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TinyMama's Avatar TinyMama 11:10 PM 03-11-2010
Hi everyone.

My OBGYN has offered the ubiquitous Clomid rx, and I'm not sure whether I should take it.

DH had severe MF (0% normal morphology). We were told we had a 0% chance of getting pg naturally. We charted and tried for DD for 2 years, then DH had a varicocelectomy. The first month afterwards, before it was supposed to have worked, I got pg. Go figure. (Of course, the urologist assumes it was all b/c of him.)

We've been trying for a/b 1 yr for #2, with no luck. DH had a SA that was borderline normal, which we both find hard to believe b/c the varicocele is completely back. I was all clear on the tests before DD, and I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating now.

So...should I take the Clomid? I haven't talked w/my OB a/b it at length yet, but why would I take a drug that makes me ovulate if our problem is MF, and I'm ovulating already? Or is there something I'm not getting here?


TinyMama's Avatar TinyMama 11:13 PM 03-11-2010
Hmmm...maybe this should have been in TTC? Mods, please move if appropriate.
lifeguard's Avatar lifeguard 01:08 AM 03-12-2010
If you're ovulating I cannot see how clomid would help your situation & could be detrimental to your own health.
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 02:27 AM 03-12-2010
IF MF is your dx, I don't understand the Clomid.
TinyMama's Avatar TinyMama 10:56 AM 03-12-2010
Thank you both for confirming that. I guess I'll go straight to an RE at this point, although I'm curious to hear the OB's justification for Clomid.
CharlottesWeb's Avatar CharlottesWeb 01:27 PM 03-12-2010
I would deff. consult with an RE if your insurance will cover it. It sounds to me like the issue may be more with DH then you. I don't really see what an OB can do in the way of helping DH. Clomid will help in producing more follicles, but if there are not any swimmers to fertilize them, then what isthat really doing?

Wish you the best and hope you are able to get some good medical advice from an RE. I would not spend the time with an OB...may jus end up prolonging the time it will take you and DH to conceive.

TinyMama's Avatar TinyMama 11:38 PM 03-12-2010
Thanks, CharlottesWeb. I made our referral appointments (to the RE) today.
lesliesara63's Avatar lesliesara63 01:15 AM 03-13-2010
Good luck - I definitely agree that an RE is your best bet.
Aly22681's Avatar Aly22681 01:34 AM 03-14-2010
Humm, I am a little shocked by the other womens responses. Clomid does NOT make you ovulate. Clomid only helps you produce more/better quality eggs each month. Clomid seems like the LOGICAL choice to me especially if you do not want to move immediately to IUI or IVF.

Clomid causes you to produce MORE follicles if taken early on in your cycle (CD 3-7) or better quality if taken later (cd 5-9). If your DH has a low but still "normal" SA it would help you to have more than one chance of an egg getting fertilized each month. However this would up your chances of multiples. So that is a personal choice on whether you are willing to chance that.

Am I missing something here??? Do you think his SA is wrong? I'm confused.

I agree with the other ladies though that you SHOULD see an RE, however it is likely that they will automatically suggest IUI or IVF.

I wish you nothing but the best, GOOD LUCK! I actually hope your get a surprise natural miracle BFP soon IF sucks!
Tear78's Avatar Tear78 12:16 PM 03-14-2010
It sounds like you've already made your decision for the RE, which I think is smart. I just want to address the clomid thing: I agree with the previous poster, and there has been lots of good advice so far! I was given clomid by my OB without monitoring and it was a big mistake. It probably aggravated an endometroid cyst I had that I never knew was there. Clomid use should definitely be monitored closely. That being said, my RE is now recommending clomid for me because it will help me develop more mature eggs. I already ovulate on my own, but there's a possibility the egg quality is not strong enough. Also, more follicles = a better chance for those spermies. Good luck, and I hope the RE helps you find answers!

and for what it's worth, I think it was a smart idea to post this in infertility. I wouldn't recommend moving it, as far as my own sensibilities go.
TinyMama's Avatar TinyMama 04:38 PM 03-15-2010
Aly: That's an interesting response. But it seems to me that since there's (presumably) 1 viable egg each cycle, then all Clomid would do is up the chances of multiples--NOT up the chances of fertilization.

Also, we do think the SA is wrong, fwiw. The varicocele is all back, and worse than before. It seems impossible that the 0% morphology is almost normal now, with what appears to be a relapse of the veins.

Tear: Thank you.
Aly22681's Avatar Aly22681 12:49 PM 03-16-2010
Your right, clomid will up your chances of multiples. However it will also give you more targets each month for the sperm to hit. Clomid is almost ALWAYS the first step in treating IF, both MF and FF. While I don't necessarily agree with that, that is just he way it works, so I can see why your Dr offered you the script.

Getting the varicocele fixed again should definitely be what the RE focuses on, especially since it worked for you guys the first time. I have zero experience with that. So I can't even comment on anything about, that but I hope it works out for you.

The only reason I commented on this thread was because you mentioned in your first post that "why would I take a drug that makes me ovulate". Clomid does not make you ovulate, it only help grow more/better quality follicles.
If your husband has zero or VERY low sperm then your are 100% right the clomid probably wouldn't help at all. However if it was boarderline normal, then even though you are ovulating on your own, clomid could still help.

BEST OF LUCK. Oh and for the record, I HATE clomid so I am in no way encouraging you to take it. I personally avoid it at all costs. I just hate seeing the myth that clomid makes women ovulate.
TinyMama's Avatar TinyMama 01:43 PM 03-16-2010
Thanks for clarifying, Aly. That makes sense.

Our appt. with the RE is tomorrow--they had a cancellation, yay!--so we'll see what he says.