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callieollie's Avatar callieollie 11:18 AM 01-28-2011

I know it helps for people who are not ovulating but is it helpful if you are? We've been ttc for over a year and had an early loss at 5 1/2 weeks in March 2010 and I just had another loss (a blighted ovum/missed miscarriage) this month.  Baby was not seen at 7 weeks and I had a D&C at 9 weeks.  


I have had some tests done so far and all they have found is low progesterone. I was on it for this second loss so I'm thinking that wasn't an issue this time.  It seems chromosomal to me so I'm wondering if I have bad eggs or something.  Dh had a SA and he was fine. We also have 2 children at home who were conceived first cycle trying.  Does Clomid help for egg quality? I have read that but I'm not sure how it does that. I've also read that luteal phase defects are sometimes due to problems in the first part of the cycle as opposed to just progesterone after ovulation so that progesterone supplements don't help and that Clomid can. Anyone know if that's true?  I know my day 3 tests I had done (I think FSH and I'm not sure what else) were fine.  Just trying to see if Clomid would be helpful for me or not. Thanks!