ws freezing, and my nose was stuffed up, so there was breathing thru the mouth while temping.

Ah well, as long as my period shows up at some point that would be good - then I can med myself back up and try again! woo woo.
AugustLia23's Avatar AugustLia23 04:10 PM 09-12-2004
2s to all those rebooting. I think I'll be there tomorrow. But what can you do?

I thought AF would show up today, and I was scared, b/c when my AF comes in the morning it is BAD, BAD, BAD. I actually got a script for perc's they're so bad. I mean laid up in bead hoping to be shot in the leg bad. So I hope if AF does come, it comes in the afternoon or evening. Anytime but first thing in the morning.

But alas no AF. And I still haven't tested. But if no AF in the morning, I am heading right out to CVS to get one.

ETA - if AF does come tomorrow, or whenever I will start charting on the next cycle.
squeakermansmom's Avatar squeakermansmom 04:14 PM 09-12-2004
oh, Velveteen, i'm so sorry. i can't remember, but didn't you say you were going to try clomid this month???

erika - i looked at your chart.....i think 6 dpo looks very conceivable. what do you think???


ok ladies i need your help. i had a teeny bit of spotting last night and (reading into it) i thought it could've possibly been implantation spotting, so i tested this am. negative. here's my question: if it were implantation spotting, how long after the spotting would i get a positive pregnancy test (assuming i'm using a highly sensitive test)?????? i have never had spotting in my luteal phase before. unless it led right into af (which i really doubt that this is the start of would be way too early for af). so what do ya think???
djs_girl517's Avatar djs_girl517 04:25 PM 09-12-2004
Kate - please move me to waiting to O (and it's Jamie, not Jaime). Thanks.

We were debating waiting a couple months to start ttc again, but then towards the end of my last cycle, I found out that my 20yo, unmarried, irresponsible, immature kid sister is pg. Really hit me hard. I found out just before Hurricane Frances hit, and have been pretty much in a funk since then. (Not sure how many days ago that was, all time is now being measured in relation to hurricanes...). Anyway, we are trying again, and determined to be more disciplined about it (I know that sounds terrible, but there it is...).

Umbrella - congrats about being through with pills.

Velveteen and Jenna - 2

annakiss - I am far, far from a charting expert but your explanation sounds plausible to me

Jodi - I think your chart looks great - if you've never had LP spotting before, that sounds VERY promising! :

2 2 2 and to everyone.
Selissa's Avatar Selissa 04:31 PM 09-12-2004
well i m spotting i assume af is on it's way (((hugs))) to everyone else rebooting...i know i need them
squeakermansmom's Avatar squeakermansmom 04:35 PM 09-12-2004
Ohhhhh......Selissa...i'm so sorry. 2 this seems to be a bad day for reboots.

jamie - i was wondering how you've been. you're in daytona beach, right? did you have much damage from the hurricane???
Elowyn's Avatar Elowyn 04:36 PM 09-12-2004
Hi everyone - posting as the threadkeeper here - I've updated the stars next to y'all's names up at the top. Everyone that's posted in the last week or so, as best I can tell, has a star. If you don't have a star, or I forgot to add your star, and you want to stay on the list above, just post a little somethin' or PM me. Just trying to keep the list to a manageable length!

& (nonalcoholic) beer & skittles
Meli65's Avatar Meli65 04:55 PM 09-12-2004
Who was it who saw the psychic? Sorry, it's on the other thread and I forgot....

Anyway, it made me remember that after my m/c, my homeopath gave me the number of her astrologer (!) and told me I could always call her -- that she could tell me if I were going to have one or two children (etc.). It's $150.

It's tempting although I have never seen a psychic or anything like that who said one thing that made sense. We are broke, but I do have a $160 check from Pampered Chef burning a hole in my pocket. Of course, it's earmarked for fun stuff like renewing our driver's licenses ..... what do you think?

Sorry about all the reboots. Odd that there are so many in one day. Does that synchronizing menstrual cycle thing happen online too?
Meli65's Avatar Meli65 04:56 PM 09-12-2004
Anna -- twins.


That would be something, wouldn't it? One of my friends is pregnant with twins right now (happened naturally) and has a two-year-old ds. Phew.
djs_girl517's Avatar djs_girl517 05:38 PM 09-12-2004
Selissa - 2

Jodi- yes, we are in Daytona Beach. We got very lucky. We've had no damage at all. We were without power for about 6 days after Charley and only about 16 hours after Frances. Looks like Ivan is going to miss us altogether - although everyone is kind of holding their breath.... We have some friends who lost everything, and some other friends whose house is still flooded - I never thought I'd be so grateful to rent.

Meli - I've really considered getting my cards read. I had it done back in 2001 just for fun and she said I would give birth to 2 children. I've been VERY tempted to have it done again - But as a Christian, I'm not supposed to give any weight to that stuff. But I can certainly understand your dilemma. Would I pay $150 to know for certain how many and when? If I could find some way to do it that didn't go against my faith, and that I could believe without a doubt, I think I'd do it in a heartbeat.

ETA: Jodi, how did you fare?
Bex80's Avatar Bex80 05:41 PM 09-12-2004
Originally Posted by umbrella
Still Waiting to be Ready here.

I'm so glad to not take a pill anymore
Me, too. The waiting part, that is. I have 3 more weeks of pills (started last pack today and I never take the placebos) and then Af, then I finally get to really "try".

I hope everyone had a good week as well, I haven't read the whole thread yet, but from various posts/blogs, things look reeeal good for Anna, Megan, and Keri!

I hope for many many BFP's in the coming days, ladies.

hubris's Avatar hubris 08:27 PM 09-12-2004
cd24 , 7dpo, and imagining all sorts of pg symptoms, especially fatigue.

This past month was the first that we were officially "trying", but I was only half-heartedly charting. Bought a copy of TCOYF and will start charting hard core next month...unless I get really lucky.
mclisa's Avatar mclisa 09:56 PM 09-12-2004
WhooWhee!! Now if I could just get the kids into bed so we can GIO before we leave on the airplane tomorrow. Maybe we will on the plane just to be sure...

What a day for reboots. AF was a busy lady today giving you all her "blessing."

Move me to the waiting to know as I will be away from the computer for a week. Hopefully that will make the 2ww go by fast. And I won't be tempted to test as I'm leaving them at home.
umbrella's Avatar umbrella 10:39 PM 09-12-2004
What is rebooting?
MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 11:00 PM 09-12-2004
Getting your period.
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 11:34 PM 09-12-2004
There was a poll a while back to change our use of AF. A lot of people liked "rebooting the ovarian operating system" and a lot of us started using it. Some felt that the "Aunt Flo" reference was too 1950s and just conjured images of shamefully hiding that one was on one's period.
Meli65's Avatar Meli65 11:53 PM 09-12-2004
Hmm. Still no reboot here (although I am a fan of the term Aunt Flo -- I first heard this phrase late in life and it makes me laugh).

Those SaveOn tests were so weird that I thought if I were try one again, I would do the pee in a cup thing, and I am too cheap to buy paper cups just for this. Tried to scam some from my mom's house today, with no luck (didn't want to raise any suspicions!) and have just been looking through my kitchen for something I could pee in and then throw away. I think I landed on something that carried soup once for Chinese take-out.

How silly am I? No siller than the rest of us, I guess....
HoosierDiaperinMama's Avatar HoosierDiaperinMama 12:15 AM 09-13-2004
kyle98sean02's Avatar kyle98sean02 12:18 AM 09-13-2004
Subscribing CD 9 :
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 12:22 AM 09-13-2004
Originally Posted by Meli65
How silly am I? No siller than the rest of us, I guess....
No sillier than me, that's for sure! I'm the one over here talking about twins and/or half an egg! I must really sound completely crazy. Actually, I told my DH about what I wrote and had been thinking and he said, "That's crazy talk!"

Ah well... that's me...
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