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Trying To Conceive > two week wait anyone else???
momz3's Avatar momz3 01:02 AM 11-27-2006
Originally Posted by noordinaryspider View Post
bfn yesterday on a FRER and another one today on an internet cheapie. I slept right through my alarm for temping today, so obviously I'm still tired and queasy, but I really don't think there was ever a baby.

I didn't even have to tell dd about the bfn yesterday, she just knew and has ben very sweet and solicitous.

I don't think I'm going to try again, but I am holding out enough hope to wait to change my siggie until af comes at 6:00 AM on Thursday morning.
tested bfn as well the am...and was so dissapointed. I let it ruin my day...I hate that I test so early before I miss AF! Ignorance is bliss my other pgs, I was already late before I thought that I'm aware of what day of my cycle and dpo I'm on, its stressful! Af is due tomorrow...not sure if I will test tomorrow or just wait until it passes just to be sure. Ideally, I'd like to test again , at the earliest, Tuesday morning....and everyday after until I get a bfp

Coloradomom, don't lose hope, yet, girly. I'm sure hoping AF does NOT come tomorrow and this ISN'T a whacky cycle for me that is longer than usual. But mine have been around 30-31 days the last few I'm hopeful.

JamieCarin's Avatar JamieCarin 11:00 AM 11-27-2006
I am new here but I just started my two week wait. I am 2dpo. Ughhh I have an eternity!!

Praying for everyone to be successful!
mommy_in_chaos's Avatar mommy_in_chaos 12:29 PM 11-27-2006
I had such a lovely little .4 degree increase in temp this morning, so I am one DPO and I'm excited about this one!!! WOO HOO!

It was so hard to wait coming back here... now I just have to wait to know!!
frog's Avatar frog 12:53 PM 11-27-2006
I'm here! I'm 3DPO by my count, 4DPO if I believe FF, which I do not, so I over-rode their cross-hairs!
lilyflower's Avatar lilyflower 01:48 PM 11-27-2006
BFN today too.
Berber's Avatar Berber 04:17 PM 11-27-2006
Hi ladies...

Momz3~I'm sorry about the BFN. I hope it was just because you tested a little too early. Theoretically...I'm the same way in that I don't want to test until I'm officially late. Man does it take some will power to hold out. I'm still crossing my fingers for ya!

coloradomom~I'm really sorry your cycle's are driving you nuts. I'm hopeful that you just tested too early. I'm just wondering but, why did you deside to stop taking your herbs?

beckyphry~I think you are right to give your body and mind a little rest. I was almost* relieved when I didn't get pg after my m/c as well. Hopefully that will just make Santa remember your patience as well. Good luck next cycle!

MajorGroover~ Welcome to the 2ww! I hope you get the BFP your looking for!

[B]noordinaryspider~/B]I hope you get the BFP soon! Crossing my fingers for ya.

JamieCarin~Good luck with your 2ww, I hope it goes by quick and ends with a BFP!!!

mommy_in_chaos~I'm glad you are so positive! good luck with your 2ww, I hope it ends with a BFP too!

frog~Good luck with your 2ww, I hope it goes by quickly and ends with a BFP!

lilyflower~so sorry about another BFN... I hope hope hope that you get a BFP soon. hugs.

Me~whooooo that was a lot of shout outs to catch up on...Hope I didn't miss anyone. This cycle has been crazy weird for me. We BD'd on all of the right days, had perfect cm but I still can't help but feel like this isn't it.

Then again, part of me thinks that I am just trying to psyc, myself out or something. I've had very few symptoms... I've had weird pinching cramps on mostly my left side starting around 7 or 8 DPO, I've been warm lately but it has been unseasonably warm here in our area. ... that's about it. I don't know what to think but, Af is due to arrive on the 30th so I'm going try to wait to test until then or possibly after. I don't know... grrr why can't I just be positive???
mommy-X-2's Avatar mommy-X-2 05:03 PM 11-27-2006
New to this thread Im only 3dpo. I had a m/c the end of Oct. so this cycle has been really crazy for me and Im not feeling like this month will be it. But Im just thankfull that I O'd. That means things are back to normal. Guess I will ride out the 2ww and see what happens.
wish's Avatar wish 05:24 PM 11-27-2006
12 dpo for me, the wait is almost over! I took a test the last two days and bfn, I really let this get me down, thinking if I don't have a bfp by now.....but I know I need to just keep waiting. Good luck to everyone!
coloradomom's Avatar coloradomom 07:10 PM 11-27-2006
Whew!!! I have a hard time keeping up with things! Berber you are awesome - you got caught up with EVERYONE!! I do not have time to do that right now.

Berber I stopped the herbs b/c both my acupunturist and myself wanted to see if my body could do things on it's own. I was seeing her for about 5-6 cycles with the last 4 being regular (29-31 days). If I am not pregnant this cycle I think I will go back on them so I can continue to have some what regular cycles.

to you lilyflower I am sorry you had to see another BFN.

CD35 for me and no AF yet and I am too scared to test. I was grocery shopping today and suddenly felt REALLY crampy, still am now, and wet I thought for sure my period started - came home and I had a lot of clear cm buy no blood??: So I don't know what to think, but I need to run and get my son from school.

Good luck everyone and I'm sorry I couldn't catch up with everyone else on here, I will try to do that tonight.
cyrusmama's Avatar cyrusmama 08:39 PM 11-27-2006
coloradomom, I'm still here with you today is CD 36 of my normally 28 day cycle. I have one more Dollar Tree test, I am going to use in the morning then if still BFN I'll call the clinic.
coloradomom's Avatar coloradomom 01:43 PM 11-28-2006
Hello all. CD36 here and still no sign of AF - but I am still to chicken to test. I just really feel like I have lapsed back into goofy cycles and this is a long one: I don't know how long I will hold out on testing.

Cyrusmama - did you get a BFP today?? Are your cycles pretty regular at 28 days?

Good luck izzysmom!! I hope you get a BFP.

Hi Frog I have my : that this is your cycle

Hello mommy x 2, mommy in chaos, jamiecarin and: to anyone I missed. I hope your wait is short and you all get BFP
to all of us
lilyflower's Avatar lilyflower 04:32 PM 11-28-2006
Good luck to you guys. AF arrived for me. It is on to Clomid next month.
yogachick79's Avatar yogachick79 04:39 PM 11-28-2006
Hey ladies, FF gave me crosshairs earlier on in my cycle and then took them away, which I think was right. But it looks like I O'd sometime between CD20-23 even though I didn't get a temp while we were on vacation. So I am now part of another 2WW, last cycle that wait only lasted 5 days and then AF showed up. I am already further in my DPO this cycle so even THAT makes me happy.
frog's Avatar frog 04:57 PM 11-28-2006
Originally Posted by mommy-X-2 View Post
New to this thread Im only 3dpo.
We're cycle buddies!
Berber's Avatar Berber 05:48 PM 11-28-2006
DH stopped by my work and surprised me with taking me out for lunch today, he is so sweet. We started talking about when I get to test to see if we are pg. I started to tell him how scared I was to get a BFN but that these last few days before AF is due is really brutal since we live RIGHT NEXT DOOR to a phamacy and all I want to do is test! He seemed a bit concerned that I was so nervous and negative. He asked me why I wasn't excited like he was... and that if we aren't pg that then we get to have another fun filled month of trying again, and that is VERY exciting for him. I felt bad for bringing him down with all of my worrying. He is right I should be more excited and worring isn't going to help at all. I explained to him that it's all fun for him but for me I'm so scared to see BFN and the thought of another m/c is terrifying. I think he understood and it also helped to be around him with all his optimism and smiles. I'm a lucky girl.
coloradomom's Avatar coloradomom 11:53 PM 11-28-2006
Berber you have a very sweet DH, my DH also thinks TTC is VERY fun, in fact he said we have to "practice" 3 months before we actively TRy to get pregnant Unfortunatley I think that is going to happen

to lilyflower I am sorry AF found her way to you.

Still no AF here.

Seems like there are a number of us TTC #3. Anyone a little nervous about #3? Some days 2 seems like way more than I am meant to handle.....but I am still ready for another

Good luck yogachick I hope your 2ww turns into a 9 mo wait
momz3's Avatar momz3 01:07 PM 11-29-2006

Still no af here! One more day in the month and she's MIA.
Berber's Avatar Berber 02:06 PM 11-29-2006
I started spotting today so I think AF is due to arrive tomorrow... grrr. better luck next month I suppose.

Thanks for hanging out with me during this 2ww ladies, I'll be back next month.
momz3's Avatar momz3 05:32 PM 11-29-2006
Berber, I'm spotting, too.....but I'm sooo optimistic. I think "What if its implantation bleeding?":
mommy_in_chaos's Avatar mommy_in_chaos 05:52 PM 11-29-2006
FF says 4 DPO (I think 3) SO I'm back and I'm going wacky with boredom. I haven't been able to do anything but sleep for the last 2 days, and now I'm really bummed because we're supposed to get bad weather soon... I should be out walking and enjoying this time of no snow or ice... But I'm just too bla!

I wish someone would get a BFP soon!
frog's Avatar frog 05:58 PM 11-29-2006
I'm not spotting, just :Puke

coloradomom's Avatar coloradomom 07:15 PM 11-29-2006
showed this morning 4 DAYS LATE!!!! GRRRR So I guess back on the chinese herbs to get my cycles regular so I know WTH my body is doing.

Good luck ladies to you all.
cyrusmama's Avatar cyrusmama 08:07 PM 11-29-2006
coloradomom, still a BFN I guess I am going to have to make an appointment. I hate going to the doc and this cycle is making me worried which is probably not helping my MIA AF at all.
wish's Avatar wish 02:17 AM 11-30-2006
I'm out again, found me at cd 26, a little early. I've gone from 33 days to 26 now, am I getting more regular? Who knows, on the plus side my sister is getting married in July and now I don't really have to worry about being so pregnant I can't fly. I plan to be more active in charting and temping this next month instead of moping. My SIL had a baby today and I have terrible baby fever now!
to all!
teniprice's Avatar teniprice 02:32 AM 11-30-2006
I am now 8dpo and just impatiently waiting. Today my bbs are getting sore but they do that every month. They get sore when I'm not pg and they got sore last month when I got my bfp. It could go either way. I am also feeling a lot going on down there. Not really crampy, but every now and then I feel little twinges and some are almost painful. I don't know if I should even compare it to last month's bfp because it ended in m/c. I guess I'll know for sure in 4-6
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