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Dea's Avatar Dea 06:28 AM 10-01-2006
Cause apparently I keep having them. I have had heaps of blood work done and everything is normal, all of my hormones are normal. My sugars are normal, my cholestoral is normal. But my temps never rise above 36.5 C which is 97.7 F, I've never had EWCM, and I've peed on more stick to check if I am ovulating that I think that I have kept Baby Hopes up and running. My OBGYN is less than enthuastic and keeps telling me to keep trying. I've finally convinced her to let me see an RE and I see one in November. I've asked before what to expect at that appointment and I got some good answers, now I want to know if anyone else has had Anovulatory cycles and how they managed to get pg.

ann109's Avatar ann109 02:49 PM 10-01-2006
Hi Dea: I don't know much about anovulatory cycles, but am curious about a few things... your age, do you have any change in temps and what they look like, have you read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and if that helped you....(if not, it has tons of info all...in one book...)

I haven't seen a RE yet, all I know is they will try to figure out the cause of your lack of ovualtion.... Your blood work was normal? Again, I don't know much about it, but seems like your blood work would be out of synch, at least during certain times.

Best wishes!
kristenok18's Avatar kristenok18 07:42 PM 10-01-2006
I tend to have anovulatory cycles, as well. I am on my first round of clomid, but I also implemented a lot of lifestyle changes over the past few months. It seems to have worked, or at least it looks that way, since I actually did ovulate on my own last cycle. My blood sugar always tests fine, too, but I've noticed on my own that I have some level of insulin resistance (just from observing how I feel after eating certain foods). I've been working very hard to balance my prot/carb intake, and I've also started exercising with both aerobic and resistance exercise. I've also tried to cut out caffeine and drink only water, decaf green tea, and rrl tea. I've implemented light therapy changes, too. I usually like to be able to see the night sky while I sleep, but I've read that exposure to too much light while we sleep can really affect our cycles. I started keeping the bedroom completely dark except cd13-17, when I leave a hall or closet light on.

I don't know if any one of these things this has helped, or if they all have had a small impact, but my avg pre-O and post-O temps are significantly higher, I have much more EWCF, and I actually had a positive OPK last cycle.


Dea's Avatar Dea 09:57 PM 10-01-2006
Ann, I just turned 29, and my temps do change a little, ranging from 35.9 to 36.5. Last month I had 3 days in a row of 36.5, but nothing else that would signify ovulation. I'll get the book and give it a read.
kristenok, I do work out, both cardio and strength training, I don't drink caffine, (I get sick when I drink it, so I never have) I didn't know that about light though. Our apartment has a lot of light and noise, I'll get some better window coverings and hopefully that can help some too. YAY thanks ladies!
scheelimama's Avatar scheelimama 07:49 AM 10-16-2006
I'm currently in the midst of my second anovulatory cycle in a row. I had a miscarriage before that. It's totally frustrating me. I'm also looking for information.
bionicsquirrel's Avatar bionicsquirrel 03:35 AM 10-18-2006
I have had anovulatory cycles since I was a teenager. We tried lots of things and recently have undergone all the testing for pcos. All normal results that have my family doc baffled. I hear this kind of story from a lot of women with similar backgrounds.

The way we conceived ds was to completely change my diet to low/healthy carbs, to get some control over what I knew was insulin resistance even though it wasn't showing up on the tests. Then I saw a homeopath who gave me a constitutional remediy (mine was pulsatilla) and within 2 months my cycles were regular and I was ovulating.

Right now, I have just started the remedy again, about a month ago and we recently dtd. I felt ovulation quite strongly and I am thinking I am pg. Still waiting to test. the Homeopathy definitely works if you can get evaluated properly for your constitutional remedy. Good luck.
MamaRabbit's Avatar MamaRabbit 04:22 AM 10-18-2006
I had them a lot up to conceiving my first. It wasn't until I cut out all meat products for over a year that I started to ovulate.

As for low temps, I've always had them low like that. Is your thyroid functioning correctly?

I was reading TCOYF last night and ran across what Weschler had to say about Hypothyroidism: unusually long cycles, low BBT, extended periods of "fertile quality" cervical fluid. She suggests dealing with nutrition first. Iodine, Vit A B C E, zinc, selenium.
Dea's Avatar Dea 05:04 AM 10-19-2006
Kannon, my thyroid is fine, I've had it checked a lot.
bionicsquirrel, I've also been tested for PCOS and it's negative...

I feel like a giant mistake some days, like I just can't do it. FF tells me that I O'ed this month, although it likes to change the days and say that I either O'ed on cd 13 or 20, so I have no clue. I"m not really convinced that I really did. But we shall wait and find out.

I see the RE soon and we shall see then.
Briannasmom's Avatar Briannasmom 05:05 AM 10-24-2006
I had a lot of anovulatory cycles before ttc #2. What worked for me - acupuncture!! Have you tried it? Seriously - I'd get the acupuncture (she knew I was ttc and so did the treatment accordingly) and even as I was sitting there "baking" (you know, sitting while the needles are in) I could actually feel crampy feelings in my ovaries.

Within 1 day of the treatment - I would get EWCM, and then the next day or so would ovulate. First month didn't conceive, second month - we DID!
Just an idea!