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Geeki's Avatar Geeki 10:56 PM 06-13-2006
Ok to make a long story short....

Dh and I were on Depo for 3 years, came off it 2 years ago (for 90 days), I was on the pill for those 90 days, and my cycles were in sync within 45 days of coming off of Depo. I liked Depo more, so we went back.

Now... I had my last shot in October last year (so I would of been due the first week in January).

No life on planet me.

We're waiting for my body to "get in gear" to start trying... so we're on rubber methods of BC until then.

Any idea's to get my body to kick start? (Natural preferred)

mamabear&babybear's Avatar mamabear&babybear 11:04 PM 06-13-2006
My second and last depo shot was Nov. 2004. Af came back in Sept. 2005. It wasn't regular until Nov. 2005, and I don't think I started ovulating until 2006. I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea and exercising as often as I could. I'm not sure if either worked, but it made me feel better to be doing something. They say exercise works because depo is stored in fat. We have been ttc for the past 5 months and I just got yesterday. People don't tend to post often, but I found this website to be helpful.
Good Luck!!
OTMomma's Avatar OTMomma 05:50 PM 06-14-2006
I would look into Chinese medicine- including acupuncture. Take a B complex and B6 vitamins. Red raspberry leaf is supposed to be really good like the pp mentioned.
miracle's Avatar miracle 06:16 PM 06-14-2006
I too was on Depo.. for little less than a year. I loved it while I was on it, however as soon as I came off of it, I had periods so heavy that with in 10 minutes I would need to change. It was not pretty. That lasted for 3 months. I am now normal again. Thank God! I have been having normal 5 day periods.. & have been trying to get pregnant for 3 months.. but nothing has happened. Its prolly the depo wearing off... but I hope it doesn't last forever.

I know no "natural ways" but, I've heard of many such as b12, & tea.. & one lady even said that going on a liquid diet would work.. I feel the only natural way is to let time take its course and detox your body from the depo.