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momz3's Avatar momz3 01:24 AM 08-18-2006
Hi guys...I'm 5dpo. ..waiting 10dpo to test..I have headaches, my face is breaking out and my boobs itch...anyone have these same symptoms?:

pixielinds's Avatar pixielinds 02:15 AM 08-18-2006
none of the above, im out of my tww, yet to get a BFP or Aunt Flo... im confused.
kJad29's Avatar kJad29 11:47 AM 08-18-2006
Well let's see. I had some suspect spotting on 7dpo. I mean it was a little bit. Then nothing on 8dpo. I had a headache about 4 dpo and some cramping and dizzyness on 6dpo. Now my cervix is high and firm. I have sticky CM which is a bit more of the norm for me, but the cervical position isn't. I've had a few hot flashes off and on in the night. I'm sleeping naked now because it's way more comfortable and easier to get the covers off when my temperature goes up. I feel more tightness on my lower abdomen lately and my BB's are starting to get more tender, but not so sore. They feel squishier than usual. I think that's about it. Remember that all early pregnancy signs are as individual as the women experiencing them. This is just me and I haven't POAS yet. I'm just going on a hunch and also the fact that most of this stuff isn't normal until AF shows up with the exception of the high firm cervix (totally NOT normal for me). I wish you all the best and lots of baby dust!!! :
momz3's Avatar momz3 12:25 PM 08-18-2006
Pixie, keep ur head up! I'm crossing my fingers for an af no show!
KJad, I'm having some of the same symptoms...except you have will power and I do not lol. I've been testing since 4dpo..and got a faint line this morning (approx 5 dpo)...I'm thinking its not an evap line being that it showed up immediately. So I'm gonna retest tomorrow w/fmu.!

Goodluck to yall
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 12:32 PM 08-18-2006
Yes, I'm itchy too. It's annoying! I've also been having some serious ovary pain the past few days and now it's gone. I wonder if it could have been implantation? I was getting worried I might have a tubal preg

I have 8 more days left until I can test.
mamasara's Avatar mamasara 12:36 PM 08-18-2006
Hi, I'm approx 6 DPO and I tested this morning and of course it was neg, I 'm driving myself crazy with this waiting! I'm almost willing my breasts to be sore just looking for a sign! Is that weird j/k
firemommaof1's Avatar firemommaof1 02:13 AM 08-19-2006
Hello to all the tww'ers...
I'm 7 dpo tomorrow! to early to test??? Havent yet cause I dont want to waste my supply.
I think I'm just looking for signs then I dont believe myself when I think I might feel something.
I have some cramping and slight uncomfortable when I sit on a hard surface? dont know what that means... I also feel bloated so that is either the mexican food or something else.
With my first son I dont remember feeling anything so I guess I'll just have to wait.
When do you all plan to test? I've heard that 12 days is good but I dont think I can wait that long.
Good luck to all
kJad29's Avatar kJad29 04:24 PM 08-19-2006
Hey firemommaof1

I wouldn't even bother with testing at this point. I broke down and tested yesterday only to get a BFN. I just couldn't wait. Basically, I took the test and box and buried it under the trash in the bathroom so DH couldn't see. He didn't want for me to test until exactly the test date (Tuesday morning) and I see why. I wasted $9.00 and I feel discouraged. So I'll just wait until the test day this time. I have some other issues, but I'm going to ask about it in a different post.
momz3's Avatar momz3 11:05 PM 08-19-2006
LOL...I'm not the only early tester. I've wasted soooo many tests. I also tested today...some where BFN..some looked as if they wanted to make a line...I don't know lol. I neeeeeeed some willpower!!! Kjad, i hide mine from my hubby, too lol. Because he's like "Why did you test? You know its too early and you'll only be dissapointed and he's right every single time.
Firemomma, 7dpo is early for some ppl and some get lucky and get a bfp early!!! BUT, your symptoms seem on point! Today, I had a bad headache and nausea with some mild tummy aches..

I hope one of us on here gets some good news soon!!!!!!!

firemommaof1's Avatar firemommaof1 12:47 AM 08-20-2006
kJad29~ Yep I did it.... errrr neg. Why do we do this to ourselves???
and I threw it in the trash... under everything... then dug it back out... still nothing :
I tried to convince myslef that it was too early but I just dont believe me!
Will this ever happen??????
I know you all feel this way but it is so hard to take!
momz3's Avatar momz3 01:13 AM 08-20-2006
Yes, we all know the feeling. It is hard...and I do the same...go dig it back out of the trash to make sure its negative. i buckled and tested yet again about 5 mins ago...saw another faint line. its one of the internet cheapies I got from I heard that those always have "something" so...I don't know...I'm hoping that I'm early in my pregnancy to wear the lines are just faint not evaps...
Yes, it probably is better for us to wait to test, but its hard not to when you're in the tww and keep getting faints. If I don't test, I'll obsess so much over it. ...: I have an appt on Tuesday with the maternal/fetal specialist...they'll probably test me anyway, there...
momz3's Avatar momz3 01:34 AM 08-22-2006
Some more symptoms I noticed (should be aroun 9dpo)

Sex drive..GONE
little twinges in my abdomen
light cramping
sore throat (may or may not be related?)
VERY tired

I hope this is it!:
firemommaof1's Avatar firemommaof1 11:09 PM 08-22-2006
momZ3~ Sounds good to me!! you already tested and got a faint line? When did you test??? I am 10 dpo and I want to test soooooo bad but I dont want a neg. and be depressed. I hear 12 is good so I am trying to wait two more days.
grniys's Avatar grniys 11:31 PM 08-22-2006
I tested yesterday at 9 DPO and got a BFN. (I used a first response early test) I wasn't going to retest until tomorrow, but I couldn't help myself! I tested tonight and got a second pink line! It's a bit lighter than the other one, but definetly there. DH wants me to retest tomorrow just to be sure.

My breasts have been sore the past few days, and I've had light cramping. I've also had headaches and been soooo tired. Of course, that could all just be other things, but I'm hoping for a BFP tomorrow!
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 12:46 AM 08-23-2006
My newest symptoms are pain in my cervix and pressure in my lower belly. I also have zero sex drive and twinges in my lower belly.
gretasmommy's Avatar gretasmommy 12:57 AM 08-23-2006
Since 3 DPO I have had cramping and right ovary pain (yep, must be a tubal pregnancy), and reeeeeeally sore breasts. Really sore. I thought i had allergy symptoms from 2DPO that lasted until 6 DPO, but I haven't ever had them before . . odd . . . .

tested today ( third time, patience is NOT my strength! First one today was very, very faintly positive - the kind of positive that you aren't really sure you are seeing so you hold it facing directly into the light, turn it on an angle, put it down, blink a few times, then start all over again kind of positive . . . the thing is, at 10 minutes there really was a very faint line that looked promising . . . about 3 hours later it was definitely there. I came home, showed my sister and she urged me to POAS again (different kind), and it was, of course, BFN.

AGGGHHHHHHH! I am touching my breasts every few minutes to reassure myself they are still tender (they are). Retest tomorrow (10 DPO)? Wait 2 days? Loose my mind in the meantime, as I have managed to convince myself that I probably won't ever ovulate again, so this really is my very last chance, ever . . .

Can you see the circular logic?!!! Thanks for hanging in there!
momz3's Avatar momz3 03:27 AM 08-23-2006
I tested @ 5dpo and *thought* I saw a fainty...not sure...tested again today at 9dpo w/FRER and bfn....and you're absolutely correct. I went to and alot of the ladies there tested negative @ 9dpo...and positive on 12+dpo. That will be Friday for me. My husband has my other test so I won't waste it lol. I'm SO bad about that.
grniys, we have some of the same symptoms! THese headaches are UNREAL! LOL.
Gretasmommy, I'd like to say "wait 2 more days" but I'd be a hypocrite I know its hard, but if you don't want to waste anymore test, 12 dpo is a good day to test. I'm having my hubby keep mine lol. I'll be 12dpo on Friday...
Jilian..cervix pain??Owieee. I don't think I'm having any of that yet...I'm hoping we're all pregnant!
em&namama's Avatar em&namama 05:12 AM 08-23-2006
a touch off topic but what are those twinges?? I don't remember having them with my 1st 2 but with my 3rd (which ended in m/c I had them almost every day). I'm also in my 2ww and felt them a couple times last week so it makes me hopeful.

I tested today 9 dpo and nothing. I use the dollar store tests which are supposed to be pretty reliable so I don't feel bad at all overtesting in my impatience. I also am not sure about ovulation just know I had lots of CM and then dried up on the 13th so I'm guessing I o'd then.
grniys's Avatar grniys 09:19 AM 08-23-2006
You can add another symptom to my list... morning sickness. I'm only 11 DPO though, so isn't it to early? The thing is I NEVER get sick to my stomach unless it's winter (1-2 months every winter I'm practically on my death bed) and I drank a little hot tea when I woke up, and the next thing I know I was getting sick.

I took another HPT today. It also came out positive. I'm just weary to believe it because the 2nd pink line is lighter than the first. The booklet that came with the HPT's said that one line may be lighter than the other, but it's still positive. The line is obviously there, it's just more of a pastel pink, while the second line (the control line) is more of a magenta.

I can't get in to the doctor until next week, so I'm going to be going crazy until then!
mamasara's Avatar mamasara 10:45 AM 08-23-2006
I am 11 DPO and I tested this morning & my dh & I see a faint line!!!! Don't want to get my hopes up too much, but on the other days I tested early it was neg!

At 7 DPO I felt twinge in lower right abdomen for 1-2 hrs and a slight backache (implantation??) then the following days my other symptoms were very full breasts, extreme fatigue and moodiness.

I guess I'll wait another day or so to re-test, but I'm getting so excited!!!!!!!!
Mom2Molly's Avatar Mom2Molly 12:22 PM 08-23-2006
momz3 - I think we are in about the same place . . . 10 DPO . . ... . .well, I di retest this am (against my own better judgement!), and it looks as though I'll need ot go and buy another box, and try, try, try to wait until Friday (12 DPO) to use them!!!

I could almost make myself believe there was a faint line, squining, at the 10 minute mark . . . . thus, BFN, really.

Hanging in there . . by a thin thread . . . .keeping my hopes up . . .
momz3's Avatar momz3 12:23 PM 08-23-2006
OMG grniys & mamasara!! This probably means yall are preggo! I should've waited longer so I wouldn't have got dissappointed lol My hubby hid the test this morning so I won't be tempted to use it so early again...I'll be testing on Friday morning (12 dpo)...hopefully I'll get ATLEAST a fainty. Are you guys gonna retest tomorrow morning? I'm soooo excited for yall...bring on the babies!:
momz3's Avatar momz3 12:37 PM 08-23-2006
OH and I noticed about 2 nights ago that my teeth ache (they did in the last pregnancy)...anyone else have achy teeth?
firemommaof1's Avatar firemommaof1 03:25 PM 08-23-2006
Ok tested thismorning 11dpo and got a bfn : Anyone think this is to early to be so dissappointed? I wanted to wait until 12-14 dpo but couldnt... I'm actually not 100% sure thats how far I am but thats when I "think" I might of O'd. Ahhhh just feeling down. I'll probably re-test in a few more days to "make sure" since I bought a two pack test!
momz3's Avatar momz3 04:13 PM 08-23-2006
Firemomma, yes its too early, don't get discouraged! I bought 2 more tests today and IMMEDIATELY gave them to Dh..he hid those as well before going back to work lol. You should do the same. Tell him DO NOT let you test before 12 dpo NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU BEG! lol..

Mom2Molly, yes wait until Friday. Wait as long as you can. I know its hard. I've wasted so many tests this cycle. ABout 20 something lol. SO we're hiding them until Friday. I'll test Friday w/fmu and continue until AF comes or I get a bfp.

More dust!
momz3's Avatar momz3 12:57 AM 08-24-2006
How can I say this? Well, we were going to pick up dog food and af came lol. : But I'm not upset or discouraged at all. When its meant to happen, it will...but ladies PLEASE keep me posted on you guys! Good luck!
grniys's Avatar grniys 02:10 AM 08-24-2006
momz3- I'm sorry! I hope you get your BFP next time!

I bought two digital hpt today. I'll take one tomorrow and one Friday. If one or both come out positive I'll go to a local clinic for a test because it's hard getting in to my doctors.

I was wondering: How do you girls keep from obsessing over taking HPT's during the 2WW? I've taken 3, and just bought 2 more! I'm going crazy... thinking about it constantly! (I was never very patient- I always peeked at my Christmas presents when I was younger )
momz3's Avatar momz3 03:43 AM 08-24-2006
there was no way for me to keep from obsessing over them! My husband hides them. I'm glad I'm stocked up for next cycle! LOL... I'm also gonna get some opks also. But you can keep yourself busy, go out, have some fun. do SOMETHING to take your mind off testing so much. Hang out with buddies, go looking at baby outlets, keep busy!
girl138's Avatar girl138 12:55 PM 08-25-2006
ugh, i have no real symptoms. i am only a few days dpo - but i already have a *feeling* that we failed this month.
momz3's Avatar momz3 02:30 PM 08-25-2006
don't feel discouraged. What makes you think you're this isn't it? did you track ovulation? OPKS? Temping?
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