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Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 02:47 PM 12-31-2002
I am going in for my first midwife appointment since my miscarriage and I'd like to know what type of questions and tests to ask for.
She is a CNM that works in a hospital so she can order any tests that I want/need.
Just a bit of history, I've had 2 pregnancies, one was uneventful and complication free and ended in our son, the other ended this month at 5.5 weeks. I realize this was probably "just one of those things" and there were chromosomal problems but still...

I also know that there is (most likely) nothing she can tell us about the miscarriage. What I would like to know is what to do about future pregnancies. Should I get more advanced and even earlier prenantal care. What kind of testing should I get through the next pregnancy. I've always been hands off and pretty intervention free but after the miscarriage I'm a bit gunshy and don't want to leave anything to chance. I also don't know how I'd relax until week 14 when we hear a heartbeat (that is when we heard ds's).

Any advice on your feelings, what you've done, what you think should be done would be appriecated

AnnR33's Avatar AnnR33 08:34 PM 01-01-2003
I'm sure your midwife can inform of you of any tests needed but I don't think there's much different you can/need to do unless there's a history of miscarriage. After my miscarriage the dr said to wait 3 mos before TTC and then all should be well. I made sure I stayed as healthy as possible, etc. and while it took about 6 mos to conceive the pregancy was normal and I didn't get any extra tests. In fact, I turned down everything offered since I was healthy and the baby seemed healthy. A beautiful baby sister was the result! (she's now 15 mos)
Sometimes, tests are not a good thing, but that's another thread...
Sorry for your loss. Even when it is "one of those things" it doesn't make it any easier!
Good Luck,