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dance's Avatar dance 06:58 PM 02-11-2011


I got pregnant with my 3rd IUI ( in  a natural cycle) and then had a beta at 16 dpo which came back at 93.


Then I had another beta at 18 dpo and it was 153.

So it rose but it did not double and they are not saying it is definitely bad, but they are also not saying definitely good.


I am getting another beta next thursday, and it is a long wait.  Can anyone give me any input.  I spoke to a friend who is a nurse in a fertility clinic and she actually said that for sure it was bad!  I was devastated! Then I called the clinic and they said there is still a chance.


By the way estrogen and progesterone looked good both times on a positive note!


Thank you!

Jane's Avatar Jane 07:21 PM 02-11-2011

It's Limbo-ish.  It's not good or bad. 

lesliesara63's Avatar lesliesara63 09:46 AM 02-12-2011

I have had better and worse betas and had things go both ways. It really is unfortunately a wait and see situation. Good luck waiting until Thursday.

dance's Avatar dance 02:14 PM 02-12-2011

thanks for the responses...


So if things didn't go well for me, would I most likely miscarry naturally then? Or is that also impossible to know.

dance's Avatar dance 08:40 PM 02-15-2011

I was wanting to 'monitor' my hcg levels with an OPK I had lying around and it was not positive... I did have a positive on an OPK on 15 dpo so I know it's possible.

Kind of losing all hope here.

dance's Avatar dance 10:34 PM 02-17-2011

Yesterday I did a HPT which was negative and the labs came back as HCG 10 today. They told me to stop the progesterone and then I can come back and try again after a full cycle.

Just wanted to give the update.

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 10:07 AM 02-18-2011

I'm so sorry. 

lesliesara63's Avatar lesliesara63 08:56 PM 02-18-2011

I am so sorry for your loss.