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Multiple Ovulation?

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12-18-2004 | Posts: 3,197
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Okay, so the existence of ferternal twins should tell me that it's *possible* to ovulate twice in one cycle, right? But what does it look like when you actually DO it?

I started taking Vitex this cycle because it's supposed to be good for balancing hormones and help with Endometriosis. And all of a sudden, my chart has gone from having one predictable dip down from 97.1 to 96.8 at CD12, and then a sharp rise, to having two dips, exactly the same and right in a row... I'm probably jumping the gun in posting this before I know whether the temp goes up or down tomorrow. But I'm confused as to what all these dips are and how the hormones work... I thought that there was an FSH 'surge' that caused all the eggs to drop, and multiple ovulation meant more than one egg all at the same time. Am I wrong, or is my chart just really, really wonky this cycle?

Here's a link to my chart so you can see what I'm talking about
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From what I understand, some people who have multiple ovulations do have them a couple days apart, or even more. Completely without factual back up, though.
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In Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Toni Weschler writes that multiple ovulation may be fairly common, occuring during 5-10% of all cycles. However, this is "always within a 24-hour period." This is because progesterone released by the corpus luteum quickly prevents all other eggs from being released.
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Belleweather, I think your chart is just prime example of "seeing the forrest through the trees." Meaning, the goal is to look for the pattern without specifically noticing every single dip or rise.

Hope it's happy outcome either way!
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02-26-2005 | Posts: 690
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I had the same thing happen the last 2 cycles but they were both more then 24 hrs apart. What's interesting is that I check my cervical position and CM and both times with the intitial dip my cervix and cm gave me EVERY indication that I was ovulating. Then my cervix would close a little, I'd get less cm and my temps would go up. Then about 48 hrs later my temps would go back down, my cervix would open back up again, and I'd get more cm. Then my temps would jump back up for good. My luteal phase is always the same, so the length of my luteal phase would suggest that the first dip was a false ovulation and the second dip was the real one. All the other signs corroberate this too. There could be several reasons for this, one is that stress can delay ovulation, the other is that your body had not yet reached the estrogen threshhold it need to release an egg so it waited a few more days for the estrogen to build up even more. This is the case with me. I have low estrogen levels after comming off the pill as evidenced by my lack of ewcm.

I believe that Vitex helps regulates things, but specifically helps with progesteron production. If you are taking too much vitex for your body it may be suppressing your estrogen production. Try lowering your Vitex dose and consume good amounts of soy products (Tofu, soy milk, soy beans) which contain natural estrogen and take some Evening primrose oil for the first half of your cycle. that may help balance things out for you a bit. Good luck!
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I sometimes ovulate out of both ovaries (I have painful ovulation, so there's no mistaking it), and it always happens within 24 hours. You were still within two tenths of a degree and well above your coverline, so I wouldn't read too much into it. FWIW, I ovulated twice the month I got pregnant with my daughter, but just had one baby, so that happens, too.
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02-12-2007 | Posts: 4,115
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I dug this thread up because I was wondering if anyone had any information on multiple ovulation? I remember hearing about it a few years back in the news, but it seemed to have died down. I wasnt sure if it was debunked or proven untrue.
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Yes, it happens. That's how fraternal twins exist.

I ovulated on both sides last month, as I could feel it. I usually only feel one side.
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There was a study that I heard about when I was ttc ds it showed that approx. 1% of woman can ovulate twice in one cycle and it be days or weeks apart. I am not sure if that study still stands or not tho.

I do know that releasing 2 eggs is pretty common sometimes 2 from one ovary sometimes 1 from each. This always occurs within a 24 hour time frame tho. Unless I guess you are 1 of the 1% the study showed that ovulated days or weeks apart

I wish I had saved that link.
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Originally Posted by sunflwrmoonbeam View Post
Yes, it happens. That's how fraternal twins exist.

I ovulated on both sides last month, as I could feel it. I usually only feel one side.

Yes, I was hopping for more than one ovulation phase that would be days apart, not just releasing two eggs w/in a 24 hour period – of course like you said, that’s why we have fraternal twins.

My body is doing some strange things now: lots of O pain, breast pain, ++ OPK, EWCM over three days now but not yet a temp surge.
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02-12-2007 | Posts: 4,115
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Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X View Post
I wish I had saved that link.
I think I found something like it...

Women may ovulate more than once a month, suggests a Canadian study that overturns conventional views on the human menstrual cycle.

The findings may explain why the rhythm method of contraception is so unreliable and could lead to improved, targeted fertility treatments in the future.

Ten per cent of the women studied released two eggs in the same month. And all the women examined by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada showed at least two waves of maturing eggs in their ovaries in the same month.

Traditionally, it has been thought that ovulation takes place only once in every menstruation cycle. A growth wave of 15 to 20 egg-carrying cells called follicles occurs before ovulation. One follicle will become dominant while the others die off.

"It's been assumed until now that women have just one wave per monthly cycle, leading to one ovulation, but nobody has actually carried out detailed analysis before," said Roger Pierson, who led the study. "In fact, all the women in our study had at least two waves and 30 per cent of them had three."
This is from 2003 so I'm not sure how updated it is.

The bold part suggests that women can have more than one wave per cycle - if thats the case, wouldn’t our charts reflect that? I've been looking (and obsessing) over fertilityfriend's charts for years and never seen anything that would reflect more than one ovulation period.
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When talking about humans, nothing ALWAYS happens.
Older woman and woman with progesterone issues can ovulate more then once up to 10 days apart.
If we lived by the code 'always' or 'can't do that' the human race would have died out hundreds of years ago.
For every rule you will ALWAYS find exceptions.

The cycle I miscarried I ovulated twice from my right ovary. Once on day 6 (had a thermal shift) and again on day 14 (saw it with a pelvic ultra sound).

This cycle I had a thermal shift on day 7 with the left ovary, ovulated from the right on day 8 and had a second thermal shift on day 10.
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Barose that is the article that I read those years ago It does say that there was 2 waves of maturing eggs but it dosnt say if a egg was released each time or if they just matured. The female body is such a facinating subject for sure.

Sometimes you will see a thermale shift caused by a estrogen surge it causes the temp to drop then rise again making it look like 2 ovulations when it was only one. It is called a fall back rise. Sometimes as well you will see a temp dip around implant time called a implantation dip.

I have never seen a chart that showed double ovulation days apart.

You must remember to that after ovulation the follical the egg came from stays there as the corpus luteum to produce progesterone. It satays there until af or until around 12 weeks when the fetus takes over production of progesterone.

I am guessing that the first ovulation would have been weak with a immature egg because if it were a strong ovulation the hormones in the body would have been normal and would prevent ovulation again.

Also A shift dosnt have to mean a ovulation there are many factors that affect the temp. The body can gear up to O but due to stress, sickness or other factors it calls off the O till a later time. Not saying that you didnt O several times but you have to remember temping is not a exact science and there are many ways to interprate the ups and downs of the temps.

Also ovulation pain can start up to a week before you O this is caused by the maturing follicals rubbing agains the surrounding tissue causing pain. Usually if you know your body well you can actually tell the difference between the pre O pain and the actual pain of the egg poping free. I know I could and it is always a neat thing.

Like kitttykat said there are no absolutes just basic knowledge. The charting of temps and the medical world coming together has only started to happen regularly in the last 10 yrs or so. And most Dr. will still not put much stock into charting since they just dont know how it works.

Hopfully by the time our daughters are adults most Dr. will be up to speed and we will know even more about moon times

The hormone that stimulates egg growth and release does come in waves that is why many woman, including myself, will sometimes see multiple days of EW and as many as 3-4 days of opk.

A note about OPK's: Luteinizing hormone can be measured by ovulation prediction kits (OPK) that use chemicals to identify the presence of LH in your urine. The presence of increased amounts of LH, as detected by OPK's usually means that you will ovulate within 12-24 hours. LH is not released all at once, but rather it rises and falls for 24-48 hours. The LH rise usually begins in the early morning while you are sleeping and it takes 4-6 hours for it to appear in your urine after that. For this reason, first morning urine (FMU) may not give the best result. It is important to follow the instructions of your OPK for maximum results.
That is why some woman who only do 1 opk a day will miss a If you look at my chart with my ds 04' here (sorry it takes the page so long to load I was doing a bit of actavisim when I chatted at ff) you can see that I had opk several days in a row after many days of EW. It is not unusual to see EW in the few hours or a full day after ovulation as well.

When it comes to charting you have to figure out what is normal for you since we are all individuals compairing charts dosnt work all that well. But it sure is fun to try.
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