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OK, here is my question. I know that spotting with ovulation can be a good fertility sign. Does the spotting occur as the egg is released? Or is it about to be? I started my pink tinged ovulation spotting this afternoon. Dh and I were planning on BD tomorrow night (low sperm count issues), but now I think we should move it to tonight. Any thoughts?

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I do think for the most part that spotting around ovulation is a good fertility indicator. If it is heavy or lasts more than a day or two, you should see your Dr or midwife. Spotting around ovulation isn't always caused by the egg breaking through the follicle. Changing estrogen levels can also cause light spotting/bleeding. I have a little spotting mid-cycle, and my Dr. said fluctuating hormones was the likely cause and not to worry. Sometimes I spot prior to O, but sometimes it is on the actual O day itself. Use your intuition: If you think you're getting really close to O-ing, then by all means, get your dh and go for it!

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pycelan- as I recall from TCOYF, they are not completely sure what causes the bleeding (or ovulatory pain, either). It could be prior to egg release, the moment of, or afterward. Again, that is what I remember, so I could be incorrect regarding the ovulation *bleeding* being the same info as middelschmirtz (sp?). Wish I had a copy handy to look it up quick for you! I agree with the PP, grab that DH if you think this is IT. What did your opks indicate? GL!! It will be nice to obsess with you a bit this 2ww
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it is considered extremly fertile when spotting happens around suspected o especially with ew cm. I had done a lot of reading on ovulation pains and such because since af started to visit me I have extremly painfull o's like someone stabbing me with a knife when the egg is released I could actually almost feel a pop. Not really just a feeling.

The spotting is often caused by the egg popping out and leaving behind the slightly bleeding wound called the follical. I would think this kind of spotting would be very very slight tho I never saw it myself. i would consider it fertile and take advantage now instead of waiting cause the egg only lives 12-24 hours after it comes out.

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