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ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 04:34 PM 10-02-2003
New month, new thread...

So, here we are...

*Trying to catch the FIRST PP Egg!*
Chrissy (lawyORmama?) w/ 21.5 mo. ds Noahchart
Tiffany (Mom2Lily) w/ 16 mo. DD
Lisa (lisabc311) w/13.5 mo. DS
Donna (milliesmum) w/14.5 mo. DD
Jessica (jessviola) w/ 25 mo. DD
Amy (Roseselene) w/ 8 mo. DD
Nicole (nmm2112) w/ 6 mo. DS Adam
morgan's_mom w/14.5 mo.
Torie w/ 15 mo. dd
Kelly (artgirl) w 14 mo.

*Gearing up to Ovulate! *
Amber (sapsygo) w/ 18 mo. DD Emma
Lida w/ 33 mo. DD Tziporah
Lisa (LisaShepp) w/ 32 mo. DD Alexia
Traci (apmamma) w/ 3 yr DS
Mel (mat4mel) w/18 mo. dd Zoe
Denise (mama2m&m) w/ dd Madison
DeidreAlison w/ 2 yr. ds Noah
Lisa w/ 20 mo. ds
Keri (coleslaw) w/ 2 3/4 yr ddchart
NWmama w/ 14.5 mo. DD
Kristie (Milkymommi) w/ 21 mo. ds Javen
Heather (Parker's mommy) w/ 20 mo. ds Parker
Jennifer (lovemygirl) w 27 mo. dd

*Hoping for a BFP soon!*
Rachel (lilysmom) w/ 19 mo. DD Lily
Lesley (owensmom) w/ 20 mo. ds Owen
oceanbaby w/ 29 mo. ds
Brandi (ChildoftheMoon)w/ 24 mo. chart


Our June Success Stories!!
hulamama w/ 22 mo. DD
Tracy (citizenfong) w/ 25 mo. ds Aiden

Our July Success Stories!!
Jennifer (Jster) w/ 23 mo. DD Peri
CherP w/ 8 mo. Keithan
Claire (Sparklin) w/ 18 mo. ds Jude
Oceanone w/23 mo. DS
Elaine (indigolilybear) w/ 2 yr DS
Brooke (bhdavison) w/ 2 y. ******

Our August Success Stories!!
Kendall (mum2lillie) w/ 2 yr DD

Our September Success Stories!!
Robin (Rubelin) w/ 3 yr DS Benny
Donna (wildthing) w/ 20 mo. DS

**Our October Success Stories!!**
Tabitha w/ 14 mos. DS Tristan
Susan (Doodlebugsmom) w/ 18.5 mo. DD
Sandi (2girlsmommy) w/ 19 mo. DD Maddie
Keri (kayjayjay) w 32 mo. dd

ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 04:37 PM 10-02-2003
Thought I would jump in and get us started this month I am currently updating the first post, if you see anything that needs to be changed, please let me know, I will try to keep it up to date. I will be away from the computer for a few days around the 25th, as we are moving, but I can never stay away for too long, so the computer will be one of the first things we set up
How is everyone?

Jessviola's Avatar Jessviola 04:54 PM 10-02-2003
thanks for starting this brandi! i guess you can update me to dd is 25 months. or do you stop counting at 2 years? it'll be 25 months on sunday but i'm hoping that by jumping the gun, it'll trick that sneaky into showing. good luck with your move!
ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 04:58 PM 10-02-2003
I am currently 6 dpo feeling completely normal. This is our fifth cycle ttc. PPAF returned last January and has only been (somewhat) normal for the past couple of cycles. I am still nursing my second dd, who just turned 2 on the 28th of last month. She nurses a lot, around the clock. Not currently trying to wean her at night yet, we have a lot going on with moving and mother-in-law's cancer, so I am keeping nursing a constant for her. I think it may be what is delaying pregnancy, but not sure, it could just not be the right time for us yet. We had no waiting to conceive our first two, so I think something is delaying things for a reason.



to all!!!!!!!!!!!
ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 05:02 PM 10-02-2003
thanks Jessica! I will update right away Sending you af vibes, though, I am sending you baby vibes too, as it would be so nice to catch that egg withought af interference iykwim


Jessviola's Avatar Jessviola 05:16 PM 10-02-2003
thanks brandi! on both counts
morgan's_mom's Avatar morgan's_mom 05:55 PM 10-02-2003
Can I join??? I am nursing my 14.5-month-old and just had a *very* light period (my first PP one) on Monday and Tuesday. I am hoping for an eggie this cycle!

I am going to start charting, but I don't know whether it will be helpful because I sleep so restlessly with DD nursing at night (so I don't know if my temps will be accurate), and I had no CM at all last time I conceived (ever).

Sooooooo, I may try some OPKs just 'cause. We were very fortunate to conceive our DD 12 days after I stopped the pill. Hopefully we will be as lucky this time!
ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 07:00 PM 10-02-2003
Welcome morgan's_mom! I added you to our list. Hope your stay here is short and fruitful! On to the pregnancy forum for us all!

coleslaw's Avatar coleslaw 08:48 PM 10-02-2003
I'm BACK!!! YIppee!!! Alright, I am jumping in earlier than I thought. Things are getting better every day and I feel we are as ready as we will ever be!!! So count me in. I am pre-o at this point, but will be o-ing any day now (if I haven't already). Here's my chart...

Keri's chart

I can't wait to obsess with all of you again!!

Welcome morgan's mom! May your stay be short!
ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 09:04 PM 10-02-2003
Yeah! Welcome back Keri Glad things are better for you now. Nice to have you back. Though I hope your stay is short and sweet. Do you want me to add a link to your chart on the 1st post?


coleslaw's Avatar coleslaw 11:00 PM 10-02-2003
Brandi, It would be great if you could add it. Thanks! And thanks for starting the thread!
tabitha's Avatar tabitha 12:36 AM 10-03-2003
Tabitha has a 14 month old, now!!!

Still ttc, but hopefully already done the deed (pun intended!)

i am either 6 or 9 dpo, had a strange cycle. cd 21.

Lets hope! I have been slightly emotional and wasting hpts recently. help me.

Milkymommi's Avatar Milkymommi 01:39 AM 10-03-2003
Hi! I'm still trying to get to know everyone I guess I'm a rather "new kid on the block" I join this forum recently due to an unexpected possible expectation iykwim :LOL whoa!

Anyway, you can add me to the "trying to catch the 1st pp eggie" list.After the possibility of a surprise, dh and I both caught baby fever and so here I am-ready to obsess with all of you!!!This will be so much fun

I am 21mo pp and my ds's name is Javen.Yes! He's still nursing(that's one of my favorite lines)

Baby vibes everyone!!!!
ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 02:43 AM 10-03-2003

Welcome Kristie

snuffles's Avatar snuffles 09:42 AM 10-03-2003
Could I be added to the list? My AF is not here yet.. should be here within a few days. But I am 99% sure I am not pregnant. My cycles are kind of screwy. I got them back when dd was 16 months old. I am Mel and I guess you can add me to the Waiting to Ovulate list. I am nursing my 18 mo dd Zoe.

Milky, we are in almost the exact same situation! Because we thought we were pregnant, but we weren't, and that gave me major baby fever. However, I have yet to persuade DH.. I think I can do it though. We already have 3 little ones.

Hoping my AF comes soon.. or all of those pregnancy tests were just wrong!

Edited to add: question.. I started temping just a few days ago (keep in mind I am at the end of the cycle probably.. not even sure if I'm ovulating) and dd still nurses at night.. does this affect the temps? Because they seem kind of high to me. 98.4 two days and then 98.6 today. I don't get up to nurse her, just sort of nurse half asleep. She likes to marathon nurse at night sometimes.

tabitha's Avatar tabitha 12:45 PM 10-03-2003
good morning!

I ujst wanted to mention that right before i got AF back (at 4.5 months pp, though i nursed exclusively, coslept, no fake nipples, dont get me started!) I was convinced i was pregnant. I felt weird things happening in my uterus and ervix, has a strange clear discharge. I went to get a test, it was negative. the next day AF came to visit.

I am pretty sure those first 2 cylces were anovulatory. After that i could feel the Opain.

morgan's_mom's Avatar morgan's_mom 01:52 PM 10-03-2003
Thanks for the warm welcome, ladies. I hope we'll all be moving over to the I'm Pregnant forum post haste!!!

I'm on CD5...I started charting this morning just for fun.

Babydust to everyone!
AnnR33's Avatar AnnR33 02:22 PM 10-03-2003
Here we are-my last Nursing mamas thread DD is going on 7 days weaned now and now I don't know if my sore breasts are due to drying up or preg symptom?? We were only nursing 1x per day so don't know what to think about that.
I swear, those preg tests call your name to pee on a stick don't they!!: I was only 9dpo yesterday and on day 2 of nausea so could not resist even though I kept telling myself I should not waste this so early- well no surprise BFN. I berated myself afterwards.
Normally I would be very positive with the nausea symptom but I'm still spotting-very light-but there none the less-so I can't be super optimistic. This has happened a lot in the last 12 cycles and my dr can't seem to figure out why and it's very frustrating-I'm on the progesterone supplements still...
So we'll wait a few more days (Sun is my b-day-what a great present??) and see what happens but I'm only slighty hopeful.
Take care everyone!
NWmama's Avatar NWmama 06:17 PM 10-03-2003
Happy almost-birthday, Ann! I hope testing goes well!!! Please keep us updated.

Brandi, please update my info--14.5 mo dd.

Some exciting news here: I was having ovulation-type cramps and thought I'd use one of my cheap OPKs and sure enough there was a line! Not a positive (ie dark as control) line, but at least that indicates *something* is happening! Yay for cheap tests! I even used a second one to check I was so excited. I'm hoping it means that I was coming down from a pre-o LH spike and that the pains really were o pains. I'm hoping for a ++ (how cool would that be!) or at least for my first ppaf!!

More good news is that dd is trying harder to eat solids, which is a huge relief for many reasons.
ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 10:35 PM 10-03-2003
Welcome Mel!

Ann such a bittersweet time. We will miss you. Thinking of you. You can stick around anyway you know! Happy Birthday on Sunday! BFP SOON!

NWmama-sounds great!

I am 7 dpo and starting to get a little anxious, another week to go! Had some o-like pains today: All well, just brushing it off! I WILL NOT get too obsessed! (well maybe just a little )

I may not get too much computer time this weekend so if I miss any requests, don't think you are being ignored, I will catch up Monday!

Love, Brandi

mama2m&m's Avatar mama2m&m 10:52 PM 10-03-2003
Can I join too? Madison still nurses 3-4 times a day during the week and more on weekends. Today is cd1 :cry: I didn't even get to contemplate using an evil hpt. Oh well. This will be our second official cycle ttc but we haven't used anythign in well over two years and nothing has happened.

I've been charting religeously for over a year but have taken the last couple of months off. I'll probably take a couple more off charting so I don't get too obsessive and then begin again. I'm fairly comfortable reading the fertility signals without the corresponding temp. It makes calcuating O a little tricky but it's so much easier mentally at the end of teh 2ww.

My best to every ttc this month!
ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 10:59 PM 10-03-2003
Welcome Denise! Sorry af showed again. Fresh new start ok I am also trying for dc #3. May this be your month!

mama2m&m's Avatar mama2m&m 11:13 AM 10-04-2003
Thanks, Brandi! I really needed your positive post : Glad to be here LOL.
Jessviola's Avatar Jessviola 12:49 PM 10-04-2003
hi denise! i hope you move on quickly!
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 04:07 PM 10-04-2003
Hello all!

Our computer died, so I haven't been able to log on all week. Ugh! But I wanted to update:

Please move me to the "Hoping for a BFP" list, with ds 11 months.. I am "cautiously optimistic" this month. We have been bd'ing *a lot*, and I'm thinking we probably caught the egg this time. I feel wretched, and have had two new "symptoms" that I've only seen before when I was pregnant with ds: 1)my skin is so greasy you could fry chicken on it. (I usually don't have acne, and didn't as a teenager, but now I've got so many zits I can't pass for 18 anymore. Ick!) And 2)I'm kinda "backed up" (normally I'm "moving" in the opposite direction this time of my cycle). I'm also feeling kind of queasy, but that could be from anything.

I'm going to wait until I'm late poas, because I only have one test and if I buy more I'll want to test earlier (like today!) Today is (I think) cd 14 for me, and I believe that I am 8 dpo (short cycle, but it would be more in keeping with my pre-ds cycles, which were 18-20 days long). So next week at the earliest, assuming I don't start tossing my cookies before then .
Good luck to all!
Jessviola's Avatar Jessviola 04:15 PM 10-04-2003
fingers crossed for you eilonwy!!!

Spark's Avatar Spark 11:41 PM 10-04-2003
Hi, Nursing Mamas! I thought I'd pop in and spread some baby dust to you all. May each of you come up positives real soon!

Wouldn't it be great to put this thread out of business?!!? We could just have reunion threads over on the pregnancy board!

Also, I still have an active Fertility Friend account. I paid the $$$ for full usage. Since this is our last child, I'd like to pass it on to one of you all. If you're interested in my account, just PM me. And, I hope it gives good luck to the recipient. Any "Catching the First PP egg" mamas might want it just to check out my charts. I never did get a PP period before getting pregnant.

Love, Peace & Babies growing healthy in your wombs!

Edited: because I chose the wrong :- for my blessing. YIKES!
Doodlebugsmom's Avatar Doodlebugsmom 01:14 AM 10-05-2003
Brandi, thanks for getting the October thread kickin'. I hope everyone has good luck this month. This is my favorite month of the year and also my birthday month. I am on cd37. My last cycle was 39 days, and my two previous were 57 and 51. They seem to be getting shorter each time, but I'm waiting til Monday to test. Dh is in Belgium on business and I would love to greet him with a when he gets home on Monday night!
coleslaw's Avatar coleslaw 12:26 PM 10-05-2003
Well, here I am, declaring myself ready to TTC again and I have absolutely NO signs that I am going to o. I am on cd21. I usually o around cd17 or cd18. The latest since I started charting 7-8 months ago was cd21. Just a little cm, temps way low. Anyone experience an anovulatory cycle while charting?

Doodlebugsmom, Brandi, eilonwy, I hope you get that BFP! We need to start off the month with some graduates!
mama2m&m's Avatar mama2m&m 01:49 PM 10-05-2003
keri, i will typically have one to two anov cycles a year. that's one of the reasons why i'm glad i chart so i don't freak out thinking i am pg when i just o'd late or not at all LOL!

wishing you the best!
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