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shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 08:02 PM 11-14-2011

renavoo - I have such a problem with how sex ed is taught in schools. Not that this is the place to get into it, but we were taught through fear, basically told that if we had sex we'd get pregnant and die from horrible diseases the first time we did it. I went through life thinking that as soon as we decided we wanted a baby I'd go off my BCPs and I'd get pregnant the first month we tried. What a shock we went through after miscarriages and so much trouble getting pregnant.
I know all the trouble will be worth it when we do get out baby, but oh gosh, it sucks for now. I know everyone here knows all about that.
The nausea, I'm hoping is a good sign! The small meals and snacks sounds like the way to go. I've noticed it's not so bad if there's even something small in my belly.


brichole - I'm your days are getting a little better. I think the plan you and dh have sounds great, and as things go on, maybe he'll change his mind about doing treatments if you need them. Hopefully you won't need them though!
I'm thinking of POAS tomorrow (CD 10) but dp says I should wait until next Monday. I really don't want to, but I haven't bought a test yet so I don't know. I'm just scared it will be too early tomorrow and then I'm left worrying even more.
I hope you and DH have a wonderful night!


gozal - I'm so sorry about the BFN. I'm hoping it's just too early to test. I want a BFP for you. It really isn't fun to think about a medicated cycle, but if that's what it takes then maybe it will be worth it. Still doesn't make it any easier though hug2.gif

deborah - I'm sorry you're dealing with so much pain right now. I'm hoping that it's a good sign and that it stops soon so you can get a break! I'm glad you got some feedback from the nurse.

monkey - Sorry that O hasn't happened yet. Going on the BCPs now or waiting is such a hard decision to make.
I totally agree with your thoughts..it felt really weird to be making a baby in a drs office on an exam table rather than in bed with dp. It definitely ruins the fairytale aspect. It'll definitely be worth it, but it does feel like we're missing out on some important things.


cbaa - I'm hoping good things for your trigger and iui! Keep us updated.


chica - I'm sorry it has been such a rough month for you hug2.gif


AFM, the progesterone is making me crazy. I basically cry half the time and sleep the other half. I'm getting tons of symptoms and a lot of cramping, it switches from side to side, which is a little weird. Not sure what's going on but I guess we will find out soon. Still not sure if I will POAS tomorrow or wait until Monday. I really really want that BFP and I'm worried seeing another BFN is going to be too hard.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 09:35 PM 11-14-2011

The pain hasn't stopped completely, but it has diminished.

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:14 AM 11-15-2011

Shesaidboom, did they ever show you that video of the woman giving birth? That scarred me for life. I remember thinking that i will NEVER want children because it looked so darn painful and disgusting. I still remember it clearly so it definitely did a number on me. I really wish they would do a better job of truly representing life and sex. As for testing, I think you should wait a few more days. If you test today or tomorrow, it still could very likely be a BFN and I'm with you that those are just the worst. Maybe wait until at least Thursday? I know the risk of a BFN is still higher but it might be a good time :o) Although, seriously, I'm taking your symptoms as a great sign...the suppositories really shouldn't be getting to your system as much as say an oral would so hopefully, your heightened emotions means that you're really getting high levels of progesterone from somewhere else! praying.gif


Deborah, when do you temp? I thought that temping should only be done first thing in the morning because our temps during the day will vary way too much depending on the environment we are in. It is much more stable when we first wake up. I'm glad the cramping has lessened and I really hope you get your BFP. As for testing, I applaud your will power. haha I wouldn't be able to hold off, to be honest. Although, I always do wait until day 12 or 13 because I assume that until then, the chances of a BFN are high enough and I was so tired of seeing those white sticks.  But I always wanted to temp before the beta just because I wanted to be prepared for what I would hear, since I always tested on a weekday.


Chica, hug2.gif I'm so sorry that you're having such a bad month. I really think that facebook should be banned. Even now, i have trouble scanning through it because I remember how much it hurt and there are plenty of articles about how facebook can trigger depression because people think that other people's lives are better than they really are. it's really a sad state of affairs. But back to the important stuff...can you see another doctor? I mean, it's been more than 3 months since you started your cycle and I don't know why your doctor won't see you for another 1.5 months. That seems really too long. It's not like if you get your period tomorrow, everything is normal!! I think even 3 months of non cycling is a problem and I hope that you get help sooner. I know my initial doctor really wanted to get me on treatment sooner than later. I mean, i am older so that is one of the reasons why (I started seeking help when I was just turning 33) but you are having such long cycles and it is easy to see that it's making you a bit depressed. :( I'm so glad you find comfort here though. I'm also glad that you're ok with me still being here. You were all such amazing help to me when I was dealing with my infertility that i want to be here for you ladies until you all get your BFPs. And you will!! I know that we were all meant to be mothers, no matter what route we have to go to become mothers.


Cbaa, yah for triggering! i guess they wanted to really hit that 20mm follie before it got too big but it is odd that the last time, they waited for your follies to get bigger before triggering. Maybe that is what they felt went wrong the last time? They may have felt that the follies got too mature so they are trying to prevent that. I'm excited to count down from Wednesday! DPO1 coming up!! As for the lining, I'm just ultra sensitive about the lining because of my experience with clomid. I'm sure that your RE would have told you if something was off but if you really want to know, you can call up and get the info. haha that's what i would do ;o)


Brichole, how are you doing? Just thinking of you!  Your new picture is fantastic! what a beautiful family...you must be so proud!!!!


Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of all of you here! Overall, I'm doing well :o)   And yes, I will be finding out the sex of my babies when I get the chance. As DH says, I was not born with the patience gene. haha. But anyway, I've decided that what i want for christmas is for all of you ladies to have either gotten a bfp or are on the path to getting your bfp. :o) I'll write a letter to Santa after thanksgiving. biggrinbounce.gif



deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 07:35 AM 11-15-2011

Renavoo- Yes, you are correct. I'm just a little nuts about it. I also have nothing to really go off of because I didn't actually chart this month due to all the hormones and also it's a PITA. The only reason I took it the first time in the afternoon yesterday (or late morning, I don't remember) was because I was severely flushed and thought I might have a fever. I did, but only briefly. I know it is ridiculous and not a clear picture, but I often find I can't put the thermometer away. I don't know why. Think of it as the equivalent to POAS addicts who know it's too early to test, but do it anyway.

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 02:56 PM 11-15-2011

renavoo - yes! We saw that and were shown graphic pictures of horrible STDs. I was terrified of sex because of it, so uh, I guess their methods worked, but I had to completely re-educate myself later on.
You're so sweet for staying and supporting all of us even though you got your BFP. Thanks for being so awesome!

AFM, I took a test. I couldn't help it. I got a *faint* line, but not enough for me to be 100% convinced, so I'm going to try holding off until Thurs, but may try again tomorrow since I won't be able to help it. I know you told me it was a bad idea, but I couldn't wait anymore. By Thursday there should be a much better line if it is a BFP.

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 07:24 PM 11-15-2011

Ohh sex ed-- I went through Catholic School sex ed (very mild) and Public School sex ed (very graphic). I don't remember the birthing video or any STD pictures, but I'm sure they were there. I do remember a funny thing my teacher said 'the only way to 100% guarantee not getting STDs or pregnant is as simple as a single advil. Put it between your knees and hold it there. Keep your legs closed.' Still funny to this day.


I'm nervous about the IUI. I am going by myself, is that weird? DH has to go to work... I have acupuncture after & then I'm going to my cousins to see the baby. I had more to comment for everyone but now I'm tired and I can't remember.


shesaidboom- I cant wait for your update! Sounds promising!

gozal's Avatar gozal 09:24 PM 11-15-2011

UM...shesaidboom...there is no such thing as a faint line! Seriously! If it's there, it's there. As we all know, no amount of wishing will make it there if it isn't. Okay, you all know about me and my fear of the evil eye, so I will say no more. But !!!!!!!!!!


I actually find those birth tapes fascinating and beautiful. I cry every single time when the baby is born. DH is terrified of them. Even after watching me birth a baby... I agree that sex ed is poorly taught though (understatement, but I won't go on).


Aw, Chica, I'm sorry you're in the bad place. Waiting is awful. "Awful" doesn't really cover it. Abominable. I'm all for curling up and crying if you can. The only place I can do it is when I'm driving by myself in the car. Not very safe, I guess, but that's when it comes. Here is to ovulation happening already for you!


Renavoo, I am so glad you're here with us. You give me hope every day and every one of your posts make me smile and feel supported! How are you feeling? How's your belly doing?!


cbaa, Call them back and ask! They'll understand. (Or even if they don't...who cares, it's your right and your mind will be at peace!) 


Brichole, just sending you hugs - where are you in your cycle? LOVE the new photo.


Deborah, fingers crossed!


Today I rearranged half the house to keep from crying in front of DS. (Re)organizing is my coping mechanism, seriously. DS enjoyed painting the walls with paint samples....tomorrow I'll speak to my doctor about the next step. I want to be sure to get an u/s on cd2 in case I have an early dominant follicle and get my meds lined up. Oh yeah, we decided not to move. We did not find a school for DS we like as much as the one in our current town. So we are going to stay for another 1-2 years and re-evaluate. I'm really happy with the decision in the end. And now I get to fix up our current place 'cause we're staying.

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 03:55 AM 11-16-2011

awww I love you ladies!!


Gozal, hug2.gif It makes me sad that you're so sad. I wish that there was something any of us could say or do to help you with your sadness but I know this is such an individual pain. just know that we are here for you. I love reorganization too!! What a wonderful thing to take your mind off of ttcing a little! Do you have an idea of the color you are moving towards? And how cute is it that DS is helping you pain! haha I bet it's like a playground for him! Let us know what your doctor says!!


Cbaa, let us know how the IUI goes! It's definitely hard to get off work so it's probably not as odd as you think to be going to the appointment alone. However, I'm sure it feels a little lonely and disconnected. DH (and we!) will be with you in spirit! I hope that it goes smoothly and then we can start the countdown!


Shesaidboom, I'm with Gozal, a faint line is a positive!! I'm so excited for your update!!! I am so hopeful for you!! But I will keep my excitement down until you tell us the line is darker. It's so early so of course it's light now but maybe today or tomorrow it will be nice and dark for you! (i'm here doing my little dance of joy...I can't help myself. haha)


joy.gif to you all. You ladies are the best and i can't wait until you all get your BFPs. It will happen. it has to, to such wonderful people like yourselves.



toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 05:47 AM 11-16-2011

I got like no sleep last night, I woke up at 530 am (my day off!), feeling yucky & anxious. Anxious that I O'd yesterday and this is all for naught, anxious that DH and I sitting in a hot jacuzzi tub in Vegas killed off all his sperm and they are going to tell me there is zero we can do until they return (the bath wasn't that hot... but it was still a 'hot' bath), anxious that the IUI is going to hurt, anxious that it isn't going to work... I can't make it stop... I feel like I'm mourning the loss of another cycle and we haven't even tried yet... In better news DH got to the clinic in good time so now we just have to wait for my appt at 940... keep me in your thoughts please!

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 07:18 AM 11-16-2011

Cbaa- We all have anxious thoughts before consults and ART. Is there anything that helps you calm down? Of course, my fingers and toes are crossed for you.

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 11:33 AM 11-16-2011

cbaa - I was the exact same way before my IUI. It can be really scary leading up to it! I`m thinking good thoughts for you, and I hope things become less stressful soon hug2.gif


Thanks for all the good thoughts. I have been freaking out a little, but I`m afraid it`s not really a BFP. I still don`t *feel* pregnant even with all of my symptoms.

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 06:26 PM 11-16-2011

thanks shesaidboom- I wish I had asked you more questions before today! I hope to be following in your footsteps in 2 weeks!


The IUI was a non-event, I was really only there for 20 minutes and 10 of that was in the waiting room! I have had cramps since around noontime, around both ovaries... I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I'm going to try now to stop worrying. Oh, DHs sperm count was perfectly fine...




shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 10:16 PM 11-16-2011

When I went in for my second iui, the doctor said it was a very good thing I was cramping since it meant I was ovulating. I'd say cramping is a good sign! I'm glad it was quick and went well. Now for the real test of patience! I'm crossing everything I can for a BFP for you! Are you going to have to start taking progesterone too?

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:14 AM 11-17-2011

cbaa, I agree that the cramping is a good sign of ovulation!! And the fact that you got the cramping right after the IUI is a great sign. Not that you'd enjoy the 2ww but I hope it is a relaxing one. It's count down to bfp time!!! I'm so hopeful for you this cycle!!!


Shesaidboom, when are you testing again? whistling.gif haha


deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 06:53 AM 11-17-2011

So, feeling a bit miffed with one of my colleagues/friend. She gives "advice" in a really obnoxious way. I don't think she's meaning to, but it irritates me. I need to address it, but I'm not in a good place about it right now. She said, "try not to focus on the cramping and other 'symptoms', you'll drive yourself bonkers." I've been ttc a long time, I know all this. Cramping is a bit hard not to notice. Ergh. i think I did figure out why it's so bad though. I'm on both progesterone and Estrogen and I have Endometriosis. Extra hormones and Endometriosis don't go so well together.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 08:44 AM 11-17-2011

I dealt with it. She was very defensive at first, but recognized that later and all is well.

brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 04:48 PM 11-17-2011

wow so much going on in the past couple of days.  I've only been off work since Tuesday at 11 am lol...(I'm working 2nd shift tonight and have to work 1st shift again tomorrow BLAH!!!)


ANYWAYS, now to go on with my comments:


Gozal and Renavoo: Thank you so much for your kind comments about my new picture.  It was taken last year at christmas. Emma was only 18 days old and Jayde had just turned 7 ten days before.  They are the center of my world!!!


Gozal:  I hope that this next cycle goes well for you!!! I know how frustrating it is to have to keep seeing new cycles happening...I cried a LOT this past time!! I'm on CD9 right now and if my temps shoot up tomorrow and keep going up the next couple of days i believe i might have Oed today!!! I really hope not because we have only been able to get in 2 bd sessions!!! 1 more is planned for tonight and then maybe in the AM before we both head off to work...i guess it depends on how much sleep we get tonight with Emma. Her sleep schedule has been so CRAZY lately!!!


Renavoo:  When do you go to the doctor again?  Are they going to be following you pretty close with US since you are carrying 2?  I am still sooooooo excited for you!!!


Shesaidboom:  Have you tested again?  I agree with Gozal a line is a line...so CONGRATS!!! I hope that this really is your cycle!!!


Cbaa:  I'm happy that your IUI went well. It's amazing how fast you were in and out though!!!!  It's wonderful that your DH was able to be there with you! Let this IUI lead to a BEAUTIFUL BFP in a couple of weeks!!!! 


Deborah:  Did you say that your beta is monday the 21st? Or is it earlier than that?  I'm sooooo ready to see what it is!! I really hope that you get your BFP this cycle too!!!



AFM:  Like i said to Gozal i am on CD9 and i think i might have Oed today...*which is pretty early for my O date but hey whatever*  I hope that me and DH can get some more BDing in before tomorrow night...just in case.  Maybe it was just a fluke that my temp dropped so low this morning...but i don't know about that.  I'm sure it will be off a little tomorrow though unless i can get some good sleep.  Me and DH are "old" lol and go to bed at like 8 or 830 every night, so me going to bed at like 1130 or 12 (depending on how long it takes me to get home and how long it takes me to "wake" dh up if he falls asleep before i get home hehe!!!)  I hope that everyone who is waiting on a BFP gets it and those who are waiting on O please let us O and catch our eggies this month!!! WE ALL deserve to be out of this forum and have a little bundle of joy to hold!!!

brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 04:54 PM 11-17-2011

Chicajones:  I'm so sorry that things are so hard right now for you!!! I DO NOT miss those long cycles like that!! I hope that AF shows up soon!!! Keep us updated please!!!


Monkeyscience:  I want you to know that i'm always thinking about you...i hope that things get better for you soon too!!!!

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 07:24 PM 11-17-2011

I tested again today, but with a digital test. Negative. I know we still have a chance since today is 12dpo and it's not really conclusive until 14, but I don't know. I really don't feel pregnant, which is why I questioned the line. I mean it showed up within 2 minutes, but it was really faint. Maybe today's test was wrong? Isn't a false negative more likely than a false positive? Dp told me to wait until Monday, I think I should have listened. Ooooh, boy.

brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 07:35 PM 11-17-2011

Shesaidboom:  What kind of digi did you use?  I think one is more sensitive than others.  What kind "line" test did you use the first time?  Is there anyway to get a picture next time you test?  I am still holding out hope for you!!! When would AF normally show up? 

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 09:47 PM 11-17-2011

Brichle- No. It's tomorrow!

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 11:19 PM 11-17-2011

brichole - I used a Clearblue digi test and the line test was First Response. I don't know if I'll test again before Monday. I want to, but I'm so afraid of another BFN and then having to do the blood test anyway. I'm trying to still be positive anyway, though it is hard. As for AF, it's hard to know because I don't have normal periods. I usually go about 6 months between, but I have gone as long as a year and a half without a period. 

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:23 AM 11-18-2011

shesaidboom, hug.gif Sorry for the confusing tests!! i'm still hopeful for you but I agree...wait until Monday. I'm not going to tell you to not think about it because, really, how would you do that? I know i wouldn't be able to! But hopefully, you have a fun weekend ahead so that your mind is a bit occupied.


Brichole, wow, early ovulation!! COME ON EGG AND SPERM!!


Deborah, ugh to your friend. Sorry. Some women are just insensitive. I'm glad that you guys talked it out though. I agree that she probably meant well even if it didn't come across that way. Hope your test goes well today!!


TGIF ladies!!


brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 06:47 AM 11-18-2011

Deborah:  I'm soooooooo ready to see what your beta says!!! I'll be coming back to this page all day long waiting...might even check during my movie this afternoon if you don't know by then!!! I'm really hoping that this was your month!!!


Shesaidboom:  I would wait until Monday to see if the FRER comes back positive again...mainly because i trust those more than i trust the CBED.  Granted I took one and it was positive by the time i was 11 dpo but i think i was one of the rare cases...especially with the CBED.  They don't seem to be as sensitive as others.  If you had a line on the FRER by 2 minutes then it's a positive...just FYI :)     I really hope that it's a bit darker MOnday (though i would probably say it should be okay to POAS saturday or sunday).  G/L Though!!! I'll be checking in on you too!!!!


Renavoo:  My temp went up this morning some...so i'm waiting for the next couple of days to see if it keeps going up.  We did get some BDing in last night so that made me happy...though i wish DH would have woken me up the way he did yesterday...lol...(another reason why i think i might be Oing early...my sex drive is going crazy right now lol.


AFM:  Like I said above my temp went up some this morning...i think by like  .8 so if it keeps going up i can officially say i oed yesterday....which i think it was last night because right before we DTD i had some left side cramping. (i think that is my dominate ovary btw...it's the one that I ovulated from when I had emma :)    I hope that everyone has a great day!!! Please keep us all posted ladies!! I"m waiting on pins and needles....



PS....Breaking Dawn Part 1.....playing this afternoon at 4pm and i will be in theater watching it....hehe i'm such a geek for the Twilight movies!!! I've already read the books so i know what's going to happen but i'm excited to see what they do with the story on film!!!!  T -8 hours!!! lol

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 07:00 AM 11-18-2011

Thank you. Me too! I am going in as soon as they open, so I can be sure I get results back today. LOL. I'm quite proud I resisted the urge to POAS.

brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 10:20 AM 11-18-2011

Deborah:  I hope that all is well.  Thinking about you.  I know that you have to be nervous waiting on the results from you test!!!!

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 12:46 PM 11-18-2011

This is the hardest wait I've ever had. Makes the 2WW  seem like nothing. I can't concentrate on anything right now. I am hoping it's a good sign that the phlebotomists originally thought that this was my 2nd beta. LOL. I'll take anything I can get.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 02:33 PM 11-18-2011

BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My beta was 148 (a happy number). Yay!

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 02:34 PM 11-18-2011

First ultrasound in 3 weeks.

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 02:53 PM 11-18-2011

Deborah- CONGRATS!!! joy.gifDefinitely happy news!

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