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teresaresa's Avatar teresaresa 07:10 PM 06-28-2012

rcr: 3 day 3 embies transferred?!?!? WOW! That's awesome! Yippee!!! I'm so glad the doctors listened to what you wanted instead of sticking to their Day 5 criteria. I think your 6-cell embies are going to do great. I had one that was 6 cells on day 3 and it caught up enough by day 5 for them to freeze it, so I imagine in your body, they'll be doing even better! I can't believe your beta is on July 5 - one week! Seems really early for a Day 3 transfer, so I'm not sure about the HPT. Maybe do one the day before if you really can't hold out? Who am I to kid? I did like 8 of 'em :) Safe travels tomorrow!!!!


praying: Congrats lady! I'm glad your scan went well and that your secret wish came true :)


deborah: Glad your DH is on board even more! It's so nice to have that extra support. I say ditch the charting - but, I'm just a rebel like that ;-)


blue: I've never did tell you how much I like the new picture of Abby! With every new picture, I so desperately want a doggie ... sigh. How was your birthday celebration for your DH last night? It was our wedding anniversary; we went out to dinner, but it was totally mediocre. If only I had the energy to make dinner!


aura: Glad you're getting some unexpected benefits out of the meds!!! And, yay for new summer wardrobe! I just really can't believe that you and blue didn't get the munchies on the steroids! I guess it's a low enough dose, but I remember being kinda hungry when I was on it - lucky duckies!!!


deportivo: I hope your self-imposed bed rest is doing lots of good things for you and your bean! Just remember to take a little walk around the house every now and then - blood flow to the uterus is critical :-) Thanks for the encouragement!


AFM: First, thank you to everyone for all the support these past two weeks.... what a freakin' rollercoaster!!! We're not out of the woods yet, but things are looking cautiously optimistic. Ultrasound today did not show anything in the uterus or the tubes which is really neither good nor bad given that my beta isn't really high enough to see something. My beta on the other hand was 405 which is almost an exact doubling from Monday's 136 (should have been 408 if it were exact). So, it now seems like "El Cid" (or "Al Seed" as we call him) is kicking into gear. There's still a question, though of where he is nestled. SO, they wanted me to have an ultrasound on Tuesday and my Dr. was insisting that I come into the clinic for said u/s. Only glitch is that we are going to be in ME for most of this weekend, followed by a one-night stay in Great Barrington on Monday night (we have a favorite little B&B there, and I'm dying to see the owner who is the most lovable woman in the world and who knows all about our struggle!). I've really, really been looking forward to this last little part of our trip, and really didn't want to cancel to come back for a 7.30am ultrasound - know what I mean?? I also didn't like the sound of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy :( So, of course there truly are no REs near that area (thanks for the Albany and Springfield recs!). I asked my nurse if Monday would be OK for the scan and she said yes. We're supposed to leave Rockport, ME on Monday AM to drive down to MA, and we'll have to pass right through Portland. And guess what? I found a clinic in Portland on my first try that will do the u/s for me on Monday!!! My nurse actually called them and filled out some paperwork so that I can go there - she was nervous that they wouldn't see me b/c basically it's going to be their job to rule out an ectopic pregnancy and that's a lot of responsibility. But, they were a-ok with taking me on - yippee!! I just have to deal with insurance tomorrow AM. If that doesn't work, anyone have any idea what an out-of-pocket scan might cost? Ladies, I'm feeling a lot more hopeful today .... it's not over yet, but I feel like we're getting so much closer :) I'll try to update from my phone on Monday.... Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 08:13 PM 06-28-2012

Teresa- That's what I am thinking. Charting is just a PITA and probably does more harm than good in my case. AFM- Disappointed. I thought I'd at least get a B+ in my class, but I only got a B. 8 freaking points away from a B+! I apparently did pretty poorly on my final which is strange because I felt confident about it. I'm usually spot on, but wasn't this time. Perhaps, my sadness at the loss of the boys affected my ability to do well. It was 3 months on Sunday since I delivered them.

blueyezz4's Avatar blueyezz4 08:30 PM 06-28-2012

Teresa - How many weeks are you right now???   When was your last beta?  Are they still having you do more betas or are you done? I hope that you and DH have a great little get away!!!  Enjoy that time away!!  I'm sure if the Drs are okay w/ you doing your u/s later you have nothing to worry about. 


rcr - Hope your flight home goes well.  I'm sure it will be nice to be back home again.


Aura - 4 o'clock witching hr....ughhh!  I've been on Advair and singulair for my asthma.  Wish I didn't need anything!

lyndiramos's Avatar lyndiramos 09:31 PM 06-28-2012
teresa- I wanted to say I am thinking of you, but also wanted to tell you my betas didnt double at first then took off!! I have a sweet little girl to show for all the trouble she caused us!!!
hope4light's Avatar hope4light 05:38 AM 06-29-2012

teresa - I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up!!!


HI to everyone else!

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 04:18 PM 06-29-2012
Sadly, I am allergic to Singular. right now, with all the smoke from the surroundin three, I sure wish I had something besides my inhaler.
deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 09:47 AM 06-30-2012

That should be surrounding fires. I may have been on my phone when I typed it.

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 03:08 PM 06-30-2012

Could I be added to the waiting list?  DH has to make another sperm donation for freezing so we have enough sperm to try an IVF cycle.  Yesterday they found 5 motile sperm which is up from the 1 motile sperm in the sperm assay although the overall number of sperm is down from 25 on 5/18/12 to 8 on 6/29/12.  Because of my DH's extremely low sperm count, we need to do intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in order to fertilize my eggs. My insurance covers IVF up to a $16,000 lifetime maximum but I am still trying to figure out who or if the meds that I get through my mail order pharmacy count against that $16,000 or if they don't.  The benefits person from the medical insurance didn't know, the mail order pharmacy wouldn't tell me anything until the Dr's send in a preauthorization for the meds, and the Dr.'s office had no idea either.  Um, who is supposed to know then?  Working that out hopefully this next week and hoping to have enough money saved this summer to do a cycle in August or Sept.


Lilacvioletiris (36, DX hypothyroid 10/11) and DH (40), initial diagnosis no sperm, azoospermia 3/23/12, second sperm assay found 25 sperm (one motile) on 5/18/12, third SA for cryopreservation of sperm found 5 motile sperm and 3 non-motile sperm on 6/29/12) TTC #1 since April 2011. Waiting to make another sperm donation for freezing so there is enough for an IVF cycle and saving money for IVF.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 07:19 PM 06-30-2012

Lilac- I may be joining you on the September IVF train, though I probably wouldn't have retrieval and transfer until December. I'm not sure if things go faster since they know what protocol worked for me before and what my issues are.

Nese1972's Avatar Nese1972 02:09 PM 07-01-2012

I've been stalking this thread, and too afraid to post because I don't know what to say and didn't want to sound ignorant eyesroll.gif.  It's been 3 years since we tried IVF.  We had 2 failed IVF cycles in 2008, with the last beta on my birthday in October 2008 that was BFN (talk about a crappy birthday) and it's taken me this long to get the courage to try IVF again with a new RE.  I'm on bcp right now and stop bcp on 7/10 with 7/13 being first scan and bloodwork before starting gonal F and menopur that evening (hopefully).    I hope you all don't mind if I join your thread.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 03:24 PM 07-01-2012

Nese- Welcome. I used Gonal F and Menopur on my cycle with the boys, so I know they can be successful.

Nese1972's Avatar Nese1972 03:30 PM 07-01-2012

Thanks for the info, Deborah!  I haven't been on that protocol before and was a little nervous about having to mix my meds before giving my shot!  I was overwhelmed in the teaching visit :).  Before, all the meds were premixed and ready to go.  

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 05:38 PM 07-01-2012

Nese- I made DH do the mixing because I sucked at it. LOL.

blueyezz4's Avatar blueyezz4 07:08 PM 07-01-2012

Lilac- Welcome!!!  Sorry we are having to meet you here but this is a great group of ladies!!!!  I hope all works out well w/ your DH's next "donation".  Sounds like the vitamins have helped!!  Keeping my fingers crossed for you.  Just so you know, this place sometimes dies down on the weekends and then picks back up during the week so don't feel like you are being ignored.  Just wanted to warn you!!!!! 


Nese - Welcome to you too!!!  Wow, two new members in one weekend.  I think it might be a new record.  Don't ever be afraid to post here... this is a great group of ladies and there is so much support and love to go around.  I sure hope you can get that insurance stuff figured out.  That is crazy!  Someone needs to get their act together.  Maybe you should call the insurance comp again and maybe the next person you get will be more knowledgeable and if not maybe you need to ask to speak to their boss or something. That is kinda crazy.... someone has to know and you would think it would be the insurance company b/c they make all the rules!!!!!!  Anyways, I hope your stay here is short and sweet.  I didn't have to mix my meds either but i'm sure once you do it the first couple of times you get the hang of it and it won't seems a scary!!  Good luck and keep us posted.


rcr - how are you feeling??? Did you get home safe and sound w/ not issues, I hope?  Did you test out the trigger or didn't you have to do that this time???\


Teresa - I hope you are enjoying your little get-a-way weekend.  Keep us posted after your u/s!  Fingers crossed for you!!!!


Deborah - hope you are safe from the fires!!  I have a friend that lives out there and I saw some pics of how close it was to her house.  Scary!!!


Lyndi - good to see your name pop up. 




AFM - AF showed up so no free baby here.  Only good thing is that CD 1 is on the 1st again which makes it really easy to remember what CD I'm on.  Hope you all don't mind that I'm still here just rooting you all on.

auraleigh's Avatar auraleigh 07:09 PM 07-01-2012

hi ladies!  hope everyone had a nice weekend.


rcr, how are you feeling? are you home safe and sound?


teresa, hope your vacation is going well and that you have a good ultrasound tomorrow morning!  i'll be thinking about you!


blue, do you like advair? i tried using it, but it made my eyes do this weird thing where it felt like my vision was shakey... i had to stop using it and switched to symbacort and never had that problem again.  i wish i was off all of it, but it's not really something i can change! 


deborah, how close are you to the fires?  it's heartbreaking to see so many people losing their homes. 


lilac, what a story!  it's incredible that with technology doctors can find even one little sperm in order to make a baby.  amazing!  we have male factor issues as well, but due to a whole bunch of other circumstances we have decided to use donor sperm.  i can feel your pain though! the waiting is so hard.  i'm surprised that no one at your insurance company can help give you a better idea of your coverage,  what insurance company do you have? we had united healthcare, and now have cigna, and both took my meds out of my lifetime max.  which stinks, because the meds are so expensive.  i hope everything works out for you! 


welcome nese! i've also had two failed ivf cycles (last year) and got my first bfn right before my birthday too.  it's the worst! i'm glad you found a new dr though, and it looks like you start your cycle right after i start mine, so we can be cycle buddies!  today was my last bcp, i stepped down my lupron, and i start my stims on the 11th.  I'll also be on gonal f and menopur.  my last cycles i had to mix the two together, so we can help talk to through it.  this cycle i have a gonal f pen, but i have to mix my menopur.  don't worry though, you'll do great!


afm, came home from a nice long weekend in western massachusetts with my dh's family.  i'm trying to eliminate carbs this cycle because i know my pcos/insulin resistance isn't helping things, and it's been a week without them.  i feel a little bloaty but i think it's the steroids perhaps.  i do feel like eating this way is helping me not gain weight, and physically i feel pretty good.  today i stopped my bcp, and stepped the lupron down from 10 to 5.  getting closer!  i'm nervous though, because i still haven't gotten my cetrotide from freedom.  i called last thursday and friday and they said to keep calling every day.  i don't start it until wednesday, and i have six in my fridge, which buys me a little time.  however the nurse said if i don't have cetrotitde in time they will have to keep me on lupron.  i assume this means i can't use the cetrotide i have?  i REALLY don't want to stay on lupron for a month!  i really, really hope it comes in time....

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 08:14 PM 07-01-2012

We're pretty much in between all of them, but just far enough away to be safe. I did have to drive through them on the way home from SD on Friday, though. Here's a pic:



lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 03:34 AM 07-02-2012

auraleigh, yeah, having meds come out of the lifetime maximum is what sucks.  But so far I can't get any clear answers.  I am going to make some more calls today.  Hopefully someone will be able to clear things up for me.  IVF with ICSI isn't cheap.  The drugs seem to be the most expensive part of it.


AFM, getting shots scares me a lot.  I hate needles.  Off the top of my head the protocol I will use has cetrotide, gonal F and menopur.  Mixing them?  Yeah I have a lot to learn.

hope4light's Avatar hope4light 08:12 AM 07-02-2012

 Still here lurking and cheering everyone on!


Nese - I just wanted to say that we did IVF back in 2008 as well, had 2 cancelled cycles and 1 failed cycle that broke me and left my marriage in shambles.  We ended up working things out and have a beautiful daughter through a donor, and just this year decided to go for IVF just 1 last time - and I am now pregnant with that IVF baby!  Just wanted to give you some hope since it's so interested that we both dealt with the failure in 2008 and were ready to try again in 2012.  I'm hoping this is it for you!


lilac - they should be able to tell you through Customer Service.  If they can't, ask for a supervisor.  Have you looked in your benefit booklet?  A lot of times that will also let you know if the meds go towards the max.


rcr - how's it going?  Did you decide when to test? 


teresa - how are you?


Hi to everyone else!  I just can't seem to stay away while all of you that supported me are still here trying.  I send you all baby dust everyday!!!

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 12:14 PM 07-02-2012

hope4light, unfortunately the benefits booklet didn't have much information beyond the list of covered procedures and the lifetime maximum list.  I am sure I will get this thing figured out, but it sure is overwhelming at times.

rcr's Avatar rcr 01:35 PM 07-02-2012

Welcome Lilac and Nese- I am sorry that you have to be here, but welcome. I hope you find it supportive and useful.


Deborah - glad to hear you are ok. The fires sound really scary. Sorry about AF.


Aura - you are so close! I hope you get the crntroid. I had the same problem with gannirelix and it eventually came in at the last minute. Have you tried a different pharmacy?


Teresa - hope all is ok! Any news?


Blue / AFM - I finally made it back. The flight was fine, but when we got home we had no power, and it was like 100 degrees. I had a hard time sleeping. Then the internet was down (I just got it back up). I am just waiting and waiting until my beta on the 5th. I had my appointment with my old RE today. She was very nice about it. I made it to the top of her embryo donation list, so the appointment was to talk about that. She gave me the go-ahead with embryo donation, so I just need a die test and saline test, and to speak with a counselor, and I can start asap. If this cycle is a bfn I will begin all of that with my next CD1. I love having a plan - it always takes the sting out of a bfn. As for how I am feeling, I really don't know. I feel crampy - exactly like AF crampy, but last time I was pregnant (m/c) I also felt like I was going to get AF any moment, and it never came... so, maybe. Who knows. I have two tests, but I may take one tomorrow just because the wait is killing me. Would 7 dp3dt be reliable at all? I wonder if the hcg would even be out yet?


Blue - I think you asked about the process. It was ok. they do so many out of town cycles there I think they are a really well-oiled system. The doctor was a little less personal at first than my old RE. When I first had my appointment, he walked down, said hi.... and looked down at my chart to get my name. That was annoying that he didn't even know my name, although I guess not too unexpected since I had never met him in person. He quickly counted and measured the follies, and the nurse was there to write stuff down for him. That first appointment felt like I was just a number to him. The second one was better, he chatted a little more. I didn't really talk to him before I went under anistethia at my retrieval, so at my transfer he was very sweet (kinda redeemed himself for me). He wears a little Mexican fertility charm around his neck and he waved it around my tummy afterward. He also rubbed my tummy for a few minutes. He drew a little heart on the u/s photo that showed where the embryos were transferred. So overall, it was good. Flying there was fine, and I am glad that we got a hotel with a kitchen (extended stay) so we saved a lot of money on food by not having to eat out. I ended up having to get more luveris after my first appointment, and they ordered it from a local pharmacy, which was easy. DS and I spent time doing the free kid stuff on the strip, and we did some day trips (a 2-day trip to the grand canyon), a trip to red rocks park, and a trip to the hoover dam. So we tried to make the best out of it, although Vegas is certainly not my top vacation spot! I do feel like there is more at stake here (if that is even possible!), since we did so much more for this cycle, plus it is my last chance with my eggs. Plus I am not sure how much ART stuff DH is willing to take. We still have one more insurance covered cycle after this (saving it for donor eggs), but even with our insurance it will cost $15,000 for donor eggs. I have not had that conversation with DH yet, but I think he will probably want to just throw in the towel. After 3 years of constant ART cycles, part of me wants to throw in the towel too, but part of me can't stop (I am sure you can relate?)


All -Thanks for bearing with my crazy auto-correct posts, and my lack of personals while I was gone. I was reading along, but it is such a pain to type from my phone, I really minimized my typing.

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 02:29 PM 07-02-2012

lilac - Welcome!!!


Nese - Don't ever feel ignorant!  We're all here to help each other out and we all ask questions, even those of us "seasoned" IVFers.


Blue - You know you are always welcome!  


Question: Has anyone ever transferred their embies from one clinic to another?  How about from one state to another?  Did it cost money to ship it?  How did it go?  We're thinking of possibly doing a FET this winter but will be 2500 miles from our embies.  I'm trying to get an idea of which would be better, shipping embies or just flying myself out here. My clinic is closed this week and I'm impatient for answers orngbiggrin.gif

rcr's Avatar rcr 04:04 PM 07-02-2012

Kewpie - I paid $200 to ship sperm. I imagine it would be a similar cost. The price is for overnight delivery, with a tank to keep it frozen. It arrived safe and sound, and fertilized my embies. I am excited for you to try again. How many embies do you have? Do you have a timeframe yet?


AFM - I forgot to mention that my boobs don't hurt. They usually feel like rocks after the hcg shot. Now they hurt every now and then, but nothing like usual. It could be that the suppositories contain estroggin, so maybe that is why? that is the only difference. Hopefully it is a good sign, as having them hurt and feel like rocks has never gotten be a bfp in the past.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 04:32 PM 07-02-2012

RCR- Thanks. AF is over, but I'm having some pains again. I have an appointment with one of the other OBs in the office tomorrow. 

auraleigh's Avatar auraleigh 04:57 PM 07-02-2012

rcr, so glad you're home! i can't believe your beta is just days away.  that went FAST.  fingers crossed! it's good you have a backup plan with the donor eggs, but i'm hoping you won't need it!   can you believe this heat wave?  so glad your power is back.  i have friends in baltimore that told me this past weekend it was 107 degrees, but feel like 117.  that's insane.  i was up in the mountains so it was high 80s, but now in jersey we're in the 90s again.  i would lose my mind if we lost power because all my meds are in the fridge!


lilac, it gets better!  each time you learn something new it seems so daunting, but by the end of the cycle you're a pro.  also, nothing to be scared of with these needles.  you barely feel them, the needles are so small.  we'll help you through it!


blue, i can't believe you asked if we MIND! ivf or no ivf, you're a friend to all of us and we love you and the friendship you offer us. btw, how was your dh's birthday?  did the two of you co have a nice time? what did the weather wind up being?  it's SO hot here.  i shouldn't complain though, because unlike rcr i've still got my ac on! 


afm, i think af is coming.  i've had terrible cramps all day today, and i am pretty sure i'll have it by bedtime.  fun.  i've got bw and us scheduled for the 5th, and as long as everything comes back okay, i start my estrogen patches and cetrotide.  speaking of cetrotide, freedom is getting some ganerelix in! they said they can start taking orders on the 5th, so i am chomping at the bit to get that order in.  i have six at home which will tide me over, but it looks like i'll be able to continue as planned.  i hope it works out!   the lupron hasn't been bad at all, and the steroids are fine.  it's been a pleasant cycle so far...

auraleigh's Avatar auraleigh 05:03 PM 07-02-2012

kewpie, i'd say ship them.  guaranteed overnight delivery is probably your best bet, although California Cryobank seems to ship two day.  It surprised me a little, but I'm assuming whatever is in that tank keeps them super frozen.  Plus, would you even be able to carry a tank of embryos on a plane? belly transferred her embryos to a different clinic, but i'm pretty sure she just picked them up and drove the tank over. 

rcr's Avatar rcr 05:36 PM 07-02-2012

Another thing Kewpie- the morning after I had the sperm shipped, I saw the tank sitting in the waiting room waiting for it to be returned (it was shipped back to the sperm place). It looked super-secure and heavy. I mean, I think a bomb could not defrost it. I think it would be safe.


Aura - so glad about the gannirelix, and for moving forward. Yea, it does kinda seem to have gone fast, but when we were out in Vegas time kinda went slow. I can't wait till Thurs., though I am never too optimistic after everything I have been through.

Nese1972's Avatar Nese1972 07:07 PM 07-02-2012
Originally Posted by hope4light View Post

Nese - I just wanted to say that we did IVF back in 2008 as well, had 2 cancelled cycles and 1 failed cycle that broke me and left my marriage in shambles.  We ended up working things out and have a beautiful daughter through a donor, and just this year decided to go for IVF just 1 last time - and I am now pregnant with that IVF baby!  Just wanted to give you some hope since it's so interested that we both dealt with the failure in 2008 and were ready to try again in 2012.  I'm hoping this is it for you!



Thank you so much for the encouragement!  I wonder if we were on the same threads back then in 2008?

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 07:30 PM 07-02-2012

rcr - Thanks for the info.  We have 2 embies on ice and we'd transfer both.


aura - I meant fly back and have the whole FET done and then fly back home after it was over. 

hope4light's Avatar hope4light 05:47 AM 07-03-2012

Nese - I was here!  I got my final BFN on July 25, 2008 and I think only stopped back in a couple of times after that, I needed the break, I was pretty broken.  I think that I started on the threads after my first cancelled cycle, so it would have been at the start of 2008.


PS - my first DD was born 2 years TO THE DAY from that stupid BFN.  July 25 no longer carries with it a bad memory, but instead the memory of birthing my miracle!


rcr - did you decide to test?

rcr's Avatar rcr 06:15 AM 07-03-2012

I didn't test. It is only 7 days past transfer, so I don't want to waste one of my two tests on today. Does anybody else hate buying pregnancy tests? I do. I bought these three online from amazon when I was ordering some books.I avoid going to the store to buy them.

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