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Beutyful's Avatar Beutyful 01:17 PM 11-09-2006
Well 11DPO today and have no idea whats happening boobs are tender and my appetite is normal......still a bit skeptical about this month but you never know right? Good luck and blessings to all you ladies

pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 01:51 PM 11-09-2006
Ok ladies....I've been pouring over my charts and noticing a common thread and I'm wondering what y'all think. At the beginning of every cycle my temps are still rather high - below last cycle's coverline and ultimately above the current cycle's coverline as well. Anyone had anything like this? Abnormal? My charts never look as nice as the ones in the book. I was thinking about putting them in FF so I can link them here. If I do that, I'll let you know...
ELKMama's Avatar ELKMama 01:55 PM 11-09-2006
Originally Posted by funnygrace View Post
And why are you "ELKMama" do you live around a lot of Elk? Do you love Elk? I'm just curious. I'm curious about many people's mdc names... Mine is what my first and middle names mean. I didn't think about it much. I didn't think I'd post more than once or twice. And now every time I see it (430 posts later) I wonder what I was thinking! Oh well!
I live in the middle of a Midwestern city - no elk around - and I think elk look pretty darn funny! Elk was a childhood nickname, which my dad and sis still call me sometimes. I agree that it seemed like a good idea when I started and now I'm not thrilled with it, but no big deal.

Thanks for all the info on progesterone, funnygrace, oceanmommy, ChristyM, HopesMom, and greenegirl. I saw the Pro-Gest at the coop, oceanmommy, and thought it might be worth a try. Greenegirl - I think going from 7ish days LP to 10 days before spotting and 12 before af starts in earnest sounds like great progress! Your description of your period this month (3 days spotting, 1-2 flow, 1 spotting) matches mine but I think it is great that the spotting is starting later than it did for you. So I will definitely bring this up again and push the OB on it.

Hopesmom (and punquin) - Does it help to know the anxiety is normal? I had a good friend who got pg in August and was convinced it wasn't going to "take" because her symptoms weren't very strong. By early September, the morning sickness and fatigue had hit her like a truck and you couldn't convince her that she'd actually been eager for those symptoms a month before! And she was that anxious without having a long ttc journey or any mc...

SarahJen - Be gentle with yourself... Hopefully dh will know that you're doing your best. When I mc, I was all about *my* feelings and they came out when they came out - including in the middle of meetings, doc appointments, etc! It took me a couple weeks to be able to really attend to dh who, after all, had not had his body transformed and then un-transformed in this pursuit. DH was very disappointed but also pretty matter-of-fact and luckily knew to let me be the center of attention for a while!
dctexan's Avatar dctexan 01:56 PM 11-09-2006
pampered_mom: do you mean that they are higher during AF or after AF stops? Mine are high (around coverline) during AF (although they can be pretty erratic at this time too) and for about 2-3 days after AF. I don't know if this is normal for everyone, or if it is a sign of anything being wrong, but that is what happens with me. I am also a late Oer. I usually do not O until CD16 or later and I have a 28-33 day cycle (30 days average).
ItyBty's Avatar ItyBty 02:14 PM 11-09-2006
funnygrace - It's funny, I always liked your MDC name - it makes me smile.

hopesmom - are you still temping and charting? Also, would another BFP help you? I know if it was me and I didn't "feel" pregnant, I'd just POAS again to see that reassuring little +

sarahjen - I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday. :

Well DH is home today, and so when I woke up I heard water running, and sadly (this proves I'm so not a morning person ) my first thought when I heard water running downstairs was not, "dh must be doing laundry..." but rather, "OMG! The cat finally figured out how to work around not having opposable thumbs! Oh no!" (in my defense, this cat is extremely smart! He knows how to open the front door, he just can't. on account of that whole thumb thing...) Lets not even start on how I was laying in bed, half awake, rubbing kitty's belly at the moment I thought that. : I swear, I have blonde in me somewhere.

Another happy/weird/woowoo moment - DH handed me yesterdays paper, that he brought home for me to read an article, and my horoscope for this week is "Happiness is a matter of focus. Find a source of joy and center yourself on that exclusively. Your problems don't need talk and scrutiny. Ignore tham for a while and they may just go away." Whoa. Thats pretty cool, huh?

Ok - enough about me. Everybody have a good day - it's all sunshiney here, and DH is home so we're gonna get some house stuff done. I hope.
lilyflower's Avatar lilyflower 02:32 PM 11-09-2006
SarahJen I am so sorry for what you are going through. It is true, DH does need to give you this time. His grieving is felt in a completely different way than yours, which includes your entire body, hormones, and emotions. I am sure he will understand, if not now, eventually. I think the delayed reaction is probably a protection mechanism for you to help you get through this slowly, because otherwise the feelings would just be much too intense. I hope you were able to release some yesterday and that you are feeling a bit better today.

Punquin and Hopesmom - I did not even know I was pregnant for several months with both children. I think I must have had some spotting or something to make me think I had my period. I felt totally fine. No sore boobs or anything. I only began to feel tiredness toward the third month when I found out. So I think everyone is different, and every pregnancy is different from each other as well. I hope you will be able to enjoy this time and not feel too anxious.

It has been interesting reading all of your posts about the egg quality issue. I really appreciate all of the comments. My DH says if you look for something on the internet you are sure to find it, whether good or bad. So I was able to find all kinds of stuff when searching for "poor quality egg," etc. I think I am over-thinking, which is probably why I have yet to ovulate!
I am wondering if Vitex did something to cause a change? Or the three days I took Metformin. Anyway, it is a long wait for this O and I am just settling in for a long wait for my AF.

About progesterone, my doctor told me that I would start Clomid, and then call her if I were to become pregnant and we would possibly start progesterone at that time. I am wondering if I should be taking it after ovulation. I may get some of that Progest. Funnygrace, that is good you were on top of the dosage, as a friend of mine had pretty bad problems after being given too high a dosage of progesterone. It does take research on the part of the patient in dealing with doctors. That is true! They are definitely not perfect.

ItyBty, I hope you are hanging in there. I am wondering where you are at. I wanted to be cycle buddies, but my ovulation is making be fall behind everyone I think! :
pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 04:32 PM 11-09-2006
Originally Posted by dctexan View Post
pampered_mom: do you mean that they are higher during AF or after AF stops? Mine are high (around coverline) during AF (although they can be pretty erratic at this time too) and for about 2-3 days after AF. I don't know if this is normal for everyone, or if it is a sign of anything being wrong, but that is what happens with me. I am also a late Oer. I usually do not O until CD16 or later and I have a 28-33 day cycle (30 days average).
That actually sounds about right for me. They're very erratic pre-ovulation. I didn't know if it was normal or not. Hmm...
lilyflower's Avatar lilyflower 04:40 PM 11-09-2006
Pampered mom: My temp also stays high through AF (if that is what you mean).
HopesMom's Avatar HopesMom 06:57 PM 11-09-2006
Originally Posted by ItyBty View Post
hopesmom - are you still temping and charting? Also, would another BFP help you? I know if it was me and I didn't "feel" pregnant, I'd just POAS again to see that reassuring little +

Yeah, well I did have an HCG test and my levels were very high, so that should reassure me. But what it actually did was make me realize that were I to mc it would take a long time for the HCG levels to fall below HPT level. Did I mention I'm a mess?

Thanks for all the support mamas.
pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 07:47 PM 11-09-2006
Ok...I think I've done it. I printed out my charts in Ovusoft and entered them into FF. I must admit it was a little bit depressing b/c there were a couple of times where we had very good timing and of course no results as we're still ttc. After June's cycle is where things started to become more discouraging and so me actually remembering to chart was much more sporadic. Anyways...would appreciate you taking a gander and letting me know what you think. Any thoughts will be considered and greatly appreciated. should be interesting to note that ovusoft didn't show me ovulating for cycle 2, but FF did. FF also gave a different o date for cycle 3 and imo was a much better choice than ovusoft's was. This current cycle has been very discouraging as ovusoft indicates ovulation on cd27 and FF has not given crosshairs. Ovusoft predicts that af will arrive on Monday so I guess it will be anyone's guess.
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 07:48 PM 11-09-2006
Hi all...

I need to complain real quick...all day today...I have had these weird twinges/pains in my ovaries...both sides...and it's freaking uncomfortable...but I did have a GYN visit today...I don't have any cysts, and I O'd already...WTF is going on with my damn body????
lilyflower's Avatar lilyflower 09:29 PM 11-09-2006
Oh where has my LH gone???
ELKMama's Avatar ELKMama 09:37 PM 11-09-2006
Lilyflower, I was staring at your chart and noticed that last month (which is the only with CM showing) you had 5 days of EWCM. And you've only got 2 so far... So don't give up hope yet!

Tenk, hope you're more comfortable now. No idea what it might be, except annoying!
Racecar's Avatar Racecar 10:07 PM 11-09-2006
I'm on CD24 and remaining as mellow as I possibly can. This weekend I am acting as an advisor (chaperone) at a youth (teen) conference (sleepover/lock-in). This should keep my mind off of the potentially excrutiating last few days of the 2 week wait!

I've been thinking a lot about where we should go from here if this month isn't the one. We've been trying since October...well November really since that was the first month after my dh's surgery that we were given the "green light" to go ahead and have sex. And that month it worked for us! But then I miscarried in December. So I guess my year anniversary is really November rather than October. It doesn't make that much difference, I know! I need to figure out how to get an ob-gyn appt. (I think I just need to get on a new-patient list and wait forever until they can see me. Last time I attempted this it was 4-5 months wait time!) Then I need to press for an HSG and hope that is does the fabled clearing of the pipes, as it were. I have already been in for an ultrasound and they didn't find anything funky on my ovaries via that process. It was an external US though. Maybe if I had the dildocam it would have showed something different? I didn't think it worked that way. I don't know. I'm ready for an HSG, I'm ready for Clomid, I would even do IUI's but I think that might be my dh's line in the sand. We'll have to see.
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 10:42 PM 11-09-2006
ELK thanks for asking...I actually don't feel better...but I did find out today that our insurance Tricare actually will cover an RE visit or more and almost all fertility that's great news for us. And DH sounded excited even when I told him about it tonight. I do have enough for 2 more months of 100mg of Clomid too.

Racecar this cycle is so not over yet, and it has tons of potential to be perfect for you...don't give up hope just yet

Tricia & Stephanie I hope you ladies get the symptoms that you want and NOT the ones you don't...and I bet you already have the "Glow" that pregnant women've never had that...hehe...but I see lot's of beautiful women that do get it
HopesMom's Avatar HopesMom 10:46 PM 11-09-2006
Originally Posted by Tenk View Post
Hi all...

I need to complain real quick...all day today...I have had these weird twinges/pains in my ovaries...both sides...and it's freaking uncomfortable...but I did have a GYN visit today...I don't have any cysts, and I O'd already...WTF is going on with my damn body????
Tenk- one of the side effects of clomid is lots of cramping during the luteal phase. Both cycles I felt it... it was considerably worse during 6-9 DPO this last cycle... the one I got pregnant.
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 12:16 AM 11-10-2006
Originally Posted by HopesMom View Post
Tenk- one of the side effects of clomid is lots of cramping during the luteal phase. Both cycles I felt it... it was considerably worse during 6-9 DPO this last cycle... the one I got pregnant.
OH yea!!! There is some small glimmer of hope out pun intended hehehe
oceanmommy's Avatar oceanmommy 05:41 AM 11-10-2006
Stephanie and Tricia, it is good to hear from you. When I was pg with dd I remember feeling pretty much nothing until like 6-7 wks. I thought maybe I had only hallucinated that I was pg from the stress of ttc, seriously. I hope you both get just enough symptoms to feel comfortable with your pregnancies being well established.

ItyBty I have a cat like that... he is very crafty and I've seen him put his paws on the doorknob and try to turn it. no joke ! His paws and claws just slide over the metal though, its kinda funny and a little sad for him. He gets so angry that it doesn't work for him.

Pampered Mom, I wanted to say that my temps are higher/erratic during AF. Sometimes I barely get the 6 lower, pre-O temps I need for the coverline. I think it just takes time to clear the body out from old hormones, and maybe for the estrogen to start kicking in. I do feel like the vitex has contributed to my temps being less erratic overall.

Tenk I hope you are feeling better by now. When you saw your GYN did you tell him/her about taking clomid and what did they say ? Just curious, every dr seems to have their own take on it.
That is awesome that your insurance covers in/fertility. I think if mine did that I'd be so happy I'd grow wings and fly out the window

Lilyflower Good luck getting your LH surge soon. That is so difficult to wait for something like that which you cannot control (welcome to my life, right ? ). Wouldn't it be great if we could voluntarily control all ths stuff ?

Racecar, I hear you on doing whatever needs to be done at this point. I hope you get your appt soon and that you leave it feeling hopeful and empowered. Personally, I put off seeing the dr for quite a while, but felt a lot better after I went. I felt like I could see a path in front of me instead of walking in the dark.

Funnygrace how is your 2ww going ? :

I am on cd 6 of cycle # 16 ttc. How depressing is that ? I alternate trying not to care too much and having faith that it will happen for us eventually, with patches of feeling devastated. The waiting is so hard. I want a chance every day, not just once a month.
ChristyM26's Avatar ChristyM26 11:27 AM 11-10-2006
pampered_mom - It's really hard to tell what's going on because there's so little data in the last few months. Judging from the general positions of the temps that are there - there are definitly higher and lower temps but you can't see where you o'd because you didn't temp those days. I don't know much about OvuSoft - I tried using it at first but had awful luck with it. The program was confusing me so I went to FF. Granted FF is still confusing but at least I know how to change things like data if I want to. FWIW my temps always stay high for the first few days of af. Then again, we haven't actully established I'm ovulating so you may not want to take my word on that one.

4 more days of Provera, and then a week and I go back to my doctor to see what she says. Here's hoping she says Clomid.
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 12:30 PM 11-10-2006
Ocean well I did tell my GYN that I had obtained Clomid from the net and took it...he did state that, that was not my finest hour, and I should be careful. I then described the packaging and the fact that the ingredients were listed, as well as MG, expiration date, manufacturer, and that it was in a blister pack. He said sounded ligit. He then stated "why don't you just see one of our RE's? I said I wasn't aware Tricare covered that...but they do just not IVF. So there you have it, and I feel tons better BTW thank you for asking. I had some wicked crazy dreams last night, that scared the crap out of me. I litterally woke up terrified from them...then when I hit snooze (duh) I went right back into the damn dream.

Ok ladies...I hope that everyone gets the surge, or BFP, or low key day that they may be longing for!!!
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 02:01 PM 11-10-2006
Ok now my ovaries are twinging again...not painful...but they are doing something in there....does anyone know what they are actually doing at 5dpo? I'm not O'ing's just weird to me. Hopesmom any ideas? I have some wicked freakin heart burn from the damn yogurt I ate for breakfast too...I have that more since we've been trying (7 months) that I've ever had other than pregnancy of course.

Ok Question for everyone....what is the day 21 progestrone test for? I had it yesterday, but don't know what it actually tells??? What should it be at? What if it's really high...what does that mean?
funnygrace's Avatar funnygrace 03:55 PM 11-10-2006

Tenk--I can fill in part of the story. I know that in an unmedicated cycle they like to see progesterone levels of over 10 at 7dpo/CD21. My level was around 8.X (I forget), which is why I decided to take progesterone. Remember though that your cycle is medicated. The Clomid likely gave you a super robust ovulation and possibly multiple ovulation that will result in a strong corpus luteum and therefore a higher progesterone level than you would normally have. But since you told your MD about the clomid, it sounds like that will be factored into reading the numbers. From what I understand, you would normally do the 21-day test before deciding whether or not to go on Clomid. I think that a Dr. might request it to monitor you on Clomid, but in this case you requested it. So, maybe someone who has been on Clomid will have more info on what might be learned from a 21-day test on Clomid.

Pampered Mom--Before I was on Prometrium, my temp would drop with CD1 to near it's lowest level. It sometimes dropped a bit more the day of ovulation. Now on Prometrium, I have about 4 or 5 days of highish temps at the beginning of my cycle and then it drops down to normal pre-O levels. I understand that it is just the progesterone clearing my body. I am amazed that I bleed when they are higher though.

I am feeling nothing. No PMS, no cramping (had some about 2-3 days ago), no nipple/breast pain. I do have a slight sore throat like a cold is threatening. And maybe I feel slightly cross, but that's the ttc. I feel not pregnant and not about to get my period. Tomorrow is 14 dpo. I think it will be another neg. And my dr. won't give me betas until a confirmed poas. I don't know why. So I have to trust the pee stick and stop the Prometrium if it is negative so I can get my period. This makes me a little : But I'll just have to trust it I guess. I think pee tests are fairly sensitive and accurate at 14dpo.
lilyflower's Avatar lilyflower 04:02 PM 11-10-2006
Wow Funnygrace your chart is so great, when are you going to POAS? I will wait to see!!! :

Yeah I could see that causing a bit of frustration and anxiety having to trust the stick for stopping Prometrium.
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 05:04 PM 11-10-2006
Funny thank you for the delima is worse (it's not really bad) I would have only been 6dpo if I O'd on the first day of my +++ OPK, and I had a +++ OPK for the morning of the 15th thru the late evening of the like 65 hours it was If I was only 4 dpo then that might have skewed my results...right???

It was 15 on the results.

Funny your charts look awesome!!!
HopesMom's Avatar HopesMom 05:11 PM 11-10-2006
Tenk- Its still early. You are going to feel lots of "stuff" going on down there each cycle. I have no idea why, but I've read and heard its very common during clomid cycles. A CD21 progesterone can be a way of telling for sure if you've ovulated (if you hadn't your progesterone would be very low).
One of the things I disliked so much about clomid is that I had to ignore my body. TTC, in general, had already set up a fairly antagonistic, mistrustful relationshop with my psyche and my body... and clomid made it worse. I just couldn't trust ANYTHING I thought my body was telling me.
I'm still routing for you!
allisonrose's Avatar allisonrose 05:32 PM 11-10-2006
Tenk - With a medicated cycle, doctors typically want to see over 15 for progesterone. But it is most reliable if you get the blood draw on 7 DPO. It confirms that you ovulated and also lets the doctor knows whether your body is making enough progesterone to support a pregnancy. A link to normal hormone levels if you feel like obsessing:

Right now I'm with lilyflower - waiting for an LH surge that I thought would show up by now. I had hoped I'd ovulate yesterday - nope. My FM registered only as "high" again this morning. I'm kinda hoping that I maybe missed the main peak of it last night and will ovulate today. My hubby left to go visit his parents. He has to help them plan their vow renewal ceremony in January. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll O today or early tomorrow. We hopefully got tons of swimmers up there just waiting. :
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 06:46 PM 11-10-2006
Thank you ladies for all the feed back in this. I'm ok with what the level was at and I am sure as sure gets that it was a day and maybe 3 days too early for a 7dpo test. So I think that 15 was a great number for then.

Did I say I hate freakin waiting....:

It's making me nutz.....

Allison & Lilly I hope you get your surge soon!

Everyone else, thanks for all the advice here!!!
pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 08:36 PM 11-10-2006
cd1 here and for the first time in a long time I couldn't be happier that this cycle was over with. I guess part of my relief is that I know I missed my chance and had pretty much zero chance this month and now we can start again! Sheesh!

ETA - I'm actually pretty impressed with FF as it predicted AF spot on!
ItyBty's Avatar ItyBty 04:08 AM 11-11-2006
CD21 here and I dunno if I O-d or not yet. Also, a cervical position question for those of you that keep track of that. I *think* I might have O'd yesterday, maybe the day before, but I put my cervical position on FF as medium, because while it wasn't firm (like my nose, thanks TCOYF!) it wasn't quite soft (like my lips, according to TCOYF) but rather somewhere in the middle. Well, I think. I mean, other than the TCOYF measurement of "like your lips" what should I be looking for? Any hints, tips or tricks? Or is this another, "you just gotta keep checking, and figure it out for yourself" things?
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 11:32 AM 11-11-2006
Pampered Good for you! I'm happy that AF showed up since that's what you wanted!

ItyBty YEA!!! I'm so glad you think you O'd...I don't have any suggestions for you about the cervical positioning...I did feel mine this cycle and it appeared to be open and I could feel it as long as I was pushing down. And it was around O time (+++ OPK that is). Good for you tho!!!

Funny I can't wait to hear from you....I bet your temps today look great?!?!?
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