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mamaMAMAma's Avatar mamaMAMAma 11:06 PM 04-26-2003
I've been reading the april2ww thread and someone there had a faint BFP but a blood test thats negative! I tested twice, both positive (but the positive line is definitely a couple shades lighter than the standard line). My doc's office doesn't do blood test!!! so now I'm wondering if I'm really pregnant. I only had 1 af after baby (30 months) and then bd on cd27 and I'm now on cd43. We are thrilled that I got pregnant right away, but now I'm worried that I might not be . We're going in for our ultrasound in 2 1/2 weeks. How likely is it that the pregnancy test is wrong?

SpringRain's Avatar SpringRain 01:39 AM 04-27-2003
mamaMAMAma - in my experience, a positive is always a positive. If someone gets a positive HPT that means that there is HCG in the urine. Sometimes a woman will get a positive and then af will show up. What that means is that it was a chemical, the hormones were present but no baby. With a chem pregnancy, af usually starts about when it normally would. If you haven't seen any sign of her's a really good bet that you are indeed pregnant. That is the down side of early pregnancy testing. Before we could test so early, a woman wouldn't have know about a chem pregnancy.

alexa07's Avatar alexa07 12:22 PM 04-27-2003
Sometimes when someone says "a very, very faint" line its more wishing than true (no offense, I've seen lines that were not there just based on wanting it.) If its a clear line (even if lighter than test line) you can be sure its a pregnancy.
coleslaw's Avatar coleslaw 02:39 PM 04-27-2003
I think if you tested with a reputable HPT, then you can believe the results. Congratulations!!!!
frogertgrl's Avatar frogertgrl 02:54 PM 04-27-2003
Originally posted by alexa07
Sometimes when someone says "a very, very faint" line its more wishing than true (no offense, I've seen lines that were not there just based on wanting it.)
that is for sure!! the wanting-to-be-pregnant mind can create all sorts of hallucinations. No offense intended here at all, speaking generally.

IMO, 'very, very faint' lines are so subjective and no one is looking at it except for the woman telling the tale so there is no way to verify it. A blood test is the gold standard for determining pregnancy (aside from ultrasound) so if someone gets a negative blood test and they are enough days past ovulation, then it is so incredibly unlikely they are pregnant.

Blood tests detect hcg at much greater sensitivity than even the most sensitive hpt.

Good luck and keep us posted, if you don't mind! Sounds like you got more than 'very, very faint' line that you read another person wrote about. You sound pregnant!
jenn s's Avatar jenn s 04:55 PM 04-27-2003
I had a false ++ Hpt a few years ago. My beta was clearly negative. It was odd b/c at the same time I had a +++ Hpt I had a +++OPK, don't know what possessed me to test with an OPK. Anyway what happened was I O'd really late in my cycle, my LH was thru the roof. Odd..

Anyway if you used a good test, and maybe of two different brands, if they are both clearly positive then I say congrats. I think it's always best IMO to test with tow different tests
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 05:41 PM 04-27-2003
I agree that the wanting to be pg mind can trick has me a couple times

But it IS POSSIBLE to have false positives. There is a disorder...of the pituitary galnd that produces the hcg hormone....where your body will release hcg before af is to start and in some cases it is enough to show bfp on a n hpt. Weird but true......I think if you test with a reputable test then go with it...and I think this disorder only gives faint positives.....I'll find the name but it escapes me right now.....
bloodrayne's Avatar bloodrayne 07:17 PM 04-27-2003

We had tried for so long to get pregnant, that when I thought I might be I did NOT want to test b/c I didn't want it to be negative.
So I waited a long time to test, thinking that surely AF would show up.

Then I got this:

Now, in the picture it definitely is a positive, BUT I promise you that IRL, that line was BARELY visible. I was completely confused. Is that a positive, or isn't it? Did I wait too long to look at it? I had read somewhere that ovarian cysts can cause a false positive, and I have PCOS, so I was terrified that it was just cysts popping up again.

I tested again and got the same exact results.

Finally someone said to me, a line is a line is a line. So I scheduled a test at a doctor's office. It was positive, and I was already at 10 weeks!

And now here I am just about to pop!

The truth is, those tests aren't perfect and they don't work the same for everyone. I was already 10 weeks and figured the line should be pretty obvious. I know another girl who kept testing all throughout her pregnancy and never got anything but a faint line.

The best thing you can do is get a blood test.
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 08:10 PM 04-27-2003
Here is an idea.....our local hospital will do what is called a "direct access lab test" Where they will do a serum (blood) test for 15.00 which is about the same cost as a hpt and MUCH more reliable. They won't involve your insurance company either....this is what I"ll be doing from now on....then I won't be tempted to waste money before its posible to have an accurate result!
mamaMAMAma's Avatar mamaMAMAma 09:21 PM 04-28-2003
Thanks for everyone who responded. I'm going to call my family doctor (instead of my OB) to see if they will do a blood test for me there. I used EPT preg test twice. If they won't do the test for me, I'll get another brand test. Otherwise, I guess I'll just wait my 2 1/2 weeks for the ultrasound. I'll keep fingers crossed and everyone posted.
mamaMAMAma's Avatar mamaMAMAma 05:55 PM 04-29-2003
I called up my family doc yesterday and he ordered a urine test at the clinic. He says the urine test is as accurate as the blood test. I got the results this morning, and its positive! Now, I'm onto waiting for the first ultra-sound in two weeks. Even though I haven't been on this board too long, this has been a very supportive and caring board. Thanks everyone. Good luck and ...
jenn s's Avatar jenn s 07:24 PM 04-29-2003