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massaginmommy's Avatar massaginmommy 10:17 PM 10-23-2006
so about that dream Pink. LOL Congrats!!!!

Please move me to waiting to O.

Fola my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope DH is okay.

massaginmommy's Avatar massaginmommy 10:21 PM 10-23-2006
Christy1980 I think your chart is looking good. : for you.
IamPink's Avatar IamPink 10:33 PM 10-23-2006
I don't want to sound like a bad beauty contestant, but honest to God, I could not have done this without you guys. I'm serious. I know that it will happen for us all (hasn't that been my mantra for us the whole time?!).
I feel so blessed to have spent this time with you guys.
It's time to move on, and I will see you guys in July '07 club soon.
Please move me to BFP.
*praying for you all*
DoulaClara's Avatar DoulaClara 10:35 PM 10-23-2006
: IamPink!!! I am so psyched for you! Way to go! Send some of that baby dust this way now!

Christy1980's Avatar Christy1980 10:35 PM 10-23-2006
Originally Posted by IamPink View Post
Sweet Jesus!!!!!

I just took a test and a BFP came right up!!!


DH isn't here.. he ran to take a movie back. I didn't know who else to tell, cause I don't want anyone IRL to know.

I don't even know what to think!

OMG!! I'm shaking!
Christy1980's Avatar Christy1980 10:39 PM 10-23-2006
Originally Posted by massaginmommy View Post
Christy1980 I think your chart is looking good. : for you.
Thank you! I'm just not feeling very confident. I scoured FF's database and I couldn't find any pregnancy charts that looked anything like mine, lol. I am trying to stay positive and I will definately know by Thursday b/c my LP is almost always 13 days, occasionally 14...:
2much2luv's Avatar 2much2luv 11:20 PM 10-23-2006
Congrats, IamPink!!! That's great.
QueenOfThePride's Avatar QueenOfThePride 11:39 PM 10-23-2006
Please move me to waiting to know.
mamamerle's Avatar mamamerle 11:51 PM 10-23-2006
Originally Posted by IamPink View Post
I just took a test and a BFP came right up!!!
: Woohoo! :
Babe's Avatar Babe 01:01 AM 10-24-2006
Howdy y'all. I moved right in to the tww thread and just now jumped in here. Count me in! I'm not "totally" charting but am pretty aware of my cycle, probably around 7-8 dpo and already testing....I know, I know, I know...but I can't help myself....

Luck and blessings all around:
Stacymom's Avatar Stacymom 01:02 AM 10-24-2006
Congratulations Pink!!!

So does someone want to tell me what the ^&*$@#@# is going on with my body? I'm 16 dpo, with a very clear ovulation date, a very probable implantation dip and implantation spotting, and a bfn last POASaturaday. So, I was expecting AF Saturday. Then yesterday I had some spotting, thought AF was here. Nope. Just some very mild spotting all day. This morning, I had another big temp drop- below coverline, and into my normal pre-o range. Today, nothing. No spotting, no AF.

Checked my cervix this morning, and it was so high that it was nearly unreachable, and all of my cm is clear.

So where is AF? Seriously, I know some of you were kindly holding her hostage for me, but it's okay, you can let her go..... I think it's my turn to host.

And then the addict part of me says, well, there's one more test upstairs. Should I pee on it tomorrow morning, just in case?
Fishie Kisses's Avatar Fishie Kisses 01:29 AM 10-24-2006
Stacymom and Babe---I have been testing roughly every other day since 7DPO Thank goodness for $ tests! I will be 15DPO tomorrow and still gonna test again. I'm testing til AF shows or I get a BFP GL to you ladies!!

IamPink---the other person in your DDC (mommy x 2) is my sis...she'll be great company for you!!!
Fishie Kisses's Avatar Fishie Kisses 01:38 AM 10-24-2006
Originally Posted by IamPink View Post
Sweet Jesus!!!!!

I just took a test and a BFP came right up!!!


DH isn't here.. he ran to take a movie back. I didn't know who else to tell, cause I don't want anyone IRL to know.

I don't even know what to think!

OMG!! I'm shaking!
I'm curious....were you 13 or 14DPO today??? Did you test with POASaturday???
twilight girl's Avatar twilight girl 01:41 AM 10-24-2006
Congratulations Pink!!!

Things are still very wonky here with me. Still spotting and passing clots, so I believe my disappearing positive of two weeks ago, is only just now disappearing for good. In other words, I think this is the finishing up of m/c #2. That must be the reason they tell you not to TTC again right away after a m/c I'm fine, though, just annoyed at this point. I thought I was gearing up to O, and instead I was just gearing up to clean out my uterus.

Please move me to waiting to be ready. I will still : and see what's up with all of you, and I will hoping for the best for you all. But, obviously I need to take a cycle or two off, and DH can't even talk about TTC right now. So ... I hope to come back to the thread in the new year possibly. I also hope not to recognize anyone when I get back
mosesface's Avatar mosesface 02:13 AM 10-24-2006
congratulations!! oh, how exciting!!

now if only i could ovulate.
i'm trying my best to keep my focus on loosing weight and researching dogs. i've even put away my baby name list and replaced it with a dog name list. it's fun because all the rejected baby names end up on the dog name list. my dh especially likes this least he gets to name something "poncho".

but no matter what else i try to give all my energy and attention to, i can't help but think about babies....and whether or not i will ever have one. sometimes i think maybe i really will just be this phenomenally fit dog owner with an astoundingly clean house and dozens and dozens of hand embroidered dinner napkins. cause that's what's gonna happen if my ovaries don't get their act together.


what's wrong with my body? why doesn't it want to make a baby as badly as i do?
jannyjo's Avatar jannyjo 03:05 AM 10-24-2006
Congrats Pink :
A for you and I hope you have a H&H pregnancy.
oceanmommy's Avatar oceanmommy 04:03 AM 10-24-2006
Yay ! Congrats Pink !
: : : :

Judi I hope your month or two of healing are peaceful.
tatermom's Avatar tatermom 04:28 AM 10-24-2006
Congratulations, IamPink!

Please move me to 2ww, since I think I o'd over the weekend (monitoring CM only, not temping). :
Jezzy's Avatar Jezzy 05:40 AM 10-24-2006
IamPink Congratulations!!! : :
hazieluna's Avatar hazieluna 07:53 AM 10-24-2006
Congratulations IamPink!!! Finally some good news!
IamPink's Avatar IamPink 09:37 AM 10-24-2006
Originally Posted by Fishie Kisses View Post
I'm curious....were you 13 or 14DPO today??? Did you test with POASaturday???
I was 14DPO and tested in the evening after holding it in for about 5 hours. I did do POAS Saturday and it was negative.. the same - that I had last Thursday!

I took another one this morning (to make sure it wasn't a fluke) and it is + for sure.

Thank you guys so much for the well wishes!! :
frog's Avatar frog 09:55 AM 10-24-2006
MamaSweetP's Avatar MamaSweetP 10:26 AM 10-24-2006
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Pink!!!!!
Taradactyl3's Avatar Taradactyl3 10:46 AM 10-24-2006
Congrats IamPink!!!! So happy for you!

~MoonGypsy~'s Avatar ~MoonGypsy~ 11:05 AM 10-24-2006
Woohoo! Yay Pink!!

/does a little happy dance for you.
Fishie Kisses's Avatar Fishie Kisses 11:56 AM 10-24-2006
Well, BFN at 15DPO. I'm becoming less and less hopeful as my start date approaches. I am actually beginning to wonder if I even O'd at all. I was certain I did, but no signs of AF even showing, and still BFNs. Maybe I just Od late??? AAAHHH!!!!
mamabearsoblessed's Avatar mamabearsoblessed 12:13 PM 10-24-2006
Many Fola and many, many prayers for quick and complete healing for your dh. :
Christy1980's Avatar Christy1980 12:25 PM 10-24-2006
another BFN for me today @ 11DPO, (also 3 days past that big dip i had).

hazeleyes's Avatar hazeleyes 12:26 PM 10-24-2006
Congratulations IamPink!
mamabearsoblessed's Avatar mamabearsoblessed 12:33 PM 10-24-2006
Iampink~~~~~~~Yippeee!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

froglots of strong to you and turtle.

Jezzy~ I have a really good feeling for you this cycle!!!! : :

mosesface~ lots of for you today. I wish my body wanted this as badly as the rest of me too.

twilightgirlhoping for time of healing and peace to you. I know how hard it is and I'm so sorry.

to the newbies~~ hope you're outta here soon

stacymom: this wonky cycle is the one and you'll know very soon.

as for me this is my first unmedicated cyle since my last m/c in May. I am expected at my re's on thurs for preop and then fri at 6am for a hysteroscopy and biopsy: . BUT today is cd 15 and I've been getting strong pos on my opk and had some twinges yest and my temp is holding steady (as it does before my o jump), and have been boinking like rabbits: so even though I don't o on my own I'm praying the last 3 mos of meds maybe are helping me do it this month too. My midwife will lemme do a blooddreaw to check for prog at 7 dpo, she is so great she is an amazing support . I'm thinking of being "too sick" to go under on friday for the surgery: : . If it were scheduled about day 7 of my cycle like it was supposed to (but conflict at the hospital) I would be willing to give up the cycle for the procedure, but seeing as its scheduled this week and I will : be 2 dpo and it may be the cycle that I making sense? or have I completely lost it?



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