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I have been TTC for years. I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 10 years ago. I have recently began Metformin and I am also trying Vitex along with vitamins. Can any one give me some hope. All I have ever wanted was a family, and I am loosing hope  that my dream wont come true.

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You've come to the right place! joy.gif PCOS isn't the worst news you can get, though it can definitely throw a monkey wrench in your TTC plans. Have you been to an RE or tried anything else on your TTC journey?

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I have mild PCOS but ovulate with drugs. We're about to start trying tamoxifen with IUI next month. As mosaic said, you need to go see an RE before you give up. Lots of women conceive with PCOS! The IUI stats are actually pretty good.

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I was diagnosed with PCOS this month after 17 months of trying, took 50 mg of clomid, and got a BFP. Been on met for about 6 months or so.

Have you tried Clomid yet?
Seriously, get to a RE ASAP. It will make you feel better. There is hope.


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missmandi - I definitely agree with the recommendation to see an RE, or at least an OB/GYN that has a lot of experience with fertility problems. It sounds like you are doing good things, but it might help to take some sort of ovulation induction drug (Clomid or Femara, typically), something an RE would almost certainly prescribe you. Do you do fertility/temperature charting at all? If not, I definitely recommend that. If so, what are your charts like? Do you ovulate regularly? How is your cervical fluid?


boots - WHAT??? You must share your BFP with the IF ONE Thread!! Congrats!

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hey ladies. I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 months ago. I started metformin about 4 months ago and have seen anh RE. We are waiting about 6 months from now to start Clomid, as our insurance covers no infertility! So frustrated! We have been ttc for 2 years now and are so ready to see that BFP! so glad there is a thread here for just us PCOSers! 

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hi ladies!  i was diagnosed about three months ago and have since started metformin.  i had two failed ivf cycles before starting the drugs, and one failed iui a month after i started.  it's insane i was never diagnosed with pcos before this.  i don't get cysts and ovulate regularly, but i've got a ton of the side effects and insulin resistance which the re is saying throws off my hormone levels.


i'd love to hear more success stories! anyone finding serious changes with metformin?  i have absolutely no side effects from my 1500mg a day and although i'm losing weight now, i'm attributing it more to a carb free diet rather than the drug just lowering my insulin levels.  my dr suggested losing weight to see if that changes anything 

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I took metformin but found it had no real affect. I did conceive both of my children with clomid. I also found that going on a very low carb diet helped me lose weight & improved my blood sugar levels. Definitely focussing on diet & exercise is helpful.


Good luck - it is very frustrating but is also not insurmountable & there is more & more info on it all the time.

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