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tryingagain's Avatar tryingagain 09:57 AM 08-10-2006
Can you tell very early in pregnancy if you are in fact pregnant by checking your cervix? I know it is high before O and moves down lower after O, but if you conceived, would it stay high or does that take a long time to happen? I guess, in other words, my question is: Is it worth it to check your cervix after O?

pycelan's Avatar pycelan 12:25 PM 08-10-2006
Not really. The cervix will move up eventually with pregnancy. But this happens at different times for different women so it is not a reliable early sign of pregnancy. I will try and find a link...
pycelan's Avatar pycelan 12:29 PM 08-10-2006
tryingagain's Avatar tryingagain 01:19 PM 08-10-2006
Thank you for your reply. I just started checking my cervix this cycle, in the past I was never able to find it! This cycle it was clear as day. Yesterday, it was really low and hard, now today I can't even reach it (TMI, I KNOW). : Anyway, what a great looking chart you have! Looks like you have an implantation dip and spotting! Good Luck!!!!