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babycarrier's Avatar babycarrier 11:16 AM 12-28-2004
Justice - I'm watching here too! Fingers crossed for you. Your condiment sandwich made me laugh. The night before my BFP I had some ice cream. It tasted like cardboard. I put it back and had some shredded cabbage and feta. Divine! Go mustard and mayo sandwich.

to all. hugs to the reboots and welcome to all the new faces

Justice2's Avatar Justice2 11:22 AM 12-28-2004
Greensleeves - !! I hope that your stay here is very short and sweet! Vitex also shorten my 80 day cycles back down to normal! I love that stuff. Vitex has the odd ability to shorten a long cycle and lengthen a short cycle. I helps your body to ovulate. Good Luck!

ROM - So Sorry about the reboot. s hon.

Galatea - : I hope that you dropped and caught that eggie!

Kavita - I think that is a wonderful attitude to have! Worrying will only make things harder. Your baby will come!

Belleweather - There are no accidents (Freud). :

Me, well, I am here to provide you all with amusement and entertainment. So I awake this am with a slight rise in temp . I remembered that my downstairs neighbor had a FRE so I (I am house sitting for her and have her keys) asked her if I could take her test this morning. She says sure. So, I run down there this morning, gleefully rip open the test. Remove the little cap and promptly drop it in the toilet. So, obviously, I need to purchase another test as that one didn't work. I had hoped to put us all out of my misery...dammit.
Justice2's Avatar Justice2 11:23 AM 12-28-2004
Hey, also, I was wondering. What are the odds that I didn't implant until day 15? I know that 7 -10 is the most common, but is it possible that I didn't until 3 days ago?
Justice2's Avatar Justice2 01:20 PM 12-28-2004
Ok, so I felt cheated out of my test and went to the store and bought 2 more. I took one and it was a bfn. I will retest in the am with fmu. Still not giving up hope, but must say that it is certainly dwindling...
babycarrier's Avatar babycarrier 01:28 PM 12-28-2004
aw, justice, what a roller coaster.
ChattyCat's Avatar ChattyCat 03:00 PM 12-28-2004
Justice- I know at this point you probably need a blood test, but if you're feeling cheap, you can walk into an MTF (go to the lab) and pee in a cup for free. You don't need an appt to do that. They should see you there even if you're not prime. I know it's just another urine test, but it would save you a few $$. Military insurance is such a PITA!! My dh is in the Navy. I think they try to make it difficult for us. Good luck!! :

to all the reboots.

to everyone else!
Galatea's Avatar Galatea 03:01 PM 12-28-2004
Originally Posted by Justice2
Hey, also, I was wondering. What are the odds that I didn't implant until day 15? I know that 7 -10 is the most common, but is it possible that I didn't until 3 days ago?
I dunno. Maybe? I don't really know anything about it. I hope that is the case! Maybe you are having triplets and thus the 3 dips. Hah hah hah! You know, I bet you implanted late. So when are we waiting for the blood test? After the new year? I can't take it anymore!

No temp rise. Dh's injured GIO was for naught. Oh well, who really minds having to GIO another time?
mtnsunshinemama's Avatar mtnsunshinemama 03:47 PM 12-28-2004
Just peeking in to check on you all! You crack me up!
Justice, I'd get the darn bloodtest and save your sanity!!!
I am sending you all fairydust and hugs relatively and lots of good energy, however you want to use it!
bemommy's Avatar bemommy 03:51 PM 12-28-2004
Originally Posted by Justice2
Remove the little cap and promptly drop it in the toilet.
Justice2 . . argh What a nightmare! I think I would have burst into tears. Hope you're doing ok.

a big : to a BFP for you. If it makes you feel any better, ages ago my mom didn't get a postive pregnancy test (even at the doctor's) until she was 4 months pregnant with me.
kyle98sean02's Avatar kyle98sean02 04:07 PM 12-28-2004
Aggggg Justice2, the suspense is killing me : My luteal phase wont go to 15 dpo without my progesterone dropping and AF starting. How long is your LP normally? I think normally O can be delayed, but LP's usually stay the same unless your pregnant.

Thanks mtnsunshinemama i'm rollin in it

Keep getting it on Galatea

Belleweather, that seems like a mighty good coincidence to me

Kavita, I hope your feeling better too. I'm totally with ya on the randomness of everything.


Sorry about the reboot redOakmama

I am only 5 dpo and my temps have already shot up to 98.4. Trying really hard not to be obsessive.
mom2threenurslings's Avatar mom2threenurslings 05:28 PM 12-28-2004
cd 23 ... 5 dpo (I'm guessing) I have nausea today. Ugh. Ds threw up yesterday and is still not feeling well today, so I'm guessing that's it. I didn't go to work today, and frankly I just want to quit. I'm a church secretary and work about 30-40 hours a month , but it's a 40 minute drive there, and then back again, 3 times a week and the time away from my kids (and the cost of gas!) isn't worth it to me anymore. It was different when I could set my own hours and do most of the work from home. Am I crazy for wanting to quit my job AND ttc a fourth child?

Justice2 ... !!! What a rollercoaster. I hope you find out one way or the other soon!!! I can't imagine how frustrated you must be!

Greensleeves: Welcome! I hope your stay here is short and sweet. This is a great bunch of mamas and a great source of support and ttc insanity!!!

RedOakMama ... on the reboot.

Kavita: to you!!! What a lot to be going through all at once! It sounds like your life has become very hectic and somewhat unpredictable! I hope you get everything worked out quickly! I went through similar turmoil in my life after my dh quit his job and I worried constantly. We were at Sunday School one night when the pastor was talking about worrying and how it doesn't do anyone any good. That stayed in my head and I made a conscious effort to not worry, to relax, and to trust that things would work out. A few days later my dh landed a job that he loves (versus the job that he absolutely hated, which he quit!) and things got better for us than before dh quit.

kyle98sean02 ... let the obsessing begin!!! :LOL : for you!
Greensleeves's Avatar Greensleeves 08:22 PM 12-28-2004
mom2threenurslings's Avatar mom2threenurslings 09:56 PM 12-28-2004
I'm not worried about going through summer all big and pg. At least I'd have an excuse for having a big belly during the summer (as I have all the time, being more overweight than I'm comfortable with at the moment!). I'd like to have a September, October or November baby. I've had a Dec. baby, a June baby and a July baby, and I'd much rather be pg in June, July and August than have a nursling in a sling in August! Here in CT it starts to cool down toward the end of September. An October baby would be ideal for me...but I won't be at all disappointed having a September baby!!!
Justice2's Avatar Justice2 10:25 PM 12-28-2004
I would rather have a summer baby. I grew up with a winter birthday and there wasn't much that I could do, being all cooped up inside. My dd, however, is a June baby and the sky's the limit for the things that she can do on her birthday. I think that Sept or Oct or April or May would be a good time for a baby....although, I will take whatever I can get!!!
squeakermansmom's Avatar squeakermansmom 11:29 PM 12-28-2004
i'm sorry justice i'm still KHA for you.

good point about not wanting to have a newborn in a sling in the summer....i never thought about that. the only time i'd prefer not to have a baby would be in december (b/c of the closeness to the holidays) but at this point i'll take whatever i can get!!

pretty chart heather

temp spiked today but i also had a horrible night with ds. he's been sick and was tossing and turning most of the night. plus i think i might have a touch of the bug he has so i'm not putting a lot of hope in this morning's temp. if i can manage to swipe a pregnancy test at work tom then i'll test. i fluctuate between thinking 'this could be it' to 'why do i think this cycle should be any different? don't let yourself get your hopes up, you'll just crash hard at the end.' ah, the 2ww obsession.....gotta love it.

to all!
Justice2's Avatar Justice2 01:02 AM 12-29-2004
s Jodi
Joey'smom's Avatar Joey'smom 01:26 AM 12-29-2004
REBOOT! I'm too annoyed to read everyone's posts right now. Just wanted to let everyone know that AF hit tonight and the cramps are pretty bad right now.
Don't know if I should be concerned that my last 2 cycles have had 9 day luteal phases. But, man I was really hoping to get a good birthday present this year!
Oh well, there's always next month.

I'll try to catch up on everyone else tomorrow.
Greensleeves's Avatar Greensleeves 01:49 AM 12-29-2004
bemommy's Avatar bemommy 10:01 AM 12-29-2004
Originally Posted by Greensleeves
Is anyone else sort of worried about going through summer time all big and pg if they get lucky the next few months? Last time I had a spring baby and in a lot of ways that was really nice. I still swelled alot the last 2-3 weeks of pg and I am dreading what it would be like in the summer time. Where I live Sept. and Oct can sometimes be miserably hot months too. Hmm.
Anything as long as I don't have another december baby. I'd like to avoid January and February as well. Rather be hot in summer (heck, I'll be hot whatever the month. . .I run super hot while pregnant) than have a newborn in the dead of winter, especially with my active toddler. It'd be just too difficult to get out early on.
Justice2's Avatar Justice2 11:35 AM 12-29-2004
Holy Temp Batman.

Awww Jodi. I am so sorry that af found you. s
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 12:45 PM 12-29-2004 are driving me MAD!!! LOL that is some temp!



I don't care when I have a baby as long as we get one...I can see December would be a pain though!

I have had a june, july and October baby so for sling is true!

September would be one in September in my family except hubby's dad!

I have been very sick yesterday with sick baby. I had fever, and chills and weakness...nausea if I was diarhea and throwing up but not a bit sick otherwise. My awesome hubby took over and it was wonderful! The kitchen is spotless this morning. I feel much better, think I beat it.

My last two temps are very high...checked later and with the illness it's really high...have a look at my chart ladies if you get a sec.

I am cd 19 and if I hadn't o'd so late af would be due in 6 days
sunnmama's Avatar sunnmama 02:32 PM 12-29-2004
cd 21, a few dpo

I am in hot, hot, hot south FL, and I worry a bit about being big pregnant thru the summer. But, dd was born in Feb (perfect for big pregnancy down here....), and I SUFFERED with morning sickness in the sticky, sweltering heat of summer. I kept reading this advice to "get fresh air"--but there was simply none to be found

So, this time I am hoping to do my first trimester in the beautiful, cool winter months

And then suffer later, lol.
polka123's Avatar polka123 02:44 PM 12-29-2004
(((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) to everyone
just checking in
Galatea's Avatar Galatea 04:08 PM 12-29-2004
Hugs, Jodi. I'm sorry about the reboot.

Very high temps, Carolyn.

Justice - I can't take it anymore! I really feel you are pg. :

Still no eggie here... every day we don't get to GIO, it obligingly waits for me!
SarahTorg's Avatar SarahTorg 04:26 PM 12-29-2004
Hi ladies!!! I've missed this thread so much the past few days!
I've just been gio any chance I can get, and I'm not really checking for any CM, or anything. Dh and I had a wonderful time last night, so I may just take a break tonight, and make a nice night tomorrow night.

Bemommy It seems that December must be a rough month. I thought I was going to possibly be pregnant, and I had cramps, and no period as well. It was a very weird cycle for me. ((hugs)) sorry about the reboot. ((hugs))
Have fun trying again!

Sorry about your negative test! I'm glad you got to have fun the next day. I too would definately eat a lot of chocolate. What about chips too?? sorry about the reboot. ((hugs)))

Okay, I've really been wondering about you!!! Its driving me mad!!!! I keep coming back here to check on you, and Its almost a bit funny about the test in the toilet. I'm getting the feeling that you feel a bit like that man in planes trains, and automobiles. His Steve Martin his name? The white haired guy. LOL He JUST wants to get home, and all these things get in the way. You JUST want to know what the hell is up, and stuff keeps getting in the way, and something to make you happy, another temp to make you sad. UUUGG. I hope you are pregnant after all this miserable ups and downs. I can just see you fumbling, shaking to get that test open, and bam!!! In the toilet!!! WOW I'm so sorry. (((((BIG FAT HUGS)))))

Kavita, lately I feel like I keep getting sick around the time that I should be trying to make the baby, and it makes me sooo damn cranky!! I hope you get your chance to have a fun night of bd!!
I hear you on the tsunami thing. I bawled so much about it the other day, and saw a picture of a little boy all banged up. It was so sad.

I'm crossing my fingers for you!!! Stupid thermometer. LOL

OH, how to NOT obsess!!! LOL yeah right huh? Good luck mama. We'll have a quite a few of us obsessing here shortly huh?

Galatea!!! You crack me up with the thrown out back!!! hahahaha. that is hillarious. What did your dh do, just lay there? LOLOLOL how funny. totally something I would do.

Welcome, welcome!! sorry I'm not much for finding all these emoticons, but my welcome is as big as the emoticon. LOLOL
about being big and preggo in the summer. I too have been thinking about that. To make up for the being hot and miserable part, I've decided that I can sew myself some neat light clothing for that time. Cute little apron tops, and some long flowing skirts. Maybe if I'm too tired, I can just buy some. LOLOL I better just start now. hahahahaha

Sorry about the reboot! (((Hugs))

Allgirls! sorry you are sick

And to everyone else!! Hang in there!!! I'll be back on later. I MUST know what is going on with Justice2!!! (((Hugs to all))))
Sarah <-----Who is feeling pretty lucky this month, could this be the month?? WILL she be disappointed afterall?? Tune in next month ah, around mid January. LOLOLOL
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 04:44 PM 12-29-2004
Sarah, Polka,

Galatea~hope eggie drops soon!

Sunmama...I am in matter when I get preggo I have 3 seasons to go through...gets costly for mat. clothes!

feeling better today...that was some bug had me down was up sick all night but much better throwing up so far and it's half way through the day

cheers everybody
musicmaj's Avatar musicmaj 05:26 PM 12-29-2004
Just checking in.
2 dpo. I think I may be starting a yeast infection. I haven't had one in awhile - must be all the chocalate and pie I ate around Christmas time. I am not used to eating so much sugar. What can I use that would be safe, considering that I "might" be pregnant. I just used some tea tree oil and I can't tell you how much that burns. ouch!
Thanks for any advice.
mom2threenurslings's Avatar mom2threenurslings 06:10 PM 12-29-2004
cd 24 ... 6 dpo??? ... day 2 of nausea ... ds threw up once 2 days ago, so I thought he had a touch of something and gave it to me, but now I think my nausea is all in my head! :LOL're 19dpo, right? Isn't there a "rule" that if you have 18 "high" temps after O you're usually pregnant? And holy temp spike!!! Could your chart be going triphasic? This is driving me (and the rest of us!) nuts...I can't imagine what you must be going through! Get thee to a midwife/doctor before we all go

I better go so I can help my 4.5 year old install Math Blaster 3rd grade on the computer. He's convinced he can handle third grade math, and if not, that I can teach him everything he needs to know to play the games "in and hour or two this afternoon." Wish me luck!
Bex80's Avatar Bex80 06:23 PM 12-29-2004
CD 47. No AF, BFN this a.m.

WTF? :
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 09:42 PM 12-29-2004
Cd 1 for me again.

At least I got my Fertility Blend in the mail today.
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