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brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 05:04 AM 11-08-2011
The FRER said negative blah I hate my phone

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 06:56 AM 11-08-2011

No, I'm not naming them. I don't want to feel like I'm jinxing it. We've been calling them little eggberts/eggberthas. My dad started that one. I was surprised they gave us the 2nd photo too. They only told us we'd have the embies.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 06:57 AM 11-08-2011

Brichole- Sorry to hear. Perhaps it's just a little early for it to show up even on the FRER.

brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 09:05 AM 11-08-2011
I went back and looked at the 10 minute time limit and the digi that said no - at three minutes then said yes+ I am so lost!!! I think I will wait until next week to see if af shows up to test again. Maybe I didn't implant until later than 8dpo?
deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 11:07 AM 11-08-2011

Sounds like retesting is a good plan.

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 07:57 PM 11-08-2011

Wow... those are tricky pregnancy tests! I would wait 2 days, I wouldn't wait another week... I hope that the yes turns into YES!!! Anxiously waiting here too!



Night 4 of Clomid- let the night sweats begin, again.

brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 07:10 AM 11-09-2011
the spotting and really bad cramps have started....looks like another early loss again! I'm super depressed today now and I'm happy I'm off work today....it makes it a little better to only have to deal with my problems and not anyone else's problems. Thank u ladies for all the thoughts and I'll be back later to check in
renavoo's Avatar renavoo 07:51 AM 11-09-2011

Brichole, hug2.gif I'm so sorry. I was so hopeful this month too. I wonder why you're experiencing these early losses? Did your doctor ever discuss this with you?


deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 08:23 AM 11-09-2011

I'm very sorry Brichole. Sending thoughts of healing your way.

gozal's Avatar gozal 09:13 AM 11-09-2011

Oh, Brichole, I'm so, so sorry. You are in my thoughts...I hope you are doing as okay as you possibly can. 

blueyezz4's Avatar blueyezz4 10:10 AM 11-09-2011

Brochole - sending hugs....hug2.gif

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 10:35 AM 11-09-2011

Brichole, I'm so sorry hug2.gifLots of gentle hugs to you.

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 01:15 PM 11-09-2011

Brichole- sending hugs and good thoughts your way, I hope you are taking some time and going easy on yourself.

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 08:10 PM 11-10-2011

How is everyone doing?

gozal's Avatar gozal 09:24 PM 11-10-2011

I'm coming up on 8dpo, which is customarily the point at which I start to freak right out. But this cycle I literally forgot what dpo I was on. I just went over to FF to input my temp and I realized I was getting close to testin' time. Protective mechanism, I think. I still think about pregnancy and babies every 2 seconds but somehow it's all abstract to me. In other words, I am losing hope. In other news, we decided not to sell our house and move right now. Instead we're going to stay put and fix up our place a little. I love a good renovation project, even one on an ultra-low budget, so that's keeping me distracted.


How about you guys?! What's new with you, shesaidboom? I'm thinking of you all. I'm so glad to have this space.

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 09:44 PM 11-10-2011

Renovations sound good! I love a good house project. Losing hope, not so good though. It's rough, isn't it? I think this time of year where things get darker makes those things even harder. When are you testing?


I'm doing okay. The progesterone is making me crazy though. I cry all the time and feel awful. I also have intense cravings (like grapefruit..I bought two for the week and completely devoured them today..and raw broccoli) and want to drink cold water 24/7 (I've been testing blood sugars and they're normal, I think my mouth is just dry and my cheeks flushed). I keep feeling like I'm not pregnant even though we're still only 5 days dpo. I'm also wondering if I really have to wait until the 21st to test. Would testing like 10-ish days dpo really be too soon?


I'm also really glad to have this space.

gozal's Avatar gozal 10:56 PM 11-10-2011

I know it is really late and I should go to bed already but WHOA. shesaidboom - you described exactly what I'm feeling. No, I mean, seriously. Major grapefuit craving - came home from the grocery store today and ripped one apart practically! Drinking cold water 24/7 - check. Wanting to cry all the time - that too. And, yes, being completely non-pg-feeling. Is that crazy or what?


I always thought 10dpo was way too early to test but last time I tested + on 10dpo so now I'm a true believer. I don't count myself out until 12dpo, but mentally I consider 10dpo to be possible, 11dpo expected, and 12dpo last chance. To be responsible I test 13dpo if I'm taking progesterone. So yeah, I'm planning to test Sunday morning, 10dpo. How about you? 


Okay, okay, I'm really going to sleep now. Good night!

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 11:50 PM 11-10-2011

Interesting that you two are craving citrus while on progesterone. I can't stand it. At least, oranges are no-nos. I can't even smell them without feeling ill. I haven't tested out grapefruit, but lemon-lime didn't work for me either, so I'm thinking it's a general no citrus thing.

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:16 AM 11-11-2011

I know a lot of people who test positive at 10dpo but I think it's best to start around 12 dpo because I subscribe to gozal's way of thought and i just get so depressed with BFNs...even other people's BFNs. :o( I just want this for you ladies so badly because i know what it's like to go through these ups and downs every month.


Gozal, please don't lose hope. It will happen. And the non PG feeling is normal. Hey, this is why most people don't realize they are pregnant until weeks into their pregnancy. Most people don't feel anything!! I still have symptoms that come and go (except for that pesky nausea and fatigue) so i don't think that we can take anything for granted. But YAH to a home renovation project! I love home renovations! DH and I started to do some light stuff when we first moved into this apartment but that has gone to the wayside ever since starting IVF because it's been so exhausting for us (especially because of the traveling). And now, work has gotten insane so I haven't had time to put towards anything else!


Shesaidboom, are you taking progesterone orally? Taking progesterone orally turned me into a MAD WOMAN. I mean seriously, raving mad. I'm usually pretty even keeled but that one month i took oral progesterone, I was always crying and angry. After the BFN, I went back to the office and said that there was no way I was going back on the oral one. I started taking prometrium as suppositories. And, when I went to IVF, that's when i started to take endometrin which are also suppositories and i'm sure that it contributes to my fatigue but at least I'm not feeling insane and incredibly emotional (just somewhat emotional...Sheepish.gif)


Deborah, when are you testing?


Brichole, how are you doing? Just thinking of you and giving you big virtual hugs!!


cbaa, what's going on with you?


Ok ladies, have a good day.  tgif!!!!!

brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 07:04 AM 11-11-2011

Hi ladies!  I took off work yesterday and stayed away from the internet as much as possible.  Yesterday and Wednesday were my 2 worse days, but i believe that i've passed everything now and I'm praying that the cramping stops soon and the bleeding lets up some so that I can make it thru the work day today!  Thank you all so much for your kind words.  I am in such a depressed mood right now.  I try to be happy, and then I get to thinking about the fact that I lost another one so early!!!! DH isn't taking it well either, but his way of dealing is by ignoring the topic of the fact that I lost the baby and trying to distract himself with other things to do around the house.  He hasn't stopped to ask me how i'm doing emotionally...and has just told me to go to bed for the past 2 nights at like 7pm when i got to hurting so bad i couldn't do anything but lay on the couch and cry.  That hurts my feelings too because it's like he doesn't want to help me deal with my pain...but i guess everyone deals with things differently.  I am so happy I can come here and talk to you ladies about how i'm feeling though...at least I do have an outlet!!! 


Renavoo:  My doctor doesn't have any answers on why I would be miscarrying...but before DD#1 I had like 2 early miscarriages and then after I had her i had 3 early MC so...i'm thinking that my body just isn't ready for anotehr pregnancy yet or something.  It's so hard to deal with right now though...but i'm trying to be strong.



To top everything off the ONLY time i got on Facebook yesterday the very FIRST picture I see is a couple who is friends with me and DH....and they both have changed their profile pictures and on that picture they have their almost 3 year old holding two pregnancy tests and the male half of the couple is holding a sign that says "MY WIFE IS ------------>"  then she's holding a jar of "prego" and that is how they tell everyone she's pregnant and due in June!!!! I lost it and just started crying!!!  It's not that i'm not happy for them, but where everyone was commenting she said and i quote "I think connor (their son) is happier about this than we are"  Like she isn't super excited to be pregnant again!!! It pissed me off so bad because i was SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be pregnant and then I didn't get to keep my baby!!!!  Sorry, i have a case of sour grapes right now...but it really drives me crazy when people can't just be happy to be pregnant instead of complaining about it!!!


ANYWAYS, i really hope that everyone else gets their BFP this month!!! I know that you all deserve it!!!

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 07:57 AM 11-11-2011

My test date is the 18th. I think that if it is positive, they have me check my betas on the 20th to make sure they are doubling. My mom comes in on the 21st for Thanksgiving, so I have her for emotional support whether that be for excitement or disappointment.

brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 11:23 AM 11-11-2011

Deborah:  Thinking about you!! I really hope that you and get GREAT news to get to enjoy with your mom while she is there during Thanksgiving!!! Those embies looked beautiful in the pictures you shared with us!! THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your experiance!!!

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 04:35 PM 11-11-2011

gozal - that's so weird that we're craving the same things! I'm hoping that's a good sign for both of us. I'm not sure when I'm going to test. My blood test is on the 21st, but I so don't want to wait 10 more days. It's too bad it won't show up 6 days dpo. I want to test now!


deborah - I cannot stand oranges, but grapefruits are making me happy right now. I really hope that test is positive and your betas double. I'm glad your mom will be there for you.


renavoo - I'm using the progesterone suppositories. Hearing the difference for you, I am so glad I'm not on the oral ones.


brichole - big hugs to you. I avoided facebook like the plague after my last miscarriage. I could not stand the pregnancy announcements and new baby photos. Maybe that's a place to stay away from for now. I'm so sorry.



Nothing new here, just dealing with the side effects of the progesterone and really wishing I could test now. I just want to know either way.


deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 05:30 PM 11-11-2011

Thanks all! Shesaidboom, maybe I should see if grapefruit agrees with me. I didn't like lemon-lime though, so it may be a long shot. I'd love to have something with more vitamin C though. DH has a horrible cold.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 05:30 PM 11-11-2011

I hate doing supplements, so no Emergen-C or anything like that for me. Prenatals are different.

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 06:30 PM 11-11-2011
I'm so jealous everyone is in the 2ww! I have my ultrasound Monday... My abdomen already feels 'full' so I have another stimulation acupuncture appt tomorrow in hopes I can trigger Monday... My DH will be away Thurs so I really really want to trigger Monday!

Speaking on cravings, I can't stop eating junk... I was doing so good before Vegas but now I just can't get back into it...I had a whoopee pie, fritos, Halloween candy, a honey turkey wrap... I can't stop... I'm cooking brownies right now. I mean, I've been going to the gym, but nutrition has gone out the window... I literally can't tell myself no... I ate lasagna tonight... Someone tell me I'm not blowing my chances because I can't make myself eat right. I blame the Clomid... Oh and I had a pumpkin muffin... This is just this week, not all one day... But I had been doing so well! Oh and there's the Vienna fingers and pizzelle cookies... Gah! Now I'm going to drink cow milk (not organic) with my brownies since I'm babysitting & my sister always has almond milk, but alas, tonight she does not, so I will drink the hormone filled cow milk I brought for DH... Because I can't tell myself no &you can't eat a brownie sans milk...

I'm off to fulfill my desires... Thinking of you all & waiting for testers!
toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 06:31 PM 11-11-2011
Oh Deborah, you can get acerola peach juice that has tons of vitamin c... I can't think of the brand but it's at whole foods! Hope you don't catch the bug!
renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:18 AM 11-12-2011
Cbaa, you're making me hungry...haha. I eat horribly too and basically, i just tried to pepper some fruit into my diet. Even now, i find it impossible to eat as healthily as i should because my brain doesnt want me to eat it. I haven't had any huge aversions but i tend to think about what i want to eat and frequently, my body says "NO" epecially when it is healthy. For instance wheat bread...not working for me. I will eat it and then go get some white bread because i cant stop thinking of it... ;o) yah to hopefully triggering on Monday! Let us know!!

Brichole, BIG HUGS! i am so sorry that you are feeling so down and that your DH isn't being as supportive. I do think that men tend to not know what to do with an emotional woman so i hope that that is what he is feeling but i always found it odd that guys don't realize tht sometimes, we just need a hug! I hope you get some comfort soon. You need and deserve it. As for facebook, yes, stay away from fb...i still don't like fb as much because i remember the pain of fb during the 2 yaers i ttced. Definitely not good feelings.

Shesaidboom, haha i am counting down how many more days i have to take progesterone and estrogen. My last day for taking the drugs are 12/3 so just a few more weeks. I feel like i am going to be a little lost not taking it anymore since i have been taking these pills for around 2-3 months. When are you testing? I am so excited for you!

Gozal, how are you doing?

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 07:24 AM 11-12-2011

Thanks! Maybe vitamin cottage would have it too. I love peach flavored anything!

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 07:24 AM 11-12-2011

Ian seems to be over his cold. 

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