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jillybeans's Avatar jillybeans 05:13 PM 01-02-2007
aimee: It is true that nursing affects O, but not necessarily the date. A short luteal phase(or any luteal phase) is determined by the follicular phase(pre-O) if you have a "weak" foll. phase, which nursing can do as it affects the hormones there, you can have a short luteal phase. For me, both nursing and not nursing affect my luteal phase! It's very very common while nursing, and there are a million different ideas of what works. Personally, i've tried it all(except soy, which is rather new) B6 didn't work for me. But i know many women where it has. I recommend that you spend a good amount of time researching herbal remedies for short luteal phase or luteal phase defect. Tryingtoconceive.com has some good resources. Vitex is one that helps many women, but it can take up to six months to work. I'll try to pull up some more links when my brain hurts less. So sorry hon! But great attitude!

Sarah, thanks for being my cyber-cheerleader, i really need one! I did notice a TINY bit of ewcm around the cervix, which is all it takes(i know because i have dd!) but it still makes me very nervous. And my temp has flattened out, which seems to happen pre-O. : And wonderful that your dd didn't get it!

Good luck all!

eastkygal's Avatar eastkygal 06:17 PM 01-02-2007
- Aimee

- jillybeans, I'm all to familiar with CM troubles. Hope things go your way.

I had a temp spike this morning. 98.5 from 98.2. My temp hasn't been that high since I stopped my progesterone pills. I hope that means I've o'd. I've taken 6 OPKs and all negative. One there was a more than faint line, but not as dark as the control. I didn't let my urine get to room temp though, and it was a $ tree test. I wonder if I o'd that day.

I'm feeling crummy too. Dizzy and very nauseous. Almost like you do when you are really hungry, but I've ate. Hmmm...
lincap's Avatar lincap 10:17 PM 01-02-2007
Aimee- So sorry... You do earn a Gold Medal for BDing the most. You are an Olympic BDer!!

I bought a basal thermometer today... figure I might as well start temping, even if I don't get the 3 hours in a row, consistent sleep. We'll see how that goes. Plus it will give me more to obsess about. :
surromommy2be's Avatar surromommy2be 11:28 PM 01-02-2007
Ok So I will give you a brief intro of me I'm 24 name Chrsitina Married to Eric Have two kids Christopher he is 14monts nurses mostly at night Ashley is 4 years and i'm Going to be a surrogate (Traditional) So anyway I hope I can still join I'm Still BF and TTC even though it is for Surrogacy
surromommy2be's Avatar surromommy2be 11:36 PM 01-02-2007
So i fixed my siggy but why does it only let me put one smiley in it:
jillybeans's Avatar jillybeans 11:36 PM 01-02-2007
good luck surromommy! May your stay be super sweet and short! (and wouldn't twins be nice for the mommies to be?)
eastkygal's Avatar eastkygal 12:24 AM 01-03-2007
: My chart looks like the Rocky Mountains and after looking at pics of positive and negative $ tree OPKs I'm wondering if I o'd on CD 16. Some folks count what I had a positive and some as negative. I'm beginning to wonder. I feel like I should have o'd by now. CD 18 today. My temping is the best I can. Most times are withing 10-20 minutes of each other, though a few are around an hour later, but had to be if I wanted it to be a resting temp. This charting stuff is almost making me nuts about all this. Before I'd just hope it happened and wait, thinking about it only occasionally, but now I'm obsessing. Yuck!
mrsrwbabe's Avatar mrsrwbabe 12:27 AM 01-03-2007
Could I be added? I think I posted in the December thread towards the end...I was thinking maybe we caught the egg then...but AF showed on New Year's day:
My name is Lu and DH and I are currently in our 6 mos - TTC - window before we go on a 5 month no TTC lapse and then begin in earnest to try again in October. I do hope that all made sense.
We have our DD who is 13 mos and she has been so much fun we can't wait to add more! Plus we want at least 3 - maybe more and we are both 31 so we thought we better continue on.
Well anywho...I just meant a quick intro and now it is turning into a book.
surromommy2be's Avatar surromommy2be 12:32 AM 01-03-2007
good luck lu
And jill I keep telling them that there going to get Twins out of me and IM is scared but IF is happy There both so exited though.
I still havent had PPAF but The doc today gave me meds to induce it so it shouldbe happining within the next week or two. Then on to Oing then on to the 2ww and then BFP I usally get prego pretty fast so we will see.
LittleBrownDog's Avatar LittleBrownDog 01:31 AM 01-03-2007
So AF is due either tomorrow or Friday, depending on which route she took this month- But I'm feeling nauseous tonight, and it's a "different" kinda nauseous than usually comes before AF. Or maybe it's wishful thinking Going to test again tomorrow, which will be either 14 or 12 dpo. I wasn't paying attention as closely when we were TTC DD, so I'm not sure when I got my BFP with her.

Good luck to everyone, hugs to everyone who got the nasty AF visit this week.
Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 02:10 AM 01-03-2007
mrsrwbabe I will ad you to waiting to O

I will addd you to wait for fitst PP eggie

--- if that isn't where you want to be let me know

You do earn a Gold Medal for BDing the most. You are an Olympic BDer!!
Well I guess we'll be going for a repeat this month -- buttttttttttttttt i am really worred that due to medical stuff and travle we'll be APART at that important time.........

I will start temping tomorrow

I am just bummed. we got DS in 3 cycles -- this is start of #5 for thgis TTC. so I am feeling discouraged. Also it seems each month (quote as I am not ona month rotation) thing more and more fall into place. DS getting more independant (walking) more into food, DH supporting Tandom nurseing...adn so it seems more and more right.......

I have to say i was really blindsided this month -- the last 3 cycles have gone past CD 37.....

I gotta say -- Jilly I am pulling MORE for you than for me at this point....you are working so mcuh harder than I am.....

everyone i am really thinking about all of you -- don't have time to talk to everyone tonight. It is late, we were out all day, and ds is reatless and i am still a little sick (cough cough)

forestrymom's Avatar forestrymom 02:15 AM 01-03-2007
Does ff predict ovulation or just tell you after it thinks you have O'd? I just started using it and am a little : trying to figure it all out. I am not temping at all, but have some info in there for it to use...and it hasn't predicted anything. Just wondering...

And I am on cd13 and cm is still not looking promising . I went to town today and bought opk and some poas (of course to feed the addiction) and a bbt, so I can start temping now to be practiced for next month (yeah, I know, not wishful thinking, but maybe if I am prepared for the worst, the best will happen????). Anyway...

I am still waiting to O... ]

I hope this finds you enjoying yourselves in some way!
jillybeans's Avatar jillybeans 02:27 AM 01-03-2007
eastky: 10-20 minutes should be fine! They say your temp only changes .1 degree every 30-45 minutes.

lu: welcome and i hope your stay is short!

christina: I'm sure they'd both be absolutely thrilled if that came to be.

Leigh: Ahh i hate the tww! Good luck to you!

aimee, just keep repeating your mantra (every month we don't conceive is an extra month of just us for ds)

forestrymom: FF can be very finicky! I don't know if non-paying members get the predicting, i have the lifetime membership that they don't offer anymore, so i get all the perks. Sorry i can't help there! As for cm, i was convinced yesterday this cycle was a bust because cm was just not there, and boom, today it picked up! Like a lot! So no giving up yet!

oh, forgot to add the lovely remarks i got on the ff boards. I had asked about the success rate of clomid for women who already ovulate and got the to-be-expected at some point "I didn't know you could take clomid while breastfeeding. Your charts look like the typical lactating mom's charts." (plus more) Umm yes they do, but you don't know the whole story do you deary? *sigh*
majormom226's Avatar majormom226 02:48 AM 01-03-2007
What do I need to do to get added to this list?
majormom226's Avatar majormom226 03:18 AM 01-03-2007
I am a SAHM of my 4 dd's. Wife to dh since 96. We are in StL, MO.
We are working dd #5. The last two came as a pair. We are still nursing strong, co-sleeping, cloth diapering and I just started homeschooling the oldest. We have been TTC for quite some time now after the twins but I have just started keeping track and paying closer attention to my cycle. We haven't been trying to prevent since the twins were born I just figured I probably wasn't oving with exlusivly nursing the twins. But now that they are 2 I figured ov has to come back eventualy??? right??? I used an OVP this month on day ten and got two lines. This is the first OVP that has had two lines on it in two years. I just thought that day 10 was too early. I guess not. We will see soon. AF is supposed to come on the 14th. I think that the reason I had thought that I was just not oving, was that I must ov really early in my cycling days. I can't chart with temp I am co-sleeping with 2 year old twins for goodness sake. Anyway that's me and some of my story.
kirk_heidi's Avatar kirk_heidi 04:03 AM 01-03-2007
Well, we are back to waiting to be ready. I want to have a home birth so we need to wait until the twins are 18 months before we ttc. That will put it off until April 20. They will be officially 18 months that day.

I did have my first PPAF though. I got it on the 28th so I am excited things are getting going again. we aren't preventing though so you never know what may happen.
zak's Avatar zak 11:19 AM 01-03-2007
Welcome, MajorMom!

So FF gave me dotted crosshairs on CD 13 a few days ago... today it changed to solid lines on CD 14! lol... I don't know why I'm posting about this... this is only my second chart... but last month it gave me dotted Xhairs and then took them away around CD30... I was miffed!

Here's a peek at my chart, if you are so inclined...


Praying for you all today! Here's to some September/October babies!!
Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 11:53 AM 01-03-2007
majormom226 -- adding you to 2 week wait -- is that correct???

kirk hied -- moved you back to waiting to be ready. so you are not going to activly try till twins are 18 months so they will be 27+ months at birth??

starting a new chart today

Abylite's Avatar Abylite 12:23 PM 01-03-2007
Hello again!

Well...I am officially in the 2ww. Anyone else? This is our first official "TTC" after our DD who is 17 mo. I'm nursing her in the am and pm... I'm hoping (as everyone else here is...) to get pregnant SOON!

DPO 1... an anxiously awaiting! I look for any kind of sx during this time. I'll try to be more relaxed though and test only when (hopefully) I miss AF!! It's unbelievable how many preg test I went through in the past!
Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 12:36 PM 01-03-2007
checking in with all out 2 week wait momma:

judahsmommy (Karen)
MrsTC (Tresa)
ekblad8 (Amy)
Ks Mama 24
Mamma Mia

what CD are you on and when do you plan to test --

(and is this list still correct or shoudl I move some of you?? -- I am trying to keep up )

zak's Avatar zak 12:43 PM 01-03-2007

I'm in the TWW now - for sure. I'm CD18, 4DPO... will probably wait to test until CD 35 (Saturday the 20th).

MCKH's Avatar MCKH 02:43 PM 01-03-2007
Can I join up? I'm relatively new here but am really hoping to become pregnant within the next six months. I am having a hard time balancing the nonstop nursing requests from my dd (15 mos) and my desire to give her a sibling... Also, my cycles are a MESS!
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 02:50 PM 01-03-2007
Aimee, I am *still* in the 2ww.

It is such a roller coaster. I am imagining symptoms, deciding I am preg, deciding I am not preg, and let's not forget making mountains out of molehills for any 'real' symptoms. I am trying not to test until Fri at the earliest, maybe Sat when I can say af is actually late.

I have the dollar store tests and after looking at photos online of positives I am thinking they are faint. If I even think I have a pos I will need to run out and get a different test just to confirm that I am not seeing things. Oh well, that would be a problem I would like to have.

: for everyone in the 2ww and to those I haven't 'met' before.
LittleBrownDog's Avatar LittleBrownDog 03:14 PM 01-03-2007
Well, BFN again this morning and AF is feeling like she's about ready to move in. So, technically still in the 2ww since she hasn't officially shown up, but I just ordered more pg tests for next month because I am a testaholic and I'm down to one strip

Good luck to everyone testing soon! Toddler at keyboard, so no time to type more!
forestrymom's Avatar forestrymom 03:21 PM 01-03-2007
Yay...cm is finally looking a little more promising this am. Its a bit stretchy, although maybe I am exaggerating quality, but I know its better than yesterday! I am still, I guess, in the waiting to O!

Welcome MajorMom and MCKH...I am new here too and these ladies have been so wonderful! Thanks girls!

Sorry to hear about the bfn LittleBrownDog
jillybeans's Avatar jillybeans 04:03 PM 01-03-2007
welcome amy! Question though....what ovulation predictors are you using? The ones I have always have two lines, but the test line must be darker than the control line. good luck!

awww heidi, really? Well i'll miss you, and don't mean to be rude, but i really hope i'm not still here! Good luck in april!

hooray zak!

good luck abylite! Keep us posted!

MCKH: Welcome and good luck to you!

mommajb: OOOOH where's my popcorn? KEEP US POSTED! :

aww sorry leigh! Don't give up yet though! When i got pg with dd i was never more sure af was coming!

forestrymom: Us and our cm obsessions. COME ON CM!

I finally am having ewcm, much much more than i did on clomid with dd! HOORAY! And bding last night was amazing, for the first time in a while. I'm guessing i'll get a +opk soon!
Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 04:03 PM 01-03-2007
MCKH -- I will add you to the Waiting to O list -- let me know if that is not the right place for you

Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 04:13 PM 01-03-2007
I know, and we are meeting a doc Friday about lens replacement for me -- which i can do BF but not PG -- I told DH I want to get it done NOW before I O again while we know I am not PG...............

Yes, each month is just one more with Theo -- i rocked him over an hour for nap and just looked at him. (and wondered how iam going to rock him an hour to nap with a newborn too ).

I think I have all teh new people and all the changes
made to the master lists --if you have posted a
change or joined in teh past 2 days -- PLEASE go
check and make sure i got it all right.

I am pulling for everyone. This week is still nuts for me -- travling this weekend, again, so I promise to be better at persoanlly addressing everyone next week.

Welcome to all our new members, and don't be insulted when i tell you i hope neither you and I are here long.

Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 04:16 PM 01-03-2007
Jilly -- hey are you still working on teh other healing stuff? (don't remember the actual name -- sorry -- bad aimee) ... just wondered how that was going for you?

forestrymom's Avatar forestrymom 04:38 PM 01-03-2007
Okay, I just want to know why it is so darn interesting to stalk other people's charts? And how do you get yours in your siggy like that? I am totally fascinated by your cycles ladies, and I am not sure that is healthy !
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