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meganeilis's Avatar meganeilis 11:43 PM 10-09-2007
How far in advance do you start getting a faint line? I think I'll be Oing Friday, but I'm already getting a really faint line. Do those two things work together or will I be Oing sooner?

Mom2Boy&Girl's Avatar Mom2Boy&Girl 01:10 AM 10-10-2007
The closer to ovulation you get, the darker the line will be. So it makes sense that you'll be ovulating around Friday and I bet the line will be dark by then.

With that said, I'd start having sex now. Sperm can swim up to 5 days after ejaculation in optimal conditions. It stands to reason that if you have sex leading UP to ovulation (tonight through Friday), you'll have a good chance of hitting that egg!

Good luck to you!