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tryingfortwo's Avatar tryingfortwo 11:42 PM 12-09-2010

Hi ladies!


Quick summary - trying for 2 years, cycles are regular, all basic tests look fine for both DH and I.  So we're dealing with unexplained secondary infertility (DS was conceived 3.5 years ago on the first month we tried).  DS has finally stopped nursing, so this opens some doors for anything we want to try to help conceive.  Prior to his weaning, I obviously couldn't take meds, and I was reluctant to pay for acupuncture when I thought his nursing might be the reason I wasn't getting pregnant.  So anyways, I am now considering both of these options, but I'm not sure which route to go.  Obviously my #1 goal is to get pregnant...


I'm not opposed to Clomid, but I guess I'm not totally gung-ho to take meds if I don't need to.  My cycles are on the shorter side (usually 24-26 days), and I think my luteal phase is about 10 days long (occasionally 11 days).  So this could be an issue - but I did get PG with DS when my luteal phase was only 11 days long, so it could also not be an issue.


I've heard good things about acupuncture for fertility, but it seems a little less guaranteed.  Not saying that Clomid has any guarantees either, but maybe it has a higher percentage of success?  Acupuncture would likely be better for me as a whole (relaxing, stress-relieving, etc.), but much more expensive.  And again, #1 priority is to get PG.


Not sure I would do both - mainly because if I'm doing Clomid, then I wouldn't want to spend even more money on acupuncture if it's not necessary.  But I guess doing both would really hedge my bets.  I wonder if Clomid is just a generic copay?


Anyways, sorry for rambling - just looking for some thoughts as I try to make a decision.  Ideally, I'm PG right now and will get a BFP next week, and then I don't have to decide anything ;)  It's my first cycle since DS weaned, so who knows?


TIA for your comments!

bella99's Avatar bella99 08:19 PM 12-16-2010

Why not try Acupuncture for awhile and then if it doesn't work on its own, try it in conjunction with Clomid.


I would consider setting a timeline for how long to try the Acupuncture and then turning to more traditional treatments if you don't see progress.

skimmilf's Avatar skimmilf 08:34 PM 12-16-2010

No real advice but wanted to wish you good luck, and also let you know that I am a clomid it worked well for my mom. :)