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Juliacat's Avatar Juliacat 12:51 PM 11-26-2002
We've been using TCOYF as birth control for 19 cycles now. Usually I ovulate between CD13 and CD16. We have unprotected sex through CD5 and start using condoms on CD6 and keep using them until the third day of the temperature rise.

Usually, my pre-ovulation temp is 97.3 or lower, and my post-ovulation temp is 97.7 or higher. Rarely in between.

Yesterday, CD5, I woke up with a temp of 97.5. Odd. Then I was horny all day, which is unusual so early in the cycle. I seduced dh and he asked if we needed to use protection, I said no because it's only CD5.

But this morning, CD6, I woke up with a temp of 97.7!

Could I be ovulating this early in the cycle? This has NEVER happened before! I 51% don't want to be pregnant and 49% do want to be pregnant, which is a confusing position to be in if any of you can sympathize. This morning I've had to pee every five minutes, and I'm sure it's psychosomatic but it's annoying!

Help please? :

stafl's Avatar stafl 08:27 PM 11-26-2002
Temps don't tell you anything until after the fact. You need to go by CM if you are TTA, according to TCOYF. If you had that wet/lube feeling and any signs of ewcm...???
velveeta's Avatar velveeta 01:45 PM 11-27-2002
Also, it is not *that* much of a temp spike. Unless, of course, that is usual for you.

My mother always says, "man proposes and God disposes."

Not surprisingly, she has a lot of annoyingly accurate sayings.

Everything always works out in the end, Juliacat!

Hugs to you,