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jenn s's Avatar jenn s 05:09 PM 05-01-2003
and if you have other children how long did you TTC to get PG with them??

I'm on cycle 4
It took 13 cycles to get PG with DD (plus Clomid/IUI)

dharmama's Avatar dharmama 05:23 PM 05-01-2003
We’re on cycle 5 TTC #1. Hoping this cycle is "the one."

Good luck to you!!!!!!!


adinal's Avatar adinal 06:57 PM 05-01-2003
Since March of 2002...which is only 11 cycles - because I have psycho long cycles.

This is third one on Clomid.
Astrid's Avatar Astrid 07:03 PM 05-01-2003
We are ttc #2 and we are on cycle 5 or 6 : but not all in a row since dh was 2 provinces away for a couple of months in between. Im not sure how many times we were together at o.

#1 was conceived first try.
naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 07:38 PM 05-01-2003
We have been ttc for 5 cycles now. Soon I will know if we will be moving on to 6. I am very envious of those who conceived first try!

Adina I really hope you graduate soon. We will all really miss you but are pulling for you to move on.

Good luck with everyone else ttc. We need more good mamas in this world.
snugglebutter's Avatar snugglebutter 11:09 PM 05-01-2003
We've been TTC #1 for 10 cycles. I had some physical issues (LONG story) that are finally going away. So now I kind of feel like this is our first true TTC cycle!

Oceanone's Avatar Oceanone 11:25 PM 05-01-2003
Oooh, Sara, that sounds exciting! Good luck

We are TTC #2. This is the 7th month for us. A couple of those were not serious. It was more like let's not bother about bc and just see what happens. Then it became clear that nothing was happening and so we tried harder with the timing. Now, if this one doesn't work I'm going to try to fit temping into my wacky excuse for a sleep cycle (nursing/ co-sleeping). Well, it's not that long really compared to others. It's just a bit surprising to me as DS took 3 months and that third one we got serious and bam! positive pregnancy test....
karenpl's Avatar karenpl 12:27 AM 05-02-2003
Have been trying actively for this one since Sept 2001, way too long, with way too many losses :-(

Usually it takes us a few months (min 1 mo, max 6mo) to get pregnant, so this is new. And I am not enjoying it at all!!!

I am hoping that taking out the stupid fibroid will have fixed me, and that maybe I finally will be pregnant with a keeper soon!!!!!!!

TerrBear's Avatar TerrBear 01:06 AM 05-02-2003
This is our first cycle. Waiting to O, but I'm still bfd'ing. It took 18 months to conceive Emma with an IUI and injectibles.
brooklynn1's Avatar brooklynn1 12:21 PM 05-02-2003
Hi Jenn,

hoping to see a plus after 3 years very soon
Katia's Avatar Katia 08:27 PM 05-02-2003
Pardon my ignorance, but what is Clomid?

Hoping all of us are blessed with baby dust.
adinal's Avatar adinal 08:59 PM 05-02-2003
Clomid is the brand name of clomiphene citrate.
It is a medication used for women who have really irregular cycles, or don't ovulate.
It works by blocking the brain's receptors of hormones, namely, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Thus, your brain thinks you aren't making any and decided to make more. Which jump starts all your systems and makes you ovulate.

Men can also take it to increase sperm amount. (we just found that out!)

A woman can only use it for 6-7 months in a row, because it hyper stimulates your ovaries, which makes you more prone to cysts.
Katia's Avatar Katia 09:13 PM 05-02-2003
Thanks for the explanation AdinaL. I am glad to know that in case I reach the point of asking my doctor for help. I have also seen Vitex mentioned a lot.
lucina3's Avatar lucina3 10:16 PM 05-02-2003
We have been TTC for 11 months.

I had my 3 daughters with my ex-husband. Oldest was a "made it through 2 forms of birth control" surprise, with middlest it took 2 months to get pregnant and with youngest it took a month.
naotalba's Avatar naotalba 06:01 PM 05-03-2003
This is my13th cycle trying, over the course of 1 year 10 months (3 months off on birth control, 5 months off due to m/c and recovery).
Mamma By The Bay's Avatar Mamma By The Bay 02:48 PM 05-07-2003
We are on cycle number 64 ttc. Yes, that's over five years. Secondary intfertility. We have a dd that turned five in January. We had plans for a van full of kids by now, but apparently that wasn't God's plan. So, we just keep plugging along. We are currently seeing a doctor a John Hopkins. I believe we are in good hands, so we'll see.

By the way, anyone want to buy a van?
bamboogrrrl's Avatar bamboogrrrl 03:09 PM 05-07-2003
12 months, most of which were rendered ineffective because I had a uterine polyp I didn't know about. It was removed in November, so here we are...
Jodie's Avatar Jodie 11:48 PM 05-07-2003
We have been actively TTC#1 for 10 months. Six of those were anovulatory. So this is our 4th try.