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because's Avatar because 04:35 PM 03-31-2008
Originally Posted by ms. pacman View Post
Well, well, guess who just showed up? I guess I'm moved to waiting to O

ms. pacman's Avatar ms. pacman 04:43 PM 03-31-2008
Thanks for the hugs! This whole "trying" thing is new to me. I got preg with dd1 no problem a month after the wedding, and caught the first egg with dd2. Could it be that I'm just getting old? Or that dd2's very frequent nursing is making my hormone levels be funny? I don't want to feel like there's something wrong with me, but....
katiedidbug's Avatar katiedidbug 05:36 PM 03-31-2008
I'm sure there's nothing wrong w/ you!! This whole trying thing is very new to me, too, and it's kinda a pain. Why can't I say, Okay, I'd like to be pregnant now, and just be pregnant?
shanahan's Avatar shanahan 07:20 PM 03-31-2008
i'm out again... Now on CD 9, waiting to O. Planning to talk to the dr. tomorrow about my 6-7 day LP's - but seeing as my nursling is still so young, not sure that we'll do anything....

We had thought about taking a break in April to avoid an x-mas baby - but now that seems like a moot point...

Best of luck to everyone!
Katica's Avatar Katica 08:09 PM 03-31-2008
I`ve been looking at some of our charts and it seems like any of us Ovulate late. Does it have anything to do with nursing? I`m on CD21 or so but my temps are so out of whack that I`m just not sure what`s going on. Granted, ds has been nursing a lot lately through the night and it` s a struggle to take my temps in the morning. Not to mention the 3 hr sleep necessary for the accuracy. I`ve been having signs of O though like EWCM (quite a bit) and a high, open and soft cervix.
If your temps are unreliable would you go with other signs?
katiedidbug's Avatar katiedidbug 08:45 PM 03-31-2008
One of my friends showed me her post-partum toddler nursing cycles, and she ovulated very late, so I do believe there's some merit to that idea. Her cycles were 40-50 days. She did get pg after a few so I keep reminding myself of that.
maciascl's Avatar maciascl 02:27 PM 04-01-2008
I started the April thread! Please come join us!
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