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blueyezz4 06-09-2011 07:56 PM

Anybody want to share the stress and excitement of this process together? If anybody wants their name off or put on the list , just let me know. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hoping we all will graduate soon. Let me know where you are in your IVF process by placing the information in BOLD and I will add you. Good luck to everyone and I look forward to getting to know you all!!! PS. We hope all of you graduates stick around to give advice and stalk away!!! STALKERS are welcome on this thread!!!

coolshine.gifSummer IVFcoolshine.gif

Gathering Information/Money / In Waiting
CassnBeth -moving towards IVF

Kinza - Hoping for IVF in May or June

gellybeangrl- IVF Aug?

rcr - moving towards 2nd IVF

Purple piggy - Waiting

Aprilmom - appt in July

kneticnrgy - Jan IVF




Blueyezz4 - maybe 3rd IVF in Oct.




On Stim


Trigger shot 


Egg Retrieval



Embryo Transfer

Lyndiramos - 7-26-11  /  FET 3 embies

Inwaiting 7-25-11  /  2 embies

bungalowmama- 7-28-11  /  2 embies

auraleigh - 7-31-11  /  3  embies

graf214  -  8-8-11 / 2 embies

Bellybean - 8-23-11 FET

ItsMeSri - 8-26-11 / 2 embies

Test Date

graf214 - 8-19-11

Bellybean - 9-1-11

gellybean - 9-2-11

joy.gifSummer BFPjoy.gif


Inwaiting -  8-3-11  ~transferred 2 embies

Keria - 6-13-11   ~transferred 2 embries 6-6-11= TWINStwins.gif

Bungalowmama - 8-5-11  ~transferred 2 embies

Lyndiramos -                ~ FET 3 embies

graf214 - 8-19-11   ~  transferred 2 embies


In our thoughts:


SIlverbird and DH candle.gif grouphug.gif We love you!

Our Fearless Predecessors

Missme 3-21-11  joy.gif

primipara 3-30-11  joy.gif

Kewpie80 5-20-11 - Twinsjoy.gif

Laggie 6/3/11  candle.gif




FtMPapa 1/26/10
Paytonsmommy 3/3/10
New Mama 3/19/10
KellyTTC#1 3/27/10
Samkris123 9/21
Slylives 10/4
Ratgrl - 10/16
Maurine - 11/23
Tear - Thanksgiving Day - 11/25

Sarahcecile 1-13-11

KristinaMarie 1-24-11

Sweetdynasty 2-14-11


blueyezz4 06-09-2011 08:02 PM

Please let me know if anyone or anything is missing from the list.  I feel like I'm forgetting some. 


InWaiting - where are you at right now.  You need to be added.  Please let me know.


Anyone else out there that needs to be added???


gellybeangrl 06-09-2011 08:07 PM

Hello...could you add me...I am set to go in for my consultation in July...and hopefully start bc pills, and stims in Mid-late July and have a retrieval in August sometime.



monkeyscience 06-09-2011 08:24 PM

Okay, I've been stalking too long... now I have to keep stalking and see how it goes for everyone!

InWaiting 06-09-2011 08:27 PM

Blue, thank you so much for the summer thread!  I should be starting suppression next week, shooting for stims beginning in July. 

Taxlady 06-09-2011 09:10 PM

Great news about the heartbeats Kewpie and THANK YOU BLUE!!

blueyezz4 06-10-2011 04:43 AM

Just a quick one b/c i have to run off to work here.


Kewpie - Yay for heatbeats and they sounds really strong too!!!!


gellybeangrl - Welcome!!  Sorry to have to meet you here, but i hope your stay is short and sweet!!!   You and I may be cycle buddies... we will have to see.  Is this your first ever IVF?


Taxlady - how are things in your neck of the woods?  Any updates w/ the eggs?  Fingers crossed for you.


Inwaiting - thanks for updating me.  I knew you were in there somewhere.  Keep us posted.  What kind of stims are you going to be on?


Hi to everyone else!!!

Taxlady 06-10-2011 07:12 AM

Hi Friends and welcome gellybeangrl!  


I just noticed.. BELLY!  Only 11 days!!  WOO HOO!!


When the nurse called yesterday to schedule my transfer for Sunday, I did not ask for the Embryo report.  My DH wants one, but I do not want to hear about how many did not make each night.  She said that he could call if he wanted to.  I told him not to tell me called unless the news is excellent.  I know that there will be at least one on Sunday and that's all I need.  I'm going to miss a very special wedding on Saturday that's in San Diego.  It's only two hours away, but I really just decided that this is SO important.  I want my house organized so that I can feel comfortable on Sunday.  I'm just keeping the faith that this is it.  


Have a wonderful Friday.. 



InWaiting 06-10-2011 08:08 AM

Kewpie, two little amazing! 


Blue, I’ll be on the Lupron Down protocol.  If I’m remembering correctly I’ll be on Follistim and Menopur, but I haven’t had my full fledged training yet (my clinic schedules that when you begin the birth control part of suppression) so I’m still very fuzzy on a lot of details.  I am very much looking forward to becoming unfuzzy.  How are YOU doing?


Taxlady, I am sorry that you will be missing the wedding, but I completely understand where you are coming from.  Sunday is a huge day for you and a lot of prep goes into being prepared mentally, physically, and environmentally.  My thoughts are with you!


Welcome gellybeangrl!


Hey monkeyscience!  It’s good to see you hopping over from the BSL thread!


I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

rcr 06-10-2011 08:19 AM

Kewpie - great news about the heartbeats.


Blue - could you add me to the waiting/info list again? I think we will be doing IVf sometime around December if we are not lucky before then, so you can add that too. Just write " moving towards second IVF" I can't want to see your doggie. What a cutie! thanks for doing a summer thread!


Belly - 11 days! wow, I am getting so excited for you!


Taxlady -  I hope all those little embies are growing like crazy. I will be thinking of you on Sunday.


Gellybean - welcome!


Keira - hope you adn DH are completely better now!


AFM- I am feeling a lot better. It does help to have a plan to sort of buffer bad news of a BFN, so wierdly I am looking forward to my hyst/lap on July 29th. I am taking a break from thinking about TTC until then. I started reading a new book on homeschooling, so every time I am sitting around alone at night after DS goes to bed (which is usually when the worse obsessing happens), I start reading the book instead. I think it has helped a little. 




alphahen 06-10-2011 08:59 AM

Hi everyone,

I thought I would join Gelly and come out of lurkdom to introduce myself.  DP and I are in the middle of our first cycle of IVF after a series of unsuccessful RE-assisted IUIs.  We are on stims now with retrieval currently scheduled for 6/24.  We are in a bit of a unique situation in that DP is acting as egg donor and I will be carrying.  DPs last ultrasound looked good.  Now it is my body that is the challenge.  AF has not yet arrived despite attempts to "encourage" it.  If it doesn't come by Monday, we are looking at either (1) delaying the cycle or (2) freezing the embies until my body is ready.  I am really hoping my body cooperates!


I have been reading along for a while now and this sounds like a truly wonderful and supportive group!  So glad it exists because it is time of very high stress and anxiety.


Happy Friday to everyone!

InWaiting 06-10-2011 12:46 PM

Rcr, I'm so glad that you are feeling better and that you have a plan in place. 


Welcome alphahen!  I hope that AF shows up before Monday so that you don't have to decide between delaying the cycle or freezing. 

Taxlady 06-10-2011 02:11 PM

SO the hubs DID call and got the report and I'm happy to report that it was good enough for him to tell me about it.  Today there are 4 perfect 8 cell embies.  Then there are a few that are a step behind and more that might mature by Sunday for freezing purpose.  BUT HERE IS THE CRAZY PART... my doctor and my husband went to middle school together!  No kidding.. I said to my husband, I hope you were nice to him.  At first, my DH didn't remember him, but my DH has an unusual last name - that's how the doctor put two and two together.  Then he finally remembered and thank goodness they were not like after school buds, but definitely had some fun on the playground.  smile.gif


Welcome Alphahen, I hope your body starts to cooperate!  And I agree, Inwaiting, I'm so glad that RCR has a solid plan in place.  DON'T GIVE UP.. NEVER GIVE UP!!

blueyezz4 06-10-2011 02:24 PM

alphahen - Welcome!!!  Like I always say, sorry we have to meet here, but it is a good group of ladies and I truly wouldn't know what I'd do without them all!!!  I hope all works out for you and your DP and that AF shows up soon.  Do you think it might be stress or is this kinda normal for you to be running late?  Good luck to you both and keep us posted.  Welcome again!!!


rcr - you have been updated!!  I know you said you are only going to be around now and then, but I'd sure miss you if you didn't pop in here and there.  Glad to hear you are feeling better and getting into your book.  Do you actually home school your DS?  I just can't imagine you would have the time with your job b/c it seems to keep you busy, that is why I was wondering. More power to ya if you do!!! :o) We are really excited about the pup.  2 wks from today she comes home!!  Yay!!!!! 


Inwaiting - yes, I knew that fuzzy feeling at one time, but it gets so much easier as you go.  I had done about 6 IUI's in the pas,t so doing the IVF was just more meds w/ bigger doses so I didn't think it really was that bad.  I normally don't have any weird reactions to the meds either (which DH appreciates greatly).  The one RE's office was telling my DH he might want to schedule some over-seas work or something, so he could be out of the house the weeks i was on meds.... i wasn't sure if she was kidding or not, but I thought that was kinda rude.  Who knows, maybe it really makes some women crazy or something.  Thankfully not me and DH will admit that as well... it's not just me in denial!  LOL  I'm doing good.  Thanks for asking... just waiting for my hsyteroscopy which is scheduled on the 22nd and then the Puppy comes home to us on the 24th.  Sure hope I'm not too sore afterwards.  Good luck w/ your training!  What did you end up deciding about Attain?


Taxlady - I don't know how you are doing it!!!!  I totally give you props though, b/c I think I'd be chopping at the bit to get that report.  I think you are good to just not worry about it and keep on keeping on.  There is nothing you can do about it anyways, so technically it won't really make any difference, and like you said... as long as you get one good one on the day of the transfer you are set for now.  Keep up that positive attitude and keep us posted!!  Fingers crossed and praying all goes well on Sunday!!!


Monkeyscience - I love having stalkers on the thread!!  Glad you are watching!!  Where are you at w/ your IF, by the way?  Are you doing IUI's?


Kewpie - how's life treating you? Hope there isn't any more bleeding!!!  Just wanted to send you and the twinkies a little shout out!  twins.gif


Bellybean - 11 days!! It is coming fast!  Hope you are well my friend!


Silver - still think of you often and I hope that you are healing and taking care of yourself in this time of difficulty.  hug2.gif


Purple - your beta is coming up soon here!  Yay!!!!!  Fingers crossed for you!!  How are you feeling?


Keria - how is the tww treating you?  Thinking of you!


Graduates... any of you out there lurking??  Any updates on the little beans?



AFM - not much going on here.  Oh... well AF showed up today officially!  Bummer!  Not much I can do about it, so I'll just roll with it.  My hysteroscopy test is scheduled for Wed the 22nd, so we will see how that looks... if it turns out like the rest of the tests I've ever had, everything will be normal....go figure.  It is awful to want them to find something, but I'd really like them to find something that is easy to fix and that can explain all of our difficulties in one fell swoop!  That would just really make my day and prevent me from thinking this whole thing may just be in my head.  Am I the only one out there that has thought this before????  Crazy, I know, but I do wonder sometimes.  Anyways, we really need to tackle the rest of this painting this weekend - time is running out.  I also have a patio project to help prevent more weeds/moss from growing w/ some kind of sand stuff, but i think there might be way too much rain coming this weekend to mess with that. I feel like I'm nesting before this new puppy comes. dog2.gif LOL..  Hope you all have a great weekend!!!



blueyezz4 06-10-2011 02:26 PM

Taxlady - we just cross posted... Yay!!!!!! So glad to hear the good report!!  Perfect!!  I think this is going to be your cycle!!!!!!  I just have a good feeling about everything!!joy.gif

Tear78 06-10-2011 03:32 PM

1 Attachment(s)
blueyezz, sorry about AF. And no, you're not crazy. I thought that for almost EVERY test and procedure we went through. Weird to think that you'd like doctors to find a problem, but TOTALLY normal IMHO. hug2.gif

Taxlady, yay for the good report!

Kewpie, woohoo, heartbeats!!! goodvibes.gif

I hope it's ok I'm posting so much, I'm just rooting so hard for you ladies! goodvibes.gif

blueyezz4 06-10-2011 03:41 PM

Tear - Thanks for your words of encouragement and for confirming that I'm not crazy! LOL.... I love having you pop in here, for sure!!!!!  hug.gif back at ya my IVF friend!  Hope you are well and that you get to enjoy summer and the few more weeks you have left before that special little one comes!!!

monkeyscience 06-10-2011 04:31 PM

blueyezz4 - I feel bad hijacking y'all's thread! I do post a lot on Bitter Sushi Ladies, if you want to stalk me. :) Long story short, we are going natural waiting on money right now, and I'm trying metformin again (made me sick last time) for my PCOS. We'll probably try another cycle of ovulation induction + intercourse when we have the cash. My biggest problem is that I never, ever ovulate, so we don't want to go the IUI or IVF route until we at least give everything a chance to work naturally (with some encouragement for the ovulation).


Wishing luck to all you ladies!

gellybeangrl 06-10-2011 09:17 PM

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!


Blueyezz4~ Yes this will be my first IVF cycle...I'm a little nervous, but we are looking forward to it.


Taxlady 06-10-2011 10:36 PM

I just want to say thank you AND that it is really cool to see your RE's picture in his 8th grade year book.  OH AND, He signed my Dh's yearbook.. OH YEAH, we're sooooo in. :)

BellyBean 06-11-2011 01:22 PM

Hi Everyone!!!!!  We just got back from a nice and long vacation and it took over an hour to catch up on the IVF thread(s).  Wow, I missed SO MUCH!  Please forgive me if I forget something in my post :)


First, welcome to the new ladies!  I am sorry to be meeting here, but I look forward to getting to know you and supporting eachother in this difficult time.


Huge congratulations to Laggie and Kewpie's twins!!!


Blue, thanks for asking about me so often luxlove.gif  Your new puppy is ABSOLUTELY adorable!  And I must say she looks rather well behaved :)  Sorry AF showed, but I hope you are able to find something out from your upcomming tests. Oh, and BIG thank you for starting a new thread!


Taxlady, great news on all the eggs and embies!  And it looks like your transfer is tomorrow!  Yay!!!  Did you transfer 3 last time?  How many do you plan on transferring this time? 


rcr, I really hope you check in with us every now and then.  We will certainly miss you!  I am glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better, and I know submerging myself in a new project always keeps my mind "busy".


Julie, we will miss you too!  But I hope you have a wonderful summer with your family, and I am glad your DH wanted to hold on to the crib :)


Monkey, thanks for writting "Bitter Sushi Ladies"...I have been wondering for weeks what the BSL thread is that everyone keeps talking about. biggrinbounce.gif



Okay, I know I am forgetting so much...


AFM, I have my u/s on Friday and transfer next Tuesday!!!!!!! Almost to a single digit countdown!  I knew the vacation would help speed things up and it was a nice break from the real world to enjoy eachother!  I really hope the BFP's keep coming :)



monkeyscience 06-11-2011 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by BellyBean View Post
Monkey, thanks for writting "Bitter Sushi Ladies"...I have been wondering for weeks what the BSL thread is that everyone keeps talking about. biggrinbounce.gif

LOL... no problem. I know how often I get confused by people's thread acronyms, so I just spelled it out. I went back to the post and actually put in a link to the thread, the better to stalk people with. ;)


Good luck with your transfer!!

Purple Piggie 06-11-2011 06:40 PM

Blueyezz4 - Thanks for thinking of me! I know I said I'd take a mini vacation from the infertility site but it's hard to stay away, so I've been stalking. I'm on CD30 and no AF but I did break down and POAS on Thursday. Negative disappointed.gif


I know it doesn't mean anything so I'm trying to stay positive. It helps that I'm working all this weekend so it'll keep me busy for a while, but one of the girls at work just announced she was pregnant and that it was an accident. Grrrr!


Every time I feel a slight trickle down there, I rush off to the bathroom expecting to see blood. Here's a question for everyone - I'm on prometrium vag suppositories. Does this suppress AF? My cycles are usually shorter than this (24 to 28 days).


Welcome to the new ladies, and best of luck to everyone in their various journeys!


blueyezz4 06-11-2011 07:29 PM

Originally Posted by Purple Piggie View Post

Blueyezz4 - Thanks for thinking of me! I know I said I'd take a mini vacation from the infertility site but it's hard to stay away, so I've been stalking. I'm on CD30 and no AF but I did break down and POAS on Thursday. Negative disappointed.gif


I know it doesn't mean anything so I'm trying to stay positive. It helps that I'm working all this weekend so it'll keep me busy for a while, but one of the girls at work just announced she was pregnant and that it was an accident. Grrrr!


Every time I feel a slight trickle down there, I rush off to the bathroom expecting to see blood. Here's a question for everyone - I'm on prometrium vag suppositories. Does this suppress AF? My cycles are usually shorter than this (24 to 28 days).


Welcome to the new ladies, and best of luck to everyone in their various journeys!


Purple - I have heard that progesterone can lengthen your cycles, but it never has done anything to mine, so I can't say that from personal experience.  Maybe some of the other ladies will have more personal experience to share.  Sorry to hear about the neg. POAS test.  Try to stay positive... you just won't know until you get that blood test back, I'm living truth of that.  Still keeping my fingers crossed for you.  I also hate going to the bathroom around beta/AF time.  I always find myself trying to hold it b/c I just don't want to see red.  Good luck to you!!!

kewpie80 06-12-2011 08:34 AM

Taxlady - Thinking of you today!  I hope all goes well.

Keria 06-12-2011 09:36 AM

Belly you are so close finally.


Taxlady thinking of you and you perfect blasts today.


Blue 12 more days till puppy!!, the tww is treating me quite well :), this time I'm so much more relaxed and  time has actually gone flying I'm 9dpo already, one thing that helps is that I'm only doing suppositories which is so much easier last time I did suppositories, PIO and estrogen patches, I have no symptoms at all but I read everywhere of women who had no symptoms  and got a BFP so I'm not too worried.


blueyezz4 06-12-2011 01:40 PM

Taxlady - Hope all went well!!  Sending you lots of positive sticky vibes!!!goodvibes.gif


Keria - That is right, only 12 days!!! Yay!!!  So excited!  Glad to hear you are flying through your tww and staying positive.  Are you on the Crinone gel progesterone or what exactly are you on?  I loved the gel compared to the PIO shots.  I'm glad this time is easier for you.  How come they don't have you on as much this time, but did last time?


Kewpie - how are you doing?  Did the bleeding stop?  I sure hope so.

Taxlady 06-12-2011 02:21 PM

Oh Keria.. that sounds great.. 9 DPO and it's flying by.. I'm so happy.


Things were not so good when we got there today.  His advice was to transfer four... so I'm laying here sort of crying and feeling worried.  I'm sure the valium is not helping. 

kewpie80 06-12-2011 02:46 PM

blue - I'm still spotting, but it's old blood.

kewpie80 06-12-2011 02:49 PM

taxlady - Did he say why?  IS it age related or because of the embryo quality?  hug2.gif Try to relax

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