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Originally Posted by hopefulltoo View Post
Is anyone in a program where they're getting free clomid? Where are you getting in to the program? Is it just in a particular area?
I'm starting clomid next month and my dr gave me a card that entitles me to free clomid. I don't have the name of the program right now, but can look when I get home tonight.
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Originally Posted by lalalola View Post
I will be starting clomid on my next week (hopefully not though ). I probably shouldn't be reading this as it will make me paranoid!

Clomid triggers more eggs to drop right???

I have perfect cycles right now, so I am scared that clomid is going to screw them up!
wait... what? why are you taking Clomid if your cycles are fine?

(sorry if I missed something, just confused)

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So I took my first round of clomid and I did have side effects, I was the wicked bitch of the west! I was so hormonal, just like PMS. Thank god (for my sake and poor DH) that the symptoms only lasted about 6 days.

Did anyone notice that sex really hurt during a clomid cycle??? I was only sore during the middle of my cycle (prolly around ovulation).
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At 50, Clomid wasn't such a big deal for me, the first month. The second month got worse, and the 3rd even worse. At that point I had to take a break from it to let it clear my system.

Like some of the others on here, hot flashes and mood swings were about all it did for me, but like I said, the first month was fine, but each subsequent month would get progressively worse.

By the time I got to Clomid 100 though, the mood swings were pretty constant. Luckily my DH is an understanding guy though, and I don't tend towards anger, more like sobbing uncontrollably at Kleenex commercials.

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I've been taking 150mg Clomid on cycle days 3-13 and it is a NIGHTMARE for me. Seriously, I am completely on edge, headaches, hot flashes...not fun. The littlest thing can just send me over the edge. I would guess that since I am on the highest dose that would have a lot to do with it. I wish you luck!
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I'm on my very first cycle of Clomid at 50mg..... no ovulation yet and I'm on CD29 So far I've only had the hot flashes to deal with!

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Ok, I'm new here. I've been looking up information for over a year now and I'm still so lost. I stopped my birth control when I was 18. I got married the first time when I was 19. My first husband and I couldn't concieve and it ended in a divorce anyway. I never gave much thought to going back on the pill, and so far I've never had any need to, because I HAVEN'T GOTTEN F-ING PREGNANT!!!
This now poses a great problem. I got married again. My husband is military and we are desperately TTC before he leaves.

My history:

Normal regular period for as long as I can remember. History of HPV, and 2 colposcopies.

July 2008-U/S was done and everything looked normal in my uterus.
August 2008-HSG was done. Hurt like a bitch, but once again, everything was normal.
Let's spring into the future 7 mths.....
March 2009-Post-coital test was done. Spermies are active and making it to where they need to be....NO BABY YET!!!
March 2009-Blood work and second U/S. U/S showed 11 egg follicles in R ovary and 10 in L ovary on day 17 of my cycle.
March 2009-S/A done. Awaiting results....
April 2009-Called the doctor yesterday AGAIN since he hadn't returned my previous phone call. : Returned phone call from nurse tells me this: "No progesterone was present in your blood on day 17 of your cycle. We're going to start you on Clomid. Thank you for calling.":

I had told the doctor I thought I had a progesterone deficency. I'm the most I've ever weighed in my life (156lbs compared to my normal 125lbs I was last year this time), I can't sleep and when I do manage to sleep I sleep in excess of 16 hrs, I'm depressed because I can't sleep, I'm constantly hungry, I am beyond PMDD (I send my husband running for the hills).

Can anyone here please explain this to me??? I have no idea what is going on, all I know is I want a baby and I've done all the pee strips, basal body crap, test this, test that, standing on the head, and dancing to the fertility goddess I can handle. I'm ready to scream......
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I was very worried about s/e, as well.

I started my first Clomid cycle recently. Tonight will be my 4th 50mg Clomid pill.

I really had to talk myself into taking that first pill.

I have had some headaches and have felt more warm than usual at times, but I wouldn't call them hot flashes, as I haven't broken out in a sweat. I really don't know, I am normally cold much of the time, so it's kind of welcome.

If I don't fall asleep pretty quickly after I take the pill, things get a little weird - I see some tracers of light when I close my eyes, and I think "strange" things, like, just super-weird. I can only explain it like I'm dreaming but I'm in that semi-awake state. So...I have been trying to take the pill when I'm dead tired to avoid it, cuz it's a little too weird.

As far as my mood, oddly enough, I've been much mellower than normal. And, I have more energy. I don't know why my mood is more stable, if it's the clomid or not, but I'm totally cool with it!

I'll be back to edit if I have more s/e.

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