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BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 04:03 PM 03-15-2009
Lady - Because of the over stimming I had to take the entire time off between ER and ET. So I ended up going back to work the day after ET. I was a little worried since I didn't take any extra bedrest time, but I couldn't find any data that said more/less bedrest made any difference.

Mommielove - Sorry to hear about your BFN Sounds like your RE is changing up your protocol so you have lots more follies!

Poet - Nice work on the follies!! Good luck with the IM shots! I was lucky enough to avoid those, but from what I have heard they aren't as bad as they seem. Nonetheless, I would have been a little anxious about it...

J'smom - Congrats on AF...so weird to say!

Lucky - Do you know your stim protocol yet, or is Dr. S. waiting on your suppression check next week?

Wtg - I never thought giving myself shots would be exciting, but I completely understand. Try not to have too much fun!

B'smom - Hope you get your drugs soon! What a horrible time to have a shipment get lost!

Abee - GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! : : I hope everything goes well and you get to see that wonderful

wtg4miracle's Avatar wtg4miracle 07:35 PM 03-15-2009
We are one active bunch here. I can't leave for one day and have to catch up. You know I feel so much better today cause the weather reached 54F in great upstate NY. (thats considered warm after having 10F or below for the past months) DH and I went to the farmers market and went shopping around downtown. It felt so good to get out into the fresh air. It helped keep my mind off of things for a while.

Mommielove--so sorry for what you are going through. You have a great positive attitude. I read your story and my heart sank for you. Its good now that your RE is changing your plans inorder to kick you ovaires in the butt. I keep saying to myself I am not going to give up until I get my BFP also. So I am trying my best to stay positive and to keep on hoping.

Poet--I read you have 16 follies growing. This is really exciting. Did you know ahead of time how many follies you had. I was wondering if they did Antral Follicle Count (AFC) on you before you started stiming. I would like to compare what they saw on the us vs what you are getting now. I have no advice on the IM shot. Never done it to myself. The nurse would inject my Depo-Provera IM in my butt.

Julia's mom --Congrats on the AF, I knew it would come sooner or later.

LadyLaura--This must be so hard to have this added concern with PGD. What I have read you will have some good embryos to put back in after testing all the embryos. The more eggs you have the better percentage you have in getting good embryos. I know how you feel with all the uncertainly with the scheduling and taking time off. I wish I knew ahead of time exactly my dates to take off but we will never know for sure once we are in the process. Its hard to tell my boss I need this day off and this day off when I will be proably giving them a few days notice.

boojas mom--did the meds arrive yet?

Hello to everyone here.
poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 10:28 PM 03-15-2009
Yay Julia's Mom : for AF! How exciting that the stims will start soon. Fingers crossed for your suppression check!

Sarah, Thinking of you tomorrow and wishing everything wonderful.

MommieLove, So So sorry to hear this. My sister's last ivf try had both inject and clomid. As I understood, it was a good treatment for low response esp. when the woman passed the CCT. Sounds like you're going for a super healthy pre-month. You asked for suggestions...you might add: kombucha, royal jelly, wheatgrass and chlorella to your plan. I was v. worried about poor response and did all these things as per the "Infertiity Cure" by Randine Lewis.

Wtng, My AFC was 10 on the baseline u/s. It's usually more like 15 so I was a little worried. But we saw 20 follies on the next u/s. They haven't all grown but pretty good, just slow. Hope that helps.

Day 9 of stims for me, just trucking along.
Perdita_in_Ontario's Avatar Perdita_in_Ontario 11:54 PM 03-15-2009
HI everyone - wow a lot of new posts!

Julia's Mom - yay for AF! Roll on the crazies!

Mommielove - so sorry to read your story, and hopefully the next chapter is a good one.

Lady - I would definitely take of beta if you can. You're going to be a big bag of emotions one way or the other. I took off 2 weeks first cycle, starting with the heavy part of the stims and continuing a week after ET, and BFP. Next cycle with ET, I didn't take more than a couple of days off, and BFN. Who knows whether there's any correlation, but just in case, I'm going off work between start of stims and beta this time...

Poet - grow follies grow! This could be your cycle!

Waves to everyone..

AFM, I heard on Friday on another forum where a bunch of women from my clinic hang out that our clinic lost a couple of lab staff members in February, and that they cut back the number of cycles this month to compensate, rather than push their current staff and potentially cause errors. I guess I got unlucky. Sure wish they could have told me that when they told me I was bumped - still frustrating, but at least I feel now that there is an explanation other than that they were just blowing smoke last month. AF is gone now, so I have less than a month until I start my cycle *for sure*. My in-laws come for a visit next week, so that will keep my mind off things!

Have a good week everyone..
Leewoss's Avatar Leewoss 12:19 AM 03-16-2009
Wow - this thread moves fast

Booja's Mom - the baby aspirin is to thin out your blood and help increase the success of implantation. You only need 1 a day and the studies show it has a good impact on IVF success. I included a bit down below:

Aspirin Studies
Recently, a number of different studies have been performed on the use of aspirin to increase fertility. Women who had experienced multiple miscarriages and who were undergoing IVF treatment were given low doses of aspirin daily. Subsequent pregnancy rates were then compared to pregnancy rates produced by women who received no aspirin therapy. Surpisingly, more than 45% of those women taking aspirin during treatment became pregnant, while only 28% of those women not taking aspirin were able to conceive.

Recent aspirin studies also show that aspirin may be helpful in increasing pregnancy rates in all women. Aspirin appears to increase the activity of the ovaries, allowing them to release multiple eggs during ovulation. It also appears to increase blood flow to the uterus, allowing for a thicker and healthier uterine lining.

WTG4 - You know, it's funny, but I am not sure about the estrogen patches. I will tell you that they are a big pain in my ---- - I would much rather have the shots! They leave these sticky marks on your body that do not scrub off!! I know that I was on 2 automatically, but then after my bloodwork test, the doc increased it to 3 patches.

Poetgirl - I was so nervous before the IM shot too. Not just the HCG, but the progesterone that followed it. The nurse told me they were easier, though, than the lupron/menopur/follistim shots - and you know what? They were I don't know if it's the ice or heating pad, but I don't even feel those suckers. I know you will be okay

Ladylaura - For time off, I did take an extra day after the retrieval because I don't react well to anesthesia of any kind. What I would recommend most, though, is to take a few extra days off after the transfer. My doc only told me one day of bed rest, but the nurse mentioned implant can happen anywhere between 24-48 hours later, so I did an extra day to be safe

Mommielove - I am sorry...I know how frustrating it can be to feel like things are not in motion, as you want them to be. Rest assured though, it will all come out right in the end

Ladies, I had a few quick questions. Does anyone know how to get the darn sticky residue from the estrogen patches off? No amount of scrubbing seems to work and my tummy looks like a patchwork quilt! Also, if you have a progesterone suppository, and it breaks, do you still put it in? I am running out because the darn things keep breaking!

Tomorrow morning I go back for a follow-up blood test! Wish me luck
luckyIVF's Avatar luckyIVF 04:37 AM 03-16-2009
[QUOTE=BellyBean;13369199]Lucky - Do you know your stim protocol yet, or is Dr. S. waiting on your suppression check next week?

Belly Bean - Thanks for asking, I'm starting Lupron on the 17th (two days, yikes). I stop BCPs on the 25th and then start stims on the 30th if the suppression check is ok. If all goes as planned ER on 4/9 or thereabouts. What's the next step for you? When do you get released to the regular OB?

Leewoss- thanks for the info on aspirin. I have been taking baby aspirin since starting BCPs mostly because they decrease the risk of bloodclots with estrogen. My neighbor did IVF and said that she used baby aspirin, too. : GL tomorrow.

Poet - When's ER? Should be just around the corner, huh.
poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 01:12 PM 03-16-2009
Had another u/s today. This really fluctuates. Sat. I had 16 follies between 8 and 15 mm and we upped my stim dose.
Today I had 5 that were over 14, and a ton under that, but I'm getting close to the end of my stim time, so everyone better catch up. I have a lot that are 10-13. Must keep visualizing my egg baskets filling. Come on little ones!

So now I believe ER and ET will happen either Thurs/Sat or Fri/Sun. It's nice to get over the weekend and the first weekend of Spring no less.

I'm so glad we're all doing Spring IVF, when the world echoes a nice fertile vibe.:

LeeWoss, Did you use the ice before and the heat after the PIO shot?

Today they tell me I could have used Ovidrel and prog. supps instead of all this IM stuff. Said I could still use the P supps. if I want to. I do want to, but the thing is, I do have low progesterone and I'd hate for choosing the supps. to be the reason why this doesn't take. :
booja's mom's Avatar booja's mom 02:24 PM 03-16-2009
Hi Ladies,

Boy this was a busy weekend.... Sorry but I don't think I can fully catch up on this thread... But I'll try

Poet: Go follies go....Nice slow stimming is the way to go : I agree that spring is the right time to do this... Or at least I hope. Leewoss - Thanks for the info on the baby ASA. I'll ask my nurse when I go in for my baseline.

Mommielove - I am so sorry

Perdita - it's good to have an explanation and I am glad you have something to distract you for the next 3 weeks.

Sarah - How was your u/s???/ Sending you :

LauraLady - I am sorry for the extra added stress that PGD brings. Hang in there. Also you asked about Lupron I have to say that out of all the drugs this is the one that makes me loopy... last time I had hot flashes.. mood swings it was nutty. But I am glad that the other gals had much better reactions so here to a better outcome this time .

So I finally got my meds just in time to refrigerate the follistim. DH was so nice and saw how stressed I was and dealt with FedEx. Still waiting for full AF I've been spotting which I never do but no flow. I just want to get this party started why can't my uterus cooperate.

Hope you are all doing well... Hi to everyone I might have missed.

Julia'sMom's Avatar Julia'sMom 02:28 PM 03-16-2009
Poet - Keep on visualizing. I love the egg basket idea! Great for easter. : Did you happen to have different techs for the u/s? I know my count and size varies based upon who does the scan, since the measurements are not exact thru u/s. Also, the first time I had more retrieved than they scanned at my last u/s. :

Yeah, I love doing this in the Spring. It gives me such a good positive feeling, which was something I was never quite able to acheive last time.

I don't know if P supps are just as stong as the shots, but it's worth asking if that's a concern of yours. I do know that, even with insurance, the suppositories are a heck of a lot more expensive than the shots. I'm so blessed, I get to do both. :

Clara - Yeah for meds! Boo for af. It showed for me, so I hope it's on the way to your door next.
Pearl1 04:11 PM 03-16-2009
hi ladies - just popping in quickly to say we've got a heartbeat!!! ::: thank you for all of the good wishes and support, it meant the world to me!

i'll be back later for personals - its 2pm already and i haven't gotten to work yet!

Julia'sMom's Avatar Julia'sMom 04:36 PM 03-16-2009
Sarah - : : : I'm so happy for you! : I'm assuming this means it's only one? With your numbers, I was almost expecting triplets. :
ladylaura's Avatar ladylaura 07:00 PM 03-16-2009
Originally Posted by abeecharmer View Post
hi ladies - just popping in quickly to say we've got a heartbeat!!! ::: thank you for all of the good wishes and support, it meant the world to me!

i'll be back later for personals - its 2pm already and i haven't gotten to work yet!

Leewoss's Avatar Leewoss 07:36 PM 03-16-2009
Hi Ladies

Hope you are all having good days!

LuckyIVF - Thanks for the positive vibes - they worked! The nurse called today and said HCG is over 1,000 now, still doubling as it should.

Poet - I am so excited for you! I would definitely ice before and heat after the IM. Funny enough, my hubby used an icee pop for the ice and it worked like a charm - maybe too much so, because it hurt more than the shot did! Like Julia'sMom - I too, had the IM and suppository form of progesterone - both working fine. In fact, the doctor today said I have to continue the progesterone supp. and estrogen patches until 10 weeks so I had to order a boatload more!

Clara - Congrats on the meds box! I will never forget my DH's face when he saw the size of that sucker

Sarah - Congratulations!! That is such an awesome milestone - gives us all hope

Bad luck for me today, I think I fought my first bout of morning (rather late afternoon) sickness, and am in no mood to go to class at ASU tonight. Ah well, better brace for it! G'night all
wtg4miracle's Avatar wtg4miracle 08:40 PM 03-16-2009
abeecharmer--congrats on the heartbeat. Now you can relax and enjoy:

perdita-- now at least you know the full story of why you were pushed backed. It would of been nice if they were upfront with you but at least you know that they were thinking of your best interests. You don't want your embies getting the bummed deal with short staff.

leewoss--try using nail polish remover to get the sticky stuff off. This was the first thought that came off of my head. I have to say thanks for giving us alot of info on aspirin and scheduling time off for ER and ET.

LuckyIVf--gl with the lupron tomorrow. I will be following you next week. My start date for Lupron is the 24th.

poetgirl--its never easy, is it? This last us is so different from the last one. I am thinking in the same terms as Julia's mom. If there is different techs they definetly there will be subjective measurements. This is what I am going to go through once I get to this stage. I see so many nurses and techs I know for sure I will be going through this misconstrued egg number and sizes. I wish I knew which is better progesterone IM or vag supp. I will look into this and see. Good question though. I have vial of vag supp my RE ordered, not the IM. I have to look into this. Love your analogy of spring, bringing on new growth. New beginnings.

boojas mom--phew the meds came in. Are you going to stim soon?

julias mom-- for af

AFM--nothing much changed here. Same old me. Just in bcp land for now. BORING!! I have question,does most of the protocols out there take the bcp for 21 days, get AF, and start Lupron a week or so (give or take) from the last bcp. I just want to make sure I am doing this right.
poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 10:20 PM 03-16-2009
Thanks J's Mom, LeeWoss and Wtng!
I did have diff. tech and then my E2 came back as 1800 so something is going on in there! Love my horoscope today: "It's all about endurance now. You'll be able to do anything for any length of time."I am feeling that! Day 10 of Stims, and I'm up to 450 iu of the follistim. Plan is to go in tomorrow again for bw/us.
My ivf nurse said the PIO gets into your bloodstream more easily, so we will try it. If it's horrible, I can switch, but since everyone says it's not as bad as they thought, I better try it, esp. since I do have low prog.

Sarah, Yahoos all around

Clara, So glad you got your meds, now where's Flo?? : Soon I hope!

Wtng, I started the Lupron a week before getting AF.

Hello to Everyone Else!
wtg4miracle's Avatar wtg4miracle 10:33 PM 03-16-2009
Poet--I am still reading about the progesterone. You got me thinking here I was reading that none of us will produce progesterone cause they suck up all the contents in the follicle. The follicle is empty cause the RE will get all the fluid out and the cells are removed also that produce prog. All IVFers have to supplement. Now the question which method is better. I am now thinking I should ask for PIO.
BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 10:50 PM 03-16-2009
Congratulations on the heartbeat Sarah!! : :
luckyIVF's Avatar luckyIVF 05:59 AM 03-17-2009
Congrats Sarah and Leewoss!!!:::: You guys are such an inspiration for all of us IVFers. Leewoss - I'll take the "bad luck" of morning sickness anyday!

WTG - Thanks for remembering that I'm starting Lupron tomorrow. How do you keep up with everyone?!

I'm actually a little apprehensive about starting the Lupron since I was "oversupressed" last cycle. I am trying to stay positive and just trust the meds and the protocol.

Happy st pattys day everyone!
Pearl1 12:46 PM 03-17-2009
this thread moves so fast, i can barely keep up with ya'll!!

j'smom - yay for starting stims!! : how are they going? when is your first u/s?

wtg - what part of upstate ny do you live in? (well, i guess that's a pretty personal question on a public forum). we lived in ithaca for three years while i was in grad school and i miss it SO much. we dream of moving back someday... anyhow, your bcp/lupron protocol sounds very, very similar to mine, sounds like you are doing everything right to me!

poet - grow, follies, grow!! sounds like you do have a basketful growing! my doc thinks the IM progesterone is better, for what its worth. i dont think the shots are too bad (most of the time).

perdita - that's good to hear about the reasons you were bumped. i was still steaming for you, but with the explaination it is (a little) more understandable.

clara - hope af shows for you soon, so you can get moving!

thanks to everyone for the good wishes, ya'll rock!

poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 02:01 PM 03-17-2009
Back from u/s again. Well I have 21 follies but only 7 of them are mature (over 14, and they span from 14-21mm). Harumph. It's not the best, but it's not the worst either. The IVF process could very well have told us that I am going into premature ovarian failure as it did my sister, and that is not the case. I am responding. So that is very good. Perhaps all that extra Lupron is now causing all the follies to be a bit sluggish? I will get the plan this afternoon after my E2 comes in. Positive for now. I am doing all I can.
booja's mom's Avatar booja's mom 02:19 PM 03-17-2009
Sarah - Congrats!! That first glimpse of the heatbeat is so special ::::

Poet - 7 follies sounds pretty good. Good Luck on your U/S

wtg - I am on bcp for 14 days and then lupron and bcp together for another 2 weeks . Af is supposed to show when I stop the bcp but I stay on the lupron for the first few days of stimming. Is this more or less what other people are doing?

I finally got to CD 1 hurray..... I called the clinic last night so I am just waiting for a call to know what in the world I am doing next. Holly Crap I am so scared....

Happy St. Patty's day everyone.

Perdita_in_Ontario's Avatar Perdita_in_Ontario 02:39 PM 03-17-2009
Sarah - a heartbeat! That is the best! Congrats!

Poet - don't forget that the follies will even continue to grow after trigger, so they've got time yet... and it only takes one...

I'm wondering about the PIO shots too - I think I will ask later in the cycle. I've always taken the supps, but if the PIO is better...
poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 03:09 PM 03-17-2009
Thanks Perdita and Clara! This thread has been a lifeline here!
I Just got the PLAN!
My estradiol went up from 1800 to 2450 from yesterday to today.
I do one more stim tonight in the hopes of some of those 12s and 13s getting into range, Wed. is the trigger shot (3/18), The retrieval is Friday (3/20) and the transfer is Sunday (3/22)


Clara, : for AF!
booja's mom's Avatar booja's mom 03:22 PM 03-17-2009
OMG! Poet that is great news. Love that the eggies are going to be fertilized on the first day of Spring. That is so cool.::::
Pearl1 03:36 PM 03-17-2009
clara - yay for getting started!!!! : i was on lupron the entire time i stimmed and only overlapped the bcps/lupron for 3 or 4 days. i think protocols vary pretty widely by clinic...

poet - woohoo!!! im so excited for your ER on friday! perdita makes a good point, the follies will continue to grow right up to retrieval. are you going to transfer 2 embryos?

poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 03:44 PM 03-17-2009
Thanks Everyone!
Sarah, We are going to transfer 2 embryos if they are good quality. If they are so-so or poor, we are doing 3. :
Perdita_in_Ontario's Avatar Perdita_in_Ontario 05:19 PM 03-17-2009
Oh, Poet, first day of spring.. that's... poetic I don't know if you know any of the pagan spring rituals, but of course spring is THE time for renewal, and fertility, new life, etc... what could be better? :
wtg4miracle's Avatar wtg4miracle 08:37 PM 03-17-2009
Poet--I am so excited for you. Your E2 levels are fantastic. It must be a relief to know that they will be retrieving at least 12 eggs. This is great news. I am so happy for you, esp you know you have a definate plan in action. Wishing the best ER for you. Those are going to be big eggos soon!

LuckyIVF--I am one week behind you in starting my Lupron. This will be my first shot I ever gave to myself. I am afraid of the surpression part. I have old eggs so they might have a hard time waking up.

booja's mom--thats what I am exactly doing with my bcp and lupron. They had me start sooner than cd21.

abeecharmer--I am in the capital district area (Albany) I know Ithaca, been there a few times visiting or driving by.

AFM: Still hum drum, boring. I am still in bcp land for now but I looking foward in starting my Lupron next week. I am so excited. But dh is not so excited. He asked me if I am sure that I want to do this. He feels so bad that I will be succumbing to injecting myself with meds everyday and along with numerous bw and us. He's starting to feel really upset with the whole process. I think it hit him hard when the docs told us IVF was the only way. I processed the idea of IVF, somewhat. I am willing to do anything to get my baby. I thought it was kind of odd for him to be worrying about me.
by-the-lake's Avatar by-the-lake 09:33 PM 03-17-2009
Just stopping by to say.....YEAH POET!!!!!::: Keep the good news coming.....everyone!
wtg4miracle's Avatar wtg4miracle 10:03 PM 03-17-2009
by-the-lake-nice to see you stop in. How are you doing? I see your ticker and you are 5 weeks now!

I just made an appt tomorrow for AP. I have no clue what I am getting into now. Where do they put the needles? My belly is not the best place, it has some fluff to it ykwim. I am little nervous about showing my skin!
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