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I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. I went to a fertility doctor and they said I don't ovulate like I should because I have cysts on my ovaries. I was told to take prenatals to get all the vitamins I would need. I need to find a way to help me ovulate without getting a perscription. Any ideas! I'll try anything.
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I know some women who have had success with NaPro technology.  Check out http://www.fertilitycare.org/ and click on "find a medical consultant" to find a doctor that may be able to help you.

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I think acupuncture is also supposed to help.

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Try traditional medicine, below might help you how to get pregnant in a natural way


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I think the main things to so make sure that you are at optimal health. Most of the time women can't ovulate is because there is an imbalance. There might be some good advice here: http://www.get-pregnant-naturally.com


Keep us updated!

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My hubby and I have been trying for 2 years naturally and it just never happened. :(

Recently I went to a Gyno and he told me I have PCOS so I took one round of clomid (it was horrid) and here I am at CD 33, 14dpo, negative HPT tests and I've been lightly spotting for 4 days now. I'm not sure if this is the clomid or what!?!?  Anyone have experience with that?

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MissLynn - From everything I've read the best thing to do for PCOS to get prego naturally is diet and exercise.  Go low carb and balance your sugar.  Insulin resistance is closely related to PCOS even in thin women. 


Sunni - Yes, it could be the clomid.  Sorry. :(   Did your Gyn do a 21 day progesterone test to see if you O'd?  If you don't get your period you should ask your doctor about taking progesterone to start one...

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Hi Miss Lynn, If you do indeed have PCOS, insulin resistance is the main culprit. Wissa is right. Diet and exercise are key. There are also some some supplements that have proven to be as effective as metformin (the common pharmaceutical drug of choice). However, a PCOS diagnosis should include a number of other tests besides an ultrasound revealing cystic ovaries, too! I've got a page on my blog that discusses the different supplements with links to the medical literature. The big guns are NAC and myo-inositol.


Best of luck!



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There's no way to put this delicately, sometimes weight loss helps if you are overweight. I had no luck for 18 months. Lost 27 lbs and got pregnant right away. Then, when we tried for #2, it only took 3 months to get pregnant because I was still at a lower weight. Its not the case with EVERYONE, but my doc who was more than happy to try "less conservative methods" (aka "natural" fertility stuff) suggested weight loss to "kick start" my fertility. He suggested low carb- so I'd think something like paleo or south beach would help. He told me that I think 50% of women who lose 15-30% of their body weight get pregnant with no further help. Those were good enough odds for me to bust my butt in the gym and meticulously follow a diet. :) 

I don't have full blown PCOS, but i have cystic ovaries. 

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I too have been trying for a while. I had a miscarriage in March, 2010 and said forget it and gained all the weight I lost back. Now I'm busting butt to lose 30 pounds (again) so I can really try again.

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I have heard of doctors prescribing birth control to 'reset' your system and help get rid of the cysts. If you have polycystic ovaries, you really need to work with a doctor to get it under control.  The best way is usually through diet, exercise, and meds.  Good luck.

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I have also been diagnosed with PCOS but as it turns out, it is just a mnior case.  After 2 years of trying and having no success at my Gyn, my husband and I decided to see a  fertility specialist.  After being used as a new pin cushion for 4 weeks, the blood work came back and I was told that I had a Prolactinoma.  Apparently I had a small tumor in the Pituitary Gland which was the culprit for the lack of a menstral cycle.  I was initially shocked as everything I have heard about tumors is bad news.  So I was told that no matter how much I tried for the 2 years, my chances of conceiving were very small.  I first needed to reduce the Prolactin levels from 230 to under under 30.  I was put on Bromocriptine and after one month, I ovulated on my own and had my first real period in 8 months.  After a second blood test, the Prolactin Levels were reduced to under 25 which was great news!  So now we moved onto the TTC with meds stage.  I was put on Clomid 150mg.  Not only was this new to me, I also was not prepared for the severe mood swings and depression with this medication. When I found myself looking at my best friend and husband (same man) and asking myself why is he still in this house.....I realised that this medication was not agreeing with me emotionally.  It appeared that it also did no agree with me physically.  The follicles did not grow to any encouraging levels.  One reached 16MM and I ovulated naturally.  I had the first IUI anyway as suggested by my doctor and 10 days after I did what I would advise you all TO NEVER DO!!!!  I took a pregnancy test.  I sat on the toilet bowl and cried and cried and cried my heart out until my eyes were swollen to the state of converting me from a wide eyed doe to a small Chinese baby.  I held on to my stomach and my heart ached and thoughts of all the other friends around me that got pregnant including the girlfriend for 1.5 years of my Brother-in-Law, haunted me.  I have to say that I was at that moment painfully jealous of all of them and I immediately sunk into severe depression.  With tears in my heart, I was putting on a brave smile and congratulating everyone else on their BFPs while my soul was huddled in a corner paralysed from sheer depression. 


Days passed and I was afraid to look at my husband for fear that I would see the deep dissappointment in his face too.  Eventually we spoke about it and he said that we both knew that the first try was iffy given the size of the follicle.  I remained depressed until CD11 when I saw some light spotting.  I read somewhere that light spotting was a good sign and may mean implantation and so I was hopeful again.  I pounded away at my computer day and night reading blogs and threads and articles on spotting and implantation bleeding.  I was hopeful.  I started imagining all kinds of signs of pregnancy.


I was brushing my teeth that morning when I felt a small cramp in my stomach on Day 13.  My heart raced thinking that this could be implantation.  Just for the sake of assurance, I went into the toilet and did a wipe.  Dark Red Blood.  I collapsed to the floor and cried from my soul with no physical tears.  Eventually after what must have been 35 minutes the tears physically started to flow and I just laid right there on the floor staring into nothingness while the tears flowed and drenched my hair.  I cried for hours until my husband found me.  He was speechless to see the condition I was in.  That day I had to make the dreaded call to the doctor to let them know that my period was here and again I had to put on the brave face.  I was told to come back in the next day to do a scan and we would begin another round.


The next morning with swollen eyes and the lack of desire to dress myself in the usual haute couture fashion, I went into the doctor's office hand in hand with my husband, looking like I was 60 years old and feeling like was twice that age.  It was not hard for anyone to look at me and know what had happened.  I just did not have the strength to hide my pain like I always do.  After consultation with my doctor and the scan, they decided to put me on Menopur Injectables 75IU for 5 days.  My E2 results came back that day at it was 31.1 which was good.  After CD6 (Day 5 on Medications), I went back in for a scan and we had 7 follicles.  2x8mm, 2x9mm, 2x7mm and 1x6mm.  I was asked to take 3 more injections.  Now I will tell you, I cannot self inject and I am petrified about injections.  My husband had to administer the first 5.  I never imagined that I would have to have injections in my stomach to have a baby.  The dissappointment in myself was already painful and now having to encourage my body to become fertile was another blow to my self esteem.


On CD10 the follicles were now 2x8, 1x13 and 1x15.  Again another 3 injections.  I was starting to expect the worst now with every visit.  Just when I thought the inejctions were over, I was told again that I needed more.  I was hoping that I would be one of those women that responded marvellously to the medication.  But I was not.  Then again I was on the lowest dose do that in a sense gave me hope.  On CD13 we now had only 2 viable follicles - 1x21mm and 1x16mm.  My E2 level was 532.1 which was another good sign and my lining was optimum according to the doctor.  I had my trigger shot done on October 8th (yesterday) at 9:30pm.  My husband was given the instructions on how to administer the shot.  The nurse casually pulled out the needle and showed it to us and when I saw the length of the needle, my knees buckled and my stomach cringed. I thought that when this cycle resulted in a baby, he better be a non-crier in the middle of the morning for all this pain I am going through.  The trigger shot was IM so I held on to the bed post and cried continuously that I did not even realise that my husband had already given me the shot and was standing over to me with a smile on his face as though he was looking at a baby cry.  The shot was not as bad I thought.   But it was the fright that made me panic. 


We are having the second IUI done at 9:30am tomorrow (Wed) and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the 16MM will have released a mature egg just like the 21m and we have a BFP in 14 days. 


Here's to the torture, pain and indescribable heartache that we go through all for the chance of being the best mother in the whole world. 


I wish all of you nothing but astounding success and happiness at the end of this journey of yours this month.  God does not always say no...sometimes he says....hold on....your time is near. 



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