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i was wondering if any other women out there are taking clomid. 


im on my first cycle and id love to chat with other women about the effects, risks, side effects and excitement. 




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This will be my first cycle of Clomid too! I start it on CD3, which is Saturday since today is CD1. I also have my first Acupuncture appointment schedule for Saturday! I'm glad you started this thread, I was hoping to talk to more ladies on Clomid!

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yeah! i know 2 more in the ttc foum, not sure how long they have been ttc, but im at about 13 months now. 


so here's what my clomid experience has been like so far:

took it cd3-7. im on 50mg. 

not being monitered (very small town, and the doc is confident that ill know if something is wrong) ...not how i would do it but hopefully it all goes well. *sigh*

the clomid days my temp spiked up to post o numbers. yipes! but came down dirrectly afterwards. 

but now im on cd 14 and seriously fertile! haha i usualy o around cd20 with a 10 day lp. but im obviously oing here soon!  


i have cramps, nausia, ewcm, and hso cervix.   no pos opk yet, but im expecting one today.  yeah for regular o days!!!!



let me know how your clomid days go! 


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Hi ladies!  I'm on my first cycle of Clomid, too.  I am not being monitered.  I should "o" sometime between May 2 and May 7, but no signs of it yet...whistling.gif


I never got AF from the Provera (although I had some heavy spotting while one it) but my Dr. wanted to try Clomid anyway.  I had some strange crampy, pingy (is that a word?) sensations while on Clomid, now nothing....I'm really worried it's not going to work.


Anyhoo, I'm excited to hear how your experiences with Clomid are going.  It helps me freak out less love.gif


vivica2 - thanks for starting this thread!


kaydove - I went to my first acupuncture appt. about a month ago.  It went well, was informative, and was very relaxing.  I have not yet been back, however, because my acupuncturist really didn't want me to take the Clomid and wanted me to just do acupuncture for 3-6 months.  I just felt like we weren't on the same page.  I'm not telling this to scare you, just want you to make sure that you go into your appt. confident and prepared to defend your choices if needed.  I needed my acupuncturist to be a partner in my journey, rather than my sole source of treatment, you know?  I may still go back.  Not sure yet. 



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Hey ladies,


I am on CD1 today and I'll be starting my first cycle of Clomid 50mg on CD5. I am also doing acupuncture once a week.


I am not being monitored at all by my doctor.


I am very interested in hearing how each of you react to the medication and whether it works.


Vivica I am really glad to hear you are getting EWCM since I was kind of concerned about that particular side effect of Clomid. I have had issues with lack of CM in the past though acupuncture appears to have solved that problem for me.



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Reporting back after my Acupuncture appointment! It went great! I love my Acupuncturist! She's totally supportive of me taking Clomid, and did a needle to help with the hot flashes. I was SO hot before the Acupuncture, and perfectly fine after wards. I took my Clomid pill about 1.5 hours before the appointment to test the claim that Acupuncture helps with the Clomid symptoms.

I'm got TCM herbs from her that won't interfere with the Clomid. She related how Clomid works to TCM; it helps build up the Yin earlier in the cycle where my problem is that it takes so long to build Yin that I don't ovulate until at least CD 18. The herbs she gave me will help with the moisture (lack of cervical fluid) that Clomid dries up and the lining. She'll also help me keep the baby when I am pregnant with Acupuncture and herbs! She thinks I won't have trouble getting pregnant, just keeping the baby! I have a healthy pulse and tongue, by TCM standards so that was good news I guess ;).

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sounds great! im so glad you found someone who is going to help you in all aspects and not just treat symptoms. :)


how are the side effets? you said hot flashes, anythign else?

hope they are gone now. :)



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No other side effects, except for feeling so hot. Today was the first day I took Clomid, CD3, so I have 4 more days.


Have you ovulated already? How did that go? Did you feel any cramping?

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so temp spiked to post o temps this morning, and the BD timing was perfect! on o day and day -2. so im confident the sperm was where it needed to be, now its a matter of CM and if the lining is thick enough. im starting baby asperin today (1 a day) to help with lining. 



i didnt need mucinex, there was a decent ammount of CM, less than normal, but still enough.   the WORTS day of cramps was 3 days weird, cramps, moodieness, and nausia all day...then nothing  the day before o, and day of o.   

also i never got a pos opk.  *sigh*  so im a little skeptical and well keep bd just in case. ;) (i did miss testing one afternoon but the am test was not close to dark at all)


i hope o is more defined for all you ladies. and the cramps were kinda nice to know my body was workign hard do do what it needed to! haha not too bad. 


ill keep you updated in the 2ww. 



good luck ladies!!!




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05-09-2011 | Posts: 1,034
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i thought i od because of my temps,  my pre o's are ALWAYS in the 97's and post o is ALWAYS 98's. but i think my one 98.0 must have been a fluke...cuz im still HSO and just today got my +opk.   


any chart stalkers care to take a looksie?

ill be jumping DH tonight just in case, and my CM is very minimal so i took mucinex for the first time...whistling.gif8 hours ago...havnt noticed a change *sigh* guess im off to chug some water and prepare the preseed. ROTFLMAO.gif *nerd*
whats the update on you ladies?  
how are the symptoms Kaydove?
sourire- you have started i believe ( how is it coming along?
luluroo- any sign of o yet?
(xposted in TTc*one*)

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Interesting stuff going on here...AF showed up this past Saturday.  Totally unexpected and a week earlier than I expected.  Counting back to when I had breakthrough bleeding on Provera, it appears that I "o"ed on my own before I even started taking Clomid.  While I was on Clomid I kept feeling sharp discomfort and cramping...pretty sure those were O pains.  Oops.  While this is all confusing, I can't help but be super excited that I "o"ed on my own!  All the same, doing Clomid again this month.  So, right now I'm CD 4, just chugging along and waiting to starting testing OPKs next Monday.


I feel like Clomid interferes with temping...yesterday I temped at 98.4, today at 98.5.  I have been unusually warm and having hot flashes, so I feel like I'm really going to have to rely on OPKs to tell me when I "o" this month.


good luck on the 2ww vivica!  So glad you got your +OPK - you're timing looks great!


I'm wondering if I should order some preseed for this month...where do you guys get it and how expensive is it?

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i ordered my pre-seed on line. and i love it so far. i didn't get the "internal" one, i just got the lube style. 


so you od on cd5-7 this last cycle?!?! is that even possible! haha or did you just never get AF so you stared the clomid? if so, at least you can start the clomid this cycle after knowing when your cycle starts. :)  and my temp spiked while on it, but it when down as soon as i was done taking it, hopefully it does the same for you. :)

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I am starting the Clomid today. I'll be taking it before going to bed.


I'm on CD5 by my calculations... My Dr told me to start Clomid on CD3, but he also told me to count CD1 as the first day of heavy bleeding, (which was CD3 the way I calculate it because I start counting on the first day of light red bleeding), which means that today is "CD3" if I go by the Dr's way of counting, and so today is the day he wants me to start. No matter which way I count the days, I know that many people start Clomid on either CD3 or CD5 so I'm ok no matter what!


I have always had trouble defining which day is CD1 (especially when I needed to do a test on a specific cycle day) because I usually have 3-4 days of brown spotting, then 1-2 days of light red bleeding, and then I finally get heavy red bleeding so its all quite confusing! Today is actually my 7th consecutive day of bleeding.... I am really hoping the Clomid will fix these crazy periods that I have.


Did the side effects start right away for you guys or did they only start after you had taken it for a few days? I'll let you guys know tomorrow how I am feeling!


Are any of you taking the brand Serophene? That is what my Dr prescribed me... luckily my DH is a pharmacist and he was able to explain to me that Clomid and Serophene are *exactly* the same thing before I could start freaking out that I had gotten the wrong medication.


Vivica, I just looked at your chart and I see that you had a bit of a temp jump this morning. On the One thread I made a guess that you were Oing yesterday, now I am even more convinced that I was right! Happy 2ww winky.gif


Luluroo - I buy my preseed online. I forget how much it is... maybe 30$ for a tube or something like that. The tube can last a pretty long time, I've been using it since October (though I don't need it every bd) and I'm not even halfway.

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Vivica - I never got AF before I started Clomid.  I did 10 days of Provera and spotted heavily for a few days while on Provera, but AF never came after Provera.  Dr thought that my body was confused and thought I had already had AF due to the spotting and didn't think AF would come b/c I hadn't ovulated, so I started Clomid.  Counting back, it was exactly 28 days from the spotting while on Provera to the AF I got last week...Dr. thinks I ovulated on my own (yay!), which makes sense.  I kept having sharp pains and cramping while on Clomid.  Pretty sure it was o pains.  Oops. 


Anyhoo, I'm on CD5 and have 2 days of Clomid left. Hoping that I can better track my o this time. 


Sourire - Thanks for the info on preseed.  I am taking Serophene, as well.  Same thing, just made by a different company. 

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05-12-2011 | Posts: 1,526
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So I took my first dose of Clomid last night around 9pm. It might have been my imagination but around 9:30 I started feeling super dizzy so I went to bed and fell asleep almost right away (I normally fall asleep around 11). When I woke up this morning I had a TON of acne on my face! I also still feel a bit dizzy & tired. And my temp this morning was nuts:


Anyways that has been my experience so far! I hope the dizziness doesn't get worse because I had a very bad experience recently which involved being very dizzy and now I get really scared when I feel dizzy!

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sourire- i think its pretty normal for a temp on clomid to look like that. it should go down after your last pill. 

what dosage are you on?   the dizziness is a little weird, but what i would do is read the insert they gave you, because clomid can cause serious vision problems. so make sure its not a vision problem that is making you feel dizzy.   


i would take it a little earlier so you can see what the effect really is, and write down the symptoms so you can ask your doc. i took it in the am, i didn't get dizzy but i did feel lightheaded a few (more than a few) times.  but id just double check if it were me. 



I'm sure it nothing, but you dont want to ignore it if its as bad as you said. 


good luck!



luluroo- are you temping as well? did yours rise while taking to drugs?


AFM- pretty sure im in the TWW!!!biggrinbounce.gif and the timing was great!


fertil thoughts to you all!  





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vivica - dizziness is listed as a common side effect on the package insert, so I am not too worried about it. I definitely am not having any vision problems.  I'm taking the lowest dose - 50mg... and I am pretty glad that I'm not taking more than that!


So last night I went to bed immediately after taking my dose because I don't feel the dizziness when I'm lying down. Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of the night. I was having crazy hot flashes so I sat up to drink some water, but the minute I was sitting upright the room starting spinning pretty bad. When I lay back down I didn't feel dizzy at all. It took me a couple of hours to get back to sleep and during that time I also got a headache and my extremities started feeling numb (that is the only one that worries me because it's not listed as a side effect!)


My plan for tonight is to go to bed a lot later in hopes that I don't wake up during the night, I would much rather sleep through all that stuff! This morning I feel perfectly fine, with only a tiny bit of headache and dizziness remaining, but they are barely noticeable.

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Well I just asked DH (who is a pharmacist) to look up the numbness in his pharmaceutical reference book and it turns out that is a normal side effect of Clomid too. He says that his reference book usually identifies side effects that are dangerous enough to have to talk to a doctor and none of mine are on that list so he says I shouldn't worry about any of it. This reassures me a lot!

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oh good. :) im glad you have a pharmasist for a husband! that comes in handy i bet. ;)  sorry the side effects are so bad, hope they ease as soon and the 5 days are over

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Heya! Checking in. Been a crazy busy work week! I'm supporting my boss' boss since his Administrative Assistant is on vacation. My boss is traveling all next week, so it'll be quieter, which is great because hopefully I O on CD 14 which is Wednesday! I've never O before cd18 since I've been charting, which is since January 2010.


I have creamy CF today and a touch of eqqwhite but not ready to call it so. I'm on CD 9, so right on track! I need to drink more water and more red raspbery leaf tea and green tea. I feel like I'm always drinking something and its not even fun like a mimosa!


Great news! I was asked to write an article for Offbeat Mama on my experience with different fertility tracking software and apps!! SO EXCITED! I used to want to be a writer so this is so cool. I'm hoping to have it finished by Sunday!


Hope everyone is doing well! Sorry no personals today, running out the door to work!

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Well I took my 3rd pill last night, and things went better. I woke up briefly at 4am but I never sat up so I have no idea whether I was dizzy or not. I was a bit warm so I threw half my covers off, but nowhere near as bad as the night before. The only thing that seemed a bit strange was that the numbness was even worse than the night before and it had spread to almost my whole body... but instead of freaking out about it like I had the night before, I just ignored it and fell back asleep.


When I woke up this morning I felt fine - even better than I've felt for the past few days, so that seems like a good sign!



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yikes! it still sounds scary, but if its not bothering you im glad, so that you can get through the 5 days and be done.  hope this it the month so you don't have to do it again.



dust.gifto all!!!!

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05-15-2011 | Posts: 1,526
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Well I think my body has become accustomed to Clomid. I took my 4th pill last night, and when I woke up during the night I felt 100% normal. On top of that, my temp was back in the normal range this morning.


No more side effects for me, hooray!

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05-18-2011 | Posts: 1,526
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Wow I do I ever take back my last comment! Holy mood swing batman! I am going insane and I want to rip everyone's head off! And I can't stop crying!


I took my last pill on Sunday... Monday and Tuesday I felt fine... but today I think my head is going to explode (with anger)

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05-19-2011 | Posts: 1,034
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oh no! im so sorry its having so many bad effects on you sourire. :(



AFM- temp dip today..10 ish dpo....i think im out. :(  but its other news i placed my order for 75mg clomid for next cycle. so maby the second times the charm? lol!

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vivica, I didn't know where else to find you, so I'm stalking you here. orngtongue.gif Good luck!

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sweet.bee-! so glad you stalked me!!!! im so happy for you!  i post in the ttc one thread as well. :)


AFM-af.gif came and left me with an 11 day lp, which is normal for me. *sigh* so the drugs didnt change my o date, (day 19/20) or my lp (10-12 days). 

 doc bumped me up to 75mg, so maby that will help for next cycle. 


i have to say...iim SUPER EXCITED about concieving this cycle. iv always wanted a pisces baby or 2!!! my may baby (DD) was suposed to be a just happend a few months too late. ;)



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vivica - keep us posted how things go with the 75mg dose!


AFM - my OPKs started getting darker last night. I will probably have a full positive OPK tonight and O tomorrow on CD17 - exactly the same day I usually O. So Clomid had absolutely no effect on my O date. However last night my ovaries were kind of hurting, maybe I will have a super strong O?

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Hey Vivica, when are you starting the Clomid this month? Is it today?

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Hey All,


CD 19 here and pale OPKs and erratic cervical fluid. I'm thinking that I'm not going to ovulate this month or if I do, its too late for me to be comfortable with. My Acupuncturist said that ovulating later than CD 21 can mean the egg quality has deteriorated. The cycle I got pregnant and miscarried I ovulated on CD 26, so I'm so nervous now! There's conflicting info on the internets that just made me more stressed, so I called my doctor's office to ask what she thought and if I should up my dose next cycle. I'm waiting to hear back from her. I'm so frustrated and it doesn't help that the clomid has made me emotional! I was so certain that the clomid would up my O date! Next month is the month I was due with the baby that I lost, and we're planning on planting a tree on the due date. That makes me all emotional too, but I think that will help.


Thanks for letting me vent, I needed that. Hope you're having better luck than me.

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