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emski4379's Avatar emski4379 04:37 PM 07-20-2012
Next cycle will be my first using chlomid. Just looking for others in the same boat. What should I expect as far as mood, etc?

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 04:40 PM 07-20-2012

Clomid never bothered me or affected my moods.  Some people have much stronger reactions, but some do not.

skj2011's Avatar skj2011 07:46 PM 07-20-2012
This is my first cycle on clomid. Here's my experience:

My Pre-O temps have been in my post-O range

I had 3 days of spotting while on clomid after AF. That's not normal for me

I've had lots of mild cramping. It feels like my uterus is stretching, like early pg cramping. I'm hoping
it means my lining is thickening.smile.gif

I've had a few warm moments. Not really hot flashes, but definite "warm" flashes.

There were 2 days that I was emotional. It's hard to tell if it's related to the clomid or just this sucky process.

From everything I've read, your experience can go in any direction. I hope you are without any annoying side effects and you get your BFP on this cycle!
BeagleSmuggler's Avatar BeagleSmuggler 05:02 AM 07-22-2012

I just finished my first cycle on Clomid. I also started on Metformin one cycle before starting Clomid. The Metformin was BRUTAL for me, I got sick. Every. Time. I. Ate! Bloating, cramps, diarreah etc...


I seemed to be adjusting to the Metformin by the time I began Clomid and I did not notice any side effects with Clomid, but any gastrointestial stuff I may have thought was the Metformin. 

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