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gossamer's Avatar gossamer 06:33 PM 12-21-2002
Well, AF showed up again. I am really getting depressed. I have been off the pill for a year now. My husband is 41 and I am 32. We had a miscarriage 3 years ago and decided we would wait for a while, so I went back on the pill. It only took us a month last time, now it's been a year and I am so sad. Please send us sticky baby thoughts. I am so ready!!!!!!

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 08:58 PM 12-21-2002
Sorry, I know how frustrating that is. I hope some of those pg girls come and dust us good !!! he he he
SummerLover's Avatar SummerLover 09:01 PM 12-21-2002
I'm sorry you're so sad. It's so hard, I know. Hugs to you!

Here are your sticky baby vibes~

((((((((((((((stay baby, stay!!!!)))))))))))))))))))
zac'smom's Avatar zac'smom 12:52 AM 12-22-2002
Hang in there. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this month will be better for you
gossamer's Avatar gossamer 03:00 AM 12-22-2002
Thank you for your compassion and sticky baby vibes. I hope and pray something happens soon, I am just frustrated. Eventually I hope to have a baby party. I can't wait for that day.'

Viola's Avatar Viola 05:44 AM 12-22-2002
{{{{{{{{Gossamer}}}}}}}}} sticky baby thoughts coming your way.

My husband is 41 also, and I have this feeling like it needs to happen soon or not at all. I'm 36 now.
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 11:07 AM 12-22-2002
I am here to shower you with baby dust!!!

Aurora's Avatar Aurora 03:33 PM 12-22-2002

Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 04:13 PM 12-22-2002
I know how hard it can be, I got pregnant on the first try last month and then miscarried. It's so hard.

lots of baby dust your way.
gossamer's Avatar gossamer 04:29 AM 12-23-2002
Thank you again for all of your compassion and baby dust. I truly believe all things come in God's time, I just wish we had our watches coordinated. Hee Hee. Baby dust to us all.
MelissaE's Avatar MelissaE 08:47 PM 12-23-2002
Sending you some hugs and baby dust!
birdwomyn's Avatar birdwomyn 05:59 PM 12-24-2002
I came to check on you all, and to shower you with fertile baby dust and sticky stuff -- we just found out at our 6w4d u/s that we are expecting twins... and we had two strong heartbeats....

*** *** **** ** *** **** ***

and of course, !!!!

best wishes to all of you!