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HotMama1221's Avatar HotMama1221 03:16 PM 10-16-2005

Ok, so Im on CD14. I started using OPK's on CD 11. but im so tired. and last night at the wedding we went to, i was crying for no reason. i don't think ive O'd yet so i can't be PG.

My mom got me this candy at Sam's club. it's cherry cordial hershey kisses. they are like a tiny orgasm in your mouth. just thought i'd share.

Henry's_Mamma's Avatar Henry's_Mamma 03:28 PM 10-16-2005
Congrats Luckymama! :
MamaDee4's Avatar MamaDee4 03:54 PM 10-16-2005
Hey, ladies!

I'm officially a lurker (from the Nursing Mamas board). I'm sorry to but in but I wanted to contratulate LuckyMama! And to say you've convinced me to test! LOL! Your last post really struck me b/c it sounded just like me! I am so discouraged this cycle. Usually I pee on something 2 days ago and I planned on testing today (10 DPO) but just couldn't do it b/c I'm so sure of the answer. I don't have really ANY symptoms. AF or otherwise....I usually feel cramps or something by now. I was saying just like you that I won't test unless I get something to make me do otherwise! You've given me some hope at least.........so maybe I'll test tomorrow after all. You'd think I'd be feeling something by now.......usually I think AF is coming early b/c I have symptoms days before -- but I just have nothing. Hmmmm.....

paisley's Avatar paisley 07:41 PM 10-16-2005
Originally Posted by Henry's_Mamma
Have fun all you who are GIO this weekend! :LOL
Is that where everybody is? :LOL Man this thread moves fast, I am totally behind so forgive me if I miss anything.

Although I didn't miss this - Congratulations luckymama!!! Are you our first July EDD?

Welcome jenniet and sierratahoe! (Dh was born in Truckee!)

Elowyn - It's good to 'see' you again.

benjalo, jenniet, 1stTimeMummytoLore, Henry's_Mamma, & MamaDee4 - I've got my : for all of you!

Originally Posted by HotMama1221

My mom got me this candy at Sam's club. it's cherry cordial hershey kisses. they are like a tiny orgasm in your mouth. just thought i'd share.
You know, it didn't taste quite like that the last time I ... :ignore Oh, bad Jen! You can't talk about that kind of stuff here! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist! )
paisley's Avatar paisley 07:43 PM 10-16-2005
Wait a minute, I could be missing something, but where's our new thread? (it would be so like me to keep posting on an abandoned thread. :LOL)

I checked the profile of the Mama who's supposed to be up next but she hasn't been online since 9/23. I hope everything's ok with her.
lotus.blossom's Avatar lotus.blossom 07:58 PM 10-16-2005
Paisley- maybe you should PM both her and moistangel and then if they don't reply you should start the new thread!

And whoever starts it- please move me to waiting to know........
My marriage is on the rocks and we've been trying to smooth things out. We smoothed on my O date. I haven't been charting my temps but I just know. So yeah. I'm not sure how I feel at the moment........I've been so obsessed about this and then when I decide to take some time off thats when things heat up.

Special congrats to luckymama
surf mama's Avatar surf mama 07:59 PM 10-16-2005
well I hope no one minds but I am going to jump in and start a new thread out of turn...paisley, I checked too and the mama for this week hasn't been around in awhile so hopefully she won't mind. I'll get the thread up now and then come back and post a link.
paisley's Avatar paisley 08:06 PM 10-16-2005
A big to you, lotus.blossom. I'll be thinking of you and sending you good vibes both for your relationship and for your TTC adventures.
surf mama's Avatar surf mama 08:10 PM 10-16-2005

lotus.blossom- I'm so sorry to hear that.

Okay the new thread is ready!Come join us here.
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