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StarMama's Avatar StarMama 09:22 PM 11-20-2002
Hi everyone! I'm wondering if I should give up hope that this is a pregnancy, and just figure my period is showing up real late here. I'm cramping, like I do when my period is on its way (although not as severe, and not constantly) and was wondering if this could also be a sign of pregnancy as well? I'm also having other potiential "signs", feeling like a slug, heartburn, indigestion, nothing sounds good to me to eat even when I'm hungry (which is so NOT me), getting little bits of queasiness here and there, seems like I'm smelling things more strongly, ect.

But I also had my temp drop below coverline a few days ago for one day. I figure that could be related to having the fan on and tossing around so much, but who knows. Do you HAVE to have another rise when implantation occurs?

Oh yeah, and I'm also having creamy discharge....

Whats going on? Any help? I tested this morning and it was negative...

Shakti's Avatar Shakti 09:41 PM 11-20-2002
Hi Lisa! No real words of wisdom here, just some commiseration! I am 14DPO today, and I have the same cramps but not really cramps. I tested this afternoon and got a negative, and I was so *sure* it would be positive!

No, you do not *have* to have another temp rise at ovulation. I didn't with my daughter 3 years ago. My understanding is that if you have just one day that is either high or low you can sorta toss that one out, but somebody please correct me if I am wrong about that.

It is probably not what you want to hear, but we both have to just WAIT! :

Hang in there!

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 09:46 PM 11-20-2002
No you don't need to have another temp rise at implantation.

HTH, sorry for the wait and see situation sucks huh.
StarMama's Avatar StarMama 09:49 PM 11-20-2002
Thanks for the support! Yeah there is the "rule of thumb" from tyocf where you can cover the # with your thumb and ignore it! LOL! I thought that was cute!

I'm trying so hard to not get depressed OR get my hopes up! I was attempting to think of this month as 'practice' since it our first month ttc. I don't think I've convniced myself of that too much.
Shakti's Avatar Shakti 09:55 PM 11-20-2002
LOL, Lisa! I thought this month was just practice, too! I just got a prescription for Clomid (my first baby was also a Clomid baby), but I have not even had a chance to take it yet. So it was just 'practice', but then the days went by and no AF and the temps stayed up and I allowed myself to get really hopeful!