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Natural ways to increase EWCM?

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03-28-2003 | Posts: 1,510
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Since I only had about 2 hrs of EWCM this cycle, and I'm Fairly sure we didn't catch it, I'm wondering if there's anything Herbal that I can do to increase the amount of EWCM that I produce? I'm on Vitex and Red Rasb. tea. Will be adding Red Clover as soon as AF starts. Will the Red Clover increase EWCM - anyone know?

thanks in advance,
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If you notice any ewcm at all, you have more of it up in your cervix, where it matters! You can try drinking more water, or grapefruit juice.
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I read in TCOYF that an expectorant only cough syrup might help increase your EWCM. It seemed to work for me this last cycle.

Good Luck!

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I've never really had EWCM, and it doesn't seem to have made a difference (perhaps I have some HIGH up?)
So I don't think you HAVE to have it.

Anyone else?

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I'm curious too, because last month it seemed like I had a lot more noticeable EWCM than this month. Wonder if the different ovaries trigger variable production of it? Apparently my right ovary is on the smaller side of average and I think that's the one that ovulated this month. hmmmmm........:

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In TCOYF, it says to take guaifenesin, but Bec is correct that it needs to be the only ingredient. TCOYF also says that you can use real egg white if you don't have enough CM on your own. My experience with that is questionable. I was on Clomid for 3 cycles, and used egg white for the first 2, without getting pregnant. The 3rd month I didn't use anything and got pregnant, and I have almost no noticable EWCM. Unfortunately, I now have a blighted ovum, so the pregnancy didn't 'stick.' But at least the egg was fertilized, so the spermies must have gotten there, even without any EWCM.

Good luck!

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I have read that baby carrots help increase EWCM... it may be an old wives tale though, not sure.
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Where are you supposed to put the baby carrots? :LOL
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