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flitters's Avatar flitters 06:07 PM 11-17-2003
Originally posted by wannabmommie
I'm *3dpo!!!! , and didn't even *know it! And bd last night....:
sorry, i just had a question cause i didn't exactly understand the rolleyes... is it bad to BD after O? i know it's not going to result in conception, but does it have any negative effects?

blessed2bamommie's Avatar blessed2bamommie 10:52 PM 11-17-2003
Welcome Kelly We're cycle buddies! So am I!
blessed2bamommie's Avatar blessed2bamommie 10:55 PM 11-17-2003
Originally posted by flitters
is it bad to BD after O? i know it's not going to result in conception, but does it have any negative effects?
I don't *think it has negative effects? : But, bding has had a negative effect on me; because I was *exhausted!
Bearsmama's Avatar Bearsmama 12:33 AM 11-18-2003
Hi all. I tested this morning. Got a neg. It's only been 8 days since O, so I know that this is a bit early. I guess the possibility is still there????

best of luck to alllllll of you!
Happypants's Avatar Happypants 01:31 AM 11-18-2003
hi everybody

i don't really belong here (*yet*) but i just have to post b/c after 5 days of high temps (>98.0) i woke up to a temp of 97.4 and thought, oh no, what a short lp! (they're usually at least 12 days) but the last 3-4 days they've been back up in the 98.3 range. so i'm thinking, implantation dip? i really shouldn't be , but i've never had such a marked change in temp before, and the possiblity means you'd better believe i'm going to be over-analyzing for preg symps just like the rest of ya! so i thought i'd drop in to say hi.

my official start to ttc is not til the end of the summer, and i'm really looking forward to hanging out here, but i'd better not see any of you here then!

good luck to everybody...

Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 02:09 AM 11-18-2003
Welcome, all you new Waiters!

Bearsmama- 8DPO is really really early to test. Only 10% of tests taken at 10dpo are positive (of the ones that go on to be positive.) So I wouldn't despair yet!

Danesmama- Any news yet? I have my fingers crossed for you!

And thanks, everyone, for your get-better-soon vibes. Adventure girl, I took your advice. I took a 3 hour nap with dd, a long hot shower with her, and then we drank peppermint tea, layed on the couch, and watched Mary Poppins - which we got in a swap today! It was nice, and I do feel a bit better. Dd is pretty sick, though.

Good wishes and to everyone!
gonnabeamom's Avatar gonnabeamom 05:29 PM 11-18-2003
My post from this morning disappeared.

I'm out. Temp dropped, the spotting started and I all morning.

I had a good long LP, and I knew when I O'd both of which is new for me. And improvement. By tomorrow I'll be happy about that. Today I'm just rattling around the house with empty arms, to restless to hold still and to sad to do anything useful.

Good Luck to everyone still (or newly in the wait), I want somebody to get their Thanksgiving baby.
heveasoul's Avatar heveasoul 05:52 PM 11-18-2003
gonnabeamom. Nothing may comfort you today, but I truly hope that tomorrow brings renewed hope - the long LP and clear O are very encouraging!

Do something nice for yourself today.
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 06:05 PM 11-18-2003
Oh, gonnabeamom, I'm so sorry. What an awful day today must be. I agree with hevasoul -- do something really nice for yourself, something that might make you smile, normally. Buy yourself flowers or something like that...

It WILL happen next time!

I find out soon, too... mostly, I've been just getting over the crappy flu I had

I feel better today though, like this flu is almost gone.
butterflyma's Avatar butterflyma 07:46 PM 11-18-2003
Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 08:27 PM 11-18-2003
So sorry AF found you...hope you get some rest and take care of yourself in the next few days!
coleslaw's Avatar coleslaw 08:28 PM 11-18-2003
I'm out, but I knew it would happen since I had a bad cold at peak o-time and was in no mood of any sort. But I am bummed because my LP was only 9 days. LAst cycle was 11 days, but I am pretty sure the lengthy LP was due to a "success" that didn't make it. Dd has been nursing like a crazy baby lately and I think that shortened my LP this month. Anywhoo...

So sorry gonnabeamom. I hope we'll be graduating together next month because I KNOW we will be pregnant just in time for the new year!

Good luck everyone! I hope NOT to see you next month!

pinky's Avatar pinky 08:57 PM 11-18-2003
So sorry, gonnabeamom...hope the next cycle is the one for you!

I am feeling crampy and kind of bloated and cranky as I think these are all indicators that the hag is on her way.

I'm glad I don't have a test in the house b/c I know I'd use it in the morning. I'm determined to hold out until Friday or Saturday if AF doesn't come before then.

Hope everyone is hanging in there....this waiting is HARD.
Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 09:09 PM 11-18-2003
Coleslaw Sorry she found you too. What a bummer!

I got a BFN today, at 11DPO. Last month I got my at 11DPO, so I thought if I am pregnant, I would see it today. I know that isn't necessarily true, but that's what got stuck in my head. I guess I'll test again around Friday-ish, if AF isn't here.

Man, someone needs to get a around here, because it's been too long since we've done any partying!!!

Here's hoping there's a slew of BFPs coming our way soon!

Edited to add: that was my 500th post!
kelly's Avatar kelly 09:25 PM 11-18-2003
Gonnabeamom - I'm so sorry. I know the feeling well, unfortunately.

Wannabemommie - I, too, noticed that we are cycle buddies! Nice to meet you, and I hope neither of us is in this forum long!

I am 4dpo now - not obsessing yet, but I am sure that will come soon .

Good luck to the rest of you. We are all in this journey together.

Bearsmama's Avatar Bearsmama 12:35 AM 11-19-2003
Gonnabeamom-<<<<HUGS to you>>>>>

lucysmama-Thanks so much for the insight and encouragement. I am new to this ttc thing again. We got preggers with DS#1 rather quickly (after 2 cycles) and although I was aware of all the charting methods, I really just paid attention to my CM and cycle day and everything worked. I have great fears that this time won't be the same, but who knows?

I really don't think I am, but I don't remember how I felt 8days into pregnancy the last time, of course.

Good luck to all of you!!
jazminflower's Avatar jazminflower 12:47 AM 11-19-2003
now i'm really curious...i don't chart....i'm on cd 26 of a 28-32 day cycle. bd on day 14, pretty sure i o'd within 3 or 4 days of that. had what i think may have been ewcm during that time and for several days afterward. i don't want to get my hopes up, but after lurking around here i thought i'd ask and see what you all think....i'm trying to wait until friday to test....2 weeks is a loooooong time!
Jessviola's Avatar Jessviola 12:58 AM 11-19-2003
gonnabeamom and keri

congrats on reaching 500 posts

i was supposed to test on friday according to FF but didn't because even if i had O'd then, there was no way we caught it because we were both sick then. anyways, i must not have because otherwise i have a 23 day LP. is that even possible? i think i may have O'd within the past week according to CM, CP and possibly temps. we'll see.......
blessed2bamommie's Avatar blessed2bamommie 02:36 AM 11-19-2003
I pray the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, will do just that for you. I pray that the Lord will bless you and you're Dh with a child for your arms when His timing is right.
flitters's Avatar flitters 03:23 AM 11-19-2003
Originally posted by wannabmommie
I don't *think it has negative effects? : But, bding has had a negative effect on me; because I was *exhausted!
hahahhaha - now that i can definitely understand!

for all the waiters!

i've got a ton to do right now so i'm going to type this as quickly as possible and i have an offsite thingy with work so no daytime computers until thursday. but mainly, dh blew out his bad knee when we were playing soccer sunday afternoon and had surgery today. he's doing well and i'm really hoping to have some good news for us in the near future!

so, still no AF. i've had a tiny bit of either cramps or gas today but mostly i'm just tired cause i was up so much of the night preoccupied with the surgery and pregnancy stuff. my chart has me really confused now.

i'm not worried about the low temp this morning for 2 reasons... i temped way too early after hardly any sleep last night and last period my temp didn't drop until after i was bleeding a couple days.

the thing i'm really confused about was that last night i took a FRER hpt and got a very faint second line. then this morning i took another hoping for more of a line and it was BFN. what does that mean? maybe i'm preg with fluctuating hormones? did i miscarry really early? was it a false positive second line? i might have had the test running lying on the wrong side but i don't think that should matter. i'm confused. any ideas? if AF doesn't show i'll test tomorrow night or thursday morning...

alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 03:41 AM 11-19-2003
I agree with Lucysmama -- we sure do need some bfp around here!

Coleslaw. Be nice to yourself today. Next month will be your month!

Flitters -- my guess would be maybe the second test was a false negative (defective test, too diluted urine? You took it in the morning, so it shoulda been more concentrated, but maybe you drank a lot of water the night before? Just a thought...) That faint line makes me giddy with anticipation... (does anybody else hear the line from Rocky Horror Picture Show when they read/ write/ say that word? Or am I the only one?)

I'm feeling 90% better from my flu and waiting to see whether AF comes tomorrow (technically today, as it is quite late) or thursday. I'm gonna buy a test and test friday if not...

whee! Waiting is freakin' hard!
nikirj's Avatar nikirj 05:03 AM 11-19-2003
Well, I'm definately out. AF showed up yesterday.

I'll see y'all in a couple of months (well, actually, I hope NOT to see you here - but in the PG boards) when DH and I start trying again. We're trying to time this for a break, since once I start in on my program I can't take semesters off without causing big hassles.
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 05:19 AM 11-19-2003

Good luck when you start trying again!
blessed2bamommie's Avatar blessed2bamommie 09:08 AM 11-19-2003
Nicole I pray for comfort for you, Nicole. Seeing arrive can be *so disappointing.

Flitters: ....I would say bout your temp, that yeah, you've been a little busy and for your temps to be affected is understandable. The low was still post-O levels, though! Yall were bding all cycle!:LOL

Waiting for b/w to check hormone levels. This egg *has to have been jumped! I want to make sure my levels are high enough to sustain a pg ! I had my prog, estrog, and LH checked. Believing God they're fine; but, just wanted to check for peace of mind. 6dpo..... Lower temp today; but, my bladder woke me up *before 6, : so I had to temp......

Happy Bding! Sorry for the girls! I guess that puts you back in pre-O for Nov again. You have buddies there.

edited b/c I am *obviously sleepy! :
pinky's Avatar pinky 11:00 AM 11-19-2003
Originally posted by alexisyael
Waiting is freakin' hard!
You said it, sister!!

I am feeling kind of crampy and cranky...very PMS-y...part of me is feeling crabby and disappointed b/c I feel sure AF is on her way...and part of me is hopeful that these are signs of pg and not of AF.

I'm glad I didn't have any tests in the house this morning b/c I would have tested.


Come on, come on, I'm ready to hear about some BFP's today!
blessed2bamommie's Avatar blessed2bamommie 11:47 AM 11-19-2003
T Pinky, you aren't formerly Pinky Gill, of Durham, are ya? Where are you in NC?
pinky's Avatar pinky 12:04 PM 11-19-2003
Originally posted by wannabmommie
T Pinky, you aren't formerly Pinky Gill, of Durham, are ya? Where are you in NC?
No, definitely not. But I do live in Durham.

When I was in college, I used to wear pink ALL the time, so some of my friends took to calling me Pinky.

I'm so absorbed in my obsession over my cycle that I didn't notice that you're in Raleigh!

Gotta run, dd is calling!
blessed2bamommie's Avatar blessed2bamommie 12:22 PM 11-19-2003
T you *live in Durham! :LOL

I hear ya on the pink. I pink! I noticed in my fall/winter wardrobe I have *quite a or a variation.

I have a friend who is rosy and I call her pink! :LOL

No prob about not noticing. At the point I am in *my cycle, I'm waiting for blood test results and just waiting.....5dpo

Hoping temp stays high....
adventuregirl's Avatar adventuregirl 02:20 PM 11-19-2003
Damn, girls! I miss one day and I have 2 whole pages to read! Fabulous, I love it, but I can't remember exactly everything, so I'll have to be a little more general than I like.

Sorry to those who are out be well and get ready for your wonderful holiday gift coming next month! (working with the obnoxiously positive)

I agree, we need some BFPs!!!! I don't want to be sad for anyone else this month, so BFPs only from here on out, OK?

Well, I'm waiting, waiting... one more week till I can know either way. I got really sore sinuses yesterday after being around a little bit of smoke, which got my wheels turning, I got a wicked sinus infection early last pg after being around smoke. Didn't I say I wasn't going to obsess about symptoms?

I hope everyone who's had some sickness/flu is feeling better, seems to be getting lots of people.

Welcome to the ladies just joining. Happypants, good to see you!
Danesmama's Avatar Danesmama 02:38 PM 11-19-2003
First, let me say that I'm so sorry for those that had show up - gonnabeamom, coleslaw, nikirj and anyone else I've missed. Hugs to you - it will happen!

Well, on a much more positive note, everyone has been asking for a BFP. . . I got a definite result yesterday!!! As my dh put it, "You're kind of pregnant" because one line was lighter than the other, but as lucysmama said, "A line is a line, is a line!"

I'm still cautious because af isn't due until tomorrow, but I am so right now.

to everyone!
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