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I'm talking about the very first things you felt that made you think "maybe..."

I've got notes from DD's pregnancy but so many things are different now (still breastfeeding, etc) that I need more fodder for my current 2WW obsessing!

Here is my (comprehensive) list from 4/2002 with DD:

3 DPO: dry eyes and small amount of white CM on panties

5 DPO: dry eyes; hard nipples that felt constantly cold and tingly; same CM

6 DPO: stinky pee in morning; same nipples but darker color with light centers; cold all day; same CM; SOOO tired for about an hour around 5:00 pm; drooled going to sleep; shifty gas-type pains near belly button

7 DPO: same nipples; hard time going back to sleep when dogs woke me up early; same CM; burning like start of UTI but high up under belly button (implantation?)

8 DPO: same nipples but also a hard pea-sized lump under each; same CM

9 DPO: same nipples as 8 DPO; light, light AF-ish cramps in evening; TIRED at 7:00 pm

10 DPO: nipple back to normal unless squeezed but still felt cold often; AF type cramps all evening; light metallic taste in mouth around 2:00 pm

11 DPO: light, light AF-ish cramps; headache in morning; cranky and weepy until lunch time

12 DPO: nipples same as 10 DPO; gassy and constipated; TIRED at 5:00; queasy in afternoon; pain in armpit/breast area; HUNGRY all day; peeing constantly; very faint BFP on CVS store brand HPT

13 DPO: nipples same; looser bowel movements; armpit pain still there but lighter; HUNGRY all day and still peeing often.

14 DPO: nipples same; felt like vomitting all morning but never did; looser bowel movements; TIRED all afternoon; HUNGRY all day; cried at PBS show that I had been watching for 5 minutes while folding laundry

15 DPO: another BFP with second CVS test; nipples same

1-10 DPO cervix was all over the place, up then down, hard then soft, every which way and combination that you can imagine. By 11 DPO it settled into a medium position, oval shaped, medium-hardish and closed.
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You would THINK that I would have kept a log... nope.
Guess I'm not smart enough. :LOL

The most that I remember was mega-sore boobies. The shower water hit them and knocked me out. I didn't get any 'real' symptoms until 7-8 weeks when morning sickness started.

Yeah.. could'a done without that one
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This is my first pregnancy, but this is what I noticed~

I had mild O type cramps from 1 DPO to 7 DPO, from 8 DPO-10 DPO I had a head ache at night with mild nausea ( I have had no other nausea so far), starting about 11 DPO I burped ALL the time and at the time I had no idea that that could be a symptom of pregnancy. My boobs were sore, but it was hard to tell if it was just pms. At 11 DPO I had AF like cramps and felt like I was going to start any minute on and off for 3 days! Oh and about 12 DPO I notice my boobs were popping out of the side of my bra!? They seemed fuller. I also has some white cm starting about 11 DPO and started getting a yeast infection (yuck) but its gone now.

I POAS at 10 DPO, 12DPO and got a BFN, but on 15 DPO I got my first BFP!

Congrats mama!

: #1 EDD 10/29/05

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1-6 DPO - nothing to note
7-10 DPO: achy, flu-like feeling; VERY fatigued; lower back ache; burping; lots of creamy CM, then yellow CM, then snotty yellow CM (sorry TMI); a tingly, warm feeling 'down there'; AF cramps that STOPPED.
11DPO - boobs felt bruised; uterine tugs; bloated.

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A + pregnancy test was my first symptom! Well alright, three!

Seriously I felt nothing before I was about 5 weeks pg (had been actually pg for 3 weeks/period was 1 week late). After the test I had a few days where I had some very intense cramping, like worse than I'd ever experienced with a period (tho I don't usually get bad cramps). Week 7 onward my boobs hurt and I got nauseous. Then the belly started to grow...and the rest is history!
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1 dpo - present (11 weeks, 6 days pregnant!): nausea.

6 dpo - present: exhaustion

10 dpo: crying at everything, crampiness similar to af but more of a stretchy feeling, nipple tenderness

I had a at 11 dpo.

I have to run...my 4.5 year old ds and 2.5 year old dd are arguing about whether or not dd is pregnant / if kids can have babies.

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10dpo -- my husband's carne asada breath woke me up from a dead sleep at 2am and kept me awake for an hour. :

But that was only a symptom in retrospect. That cycle was the only cycle that I was *sure* I wasn't pregnant. I only tested when I was two days late because I thought it'd be the best way to get AF to start. I really didn't expect a second line.

:LOL Jess
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I've had 2 pregnancies( 1 mc) and I've never had any real pregnancy symptoms. With my daughter I had maybe 5 days (not in a row) where I might have felt some nausea...I puked once and then felt immediately better and that was the end of my symptoms.

But, then again I wasn't trying to get pregnant that month. I did have a new job and thought it was too much for me I was so tired all day,so I quit...that night was when I found out I was pg......so I guess being tired was a symptom, but I never went back to work, so I guess I found my energy by having 3 hour naps everyday!

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