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adorabelle's Avatar adorabelle 05:15 PM 03-02-2011

This is my first cycle using Clomid and I used 50mg on days 3-7.  I'm on day 14 and my cervical fluid hasn't been very prominent at all this cycle.  I'm soooo worried it's not going to work for me.  I know there's still a good possibility that I will ovulate, but I've never done it before, so I guess that's why I am doubtful.  However, I did take the Clomid for a reason and it does work, so maybe I should stop worrying.  I am scared that my worrying is making me not ovulate. Ugh, I am so confused.


I didn't really have side effects from the Clomid except for horrible headaches every afternoon.  That's another reason I am worried it won't work.


Here's my chart: I'd appreciate any advice greatly!  Please tell me I am being impatient :)



BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 05:39 PM 03-02-2011

Hi. Clomid is known for reducing cervical mucus.  Whenever I have used it (days 3-7), I ovulated on day 16 or 17.  So it could be just around the corner!  Good Luck!!

adorabelle's Avatar adorabelle 05:04 AM 03-03-2011

Thanks! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and try to relax a little :)

leilamom's Avatar leilamom 06:26 PM 03-08-2011

My first round of Clomid was 100mg, didn't work.  So, now we are going to 150mg.  I will get a sonogram next week to see if any of those little follicles are growing.  We are also doing in conjuction with IUI...so we are bypassing the whole cervical fluid issue.

cp1538's Avatar cp1538 12:38 PM 03-15-2011

I too am in my first cycle of using clomid.It too took 50 mg. on days 3-7. I know how stressful and scary it is to wait and hope and pray that it will work. It's about all I can think about at times. I hope that it works for you! I received my first positive on an ovulation kit ever!!!!!! It showed positive on days 11-13 of my cycle. I thought that was a bit early, but it never showed positive again after those 3 days. I hope it works for you!!!!!!! I hope that soon all of us will be sharing the joys of pregnancy rather than the despairs of infertility. 

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 08:58 PM 03-18-2011
Hi, I'm on my third cycle with Clomid (sniff) and I am hyper responsive to Clomid- I usually get multiple follicles but my lining gets really thin. Last month, I had a lining of 5mm and this month, I have a lining of 5mm again. I'm usually ready by day 10, according to the sonograms. Adorabelle, I hope it makes you feel better to know that I experienced almost no side effects from Clomid (I was taking 100mg for the first 2 months and 50mg this last month). I may have experienced light nausea due to Clomid but it could have been due to many other things as well.

I, too, experienced a lack of cervical mucus on Clomid. I used mucinex in hopes that my cervical mucus would be ok, even though I also get an IUI, which I'm getting tomorrow. Hmm better go take my mucinex now!

CP1538, are you in you 2ww now?

Good luck ladies!!
cp1538's Avatar cp1538 04:12 PM 03-19-2011

Hey Renavoo, 

    I am indeed still waiting! Today is day 28 for me!


So I have a question for anyone who might know. I found out I have mono and bronchitis about 2 weeks ago. They put me on some "safe" meds in case I am pregnant. One of the meds is a cough syrup. In the notes it said to tell your doctor if you are testing for pregnancy b/c it could impair the testing. I have been on the cough syrup for almost two weeks now.... Do you think I could be pregnant, but just testing negative b/c of this medicine? 

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 08:07 AM 03-20-2011

Hmm I've never heard about that! What is the active ingredient in the cough syrup? I wonder how that works!

cp1538's Avatar cp1538 01:22 PM 03-20-2011

The cough syrup is called promethazine with codeine syrup. When I read the papers that it came with and when I looked on drugs.com at the bottom is also says this: 


"Promethazine/Codeine Syrup may interfere with certain lab tests, including certain enzyme levels and certain pregnancy tests. Be sure your doctor and lab personnel know you are taking Promethazine/Codeine Syrup."








I didn't know if I was being to hopeful to think that I was only getting a negative result b/c of this. Today is day 29 of my cycle. 

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 03:50 PM 03-20-2011

ugh, you know what's annoying? According to a few sources, it could increase OR decrease your hcg levels!!  Why is everything so complicated?!





Regardless, GOOD LUCK! It's still possible!!



cp1538's Avatar cp1538 09:54 AM 03-22-2011

So, it's day 32 for me. Still no period, but the pregnancy test is still negative. The doctor is starting me on my next round of provera and clomid. I'm really hoping it will work the second time around. Fingers crossed!!!!!!

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 08:40 AM 03-23-2011

Good luck, CP!!!