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Skyler's Avatar Skyler 12:22 AM 04-12-2010
Hi All,

Based on my charting I have diagnosed myself with Luteal Phase Defect, because I have spotting throughout my cycle and also my luteal phase seems to be between 6-8 days (I've only charted for a few months, but I have always had a lot of spotting). I usually have spotting, then about 5 days of light flow followed by about 2-3 days of heavy flow.

Husband and I have only actively tried to get pregnant for two months, so I hope that no one gets offended that I am posting here in infertility, but I thought you ladies might be able to help. I know it takes some time for many to get pregnant and I am not feeling too stressed about it, I just want to try and be pro-active since it seems obvious that something could be wrong. I made a Dr. appt just to check in with my GP, and I started taking B6 a few days ago.

Anyone experience this? Any advice?

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

gen24's Avatar gen24 07:15 PM 04-12-2010
I experienced this (8-9 day LP) but I think it was related to the fact that i was still breastfeeding. I didn't spot throughout my cycle though. I tried the B6 for 1 cycle and it brought my LP to 10 days. Since I'm not very patient, I started taking vitex on top of B6 and got pregnant right away.
It's a good thing you get it checked out by a GP though I'm not sure if they are very knowledgeable about charting and LP defect...(even my OB didn't seem to understand my chart)
Skyler's Avatar Skyler 12:50 PM 04-13-2010
Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I also have gotten impatient already, and bought some Vitex last night I was reading about some other symptoms associated with low progesterone and I have all of them! Fibrous breast tissue, swollen/tender breasts, cold all the time, terrible PMS, spotting, short LP. I never talked to my OB about these symptoms much previously because I thought the only thing she would tell me is "go on birth control" and I didn't want to.

I am not feeling impatient to get pregnant, really, since we have not been trying that long, but I know that some of these herbs/vitamins can take a few months to take effect and so I don't want to waste any time when it seems there is obviously a problem. So, we'll see!
gen24's Avatar gen24 06:09 PM 04-13-2010
yes I also heard that vitex can take 2-3 months to take effect so if it doesn't change your LP the first month it's no big deal. I also read that vitex can help with PMS so it would probably be good for you. If you get pregnant though, I would check my progesterone levels because if it's too low I think you could lose the baby so talk to your OB about it.
Good luck!!
pollyanna123's Avatar pollyanna123 04:06 PM 04-30-2010
I charted to TTA pregnancy, so I was also aware that my cycles weren't typical. They were a typical length (32 days), but I didn't ovulate until CD20-26 and then had a short luteal phase with spotting before my period. I went to the OB and had my progesterone tested at 7dpo (the CD21 test) and it was low. Dh and I had been TTC unsuccessfully, although, like you, not for very long. MY OB prescribed progesterone suppositories and we conceived my DD the first month using them.