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shesaidboom 08-04-2012 05:41 AM

A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!


Please let me know if there are any changes/updates to make.


Trying to Conceive #1


Polyhymnia (29 - 30 next month), DH (30). IUD removed 6/2011, no luck since then despite regular cycles. Just scheduled one-year-of-trying appt with an OB/GYN next month. BFPChart2.gif


Lilacvioletiris (36, DX hypothyroid 10/11) and DH (40), (initial diagnosis no sperm, azoospermia 3/23/12, second sperm assay found 25 total sperm on 5/18/12, third and fourth SA for cryopreservation of sperm found 5 motile sperm and 3 non-motile sperm on 6/29/12 & 8/3/12) TTC #1 since April 2011. Waiting to make another sperm donation for freezing so there is enough for an IVF cycle and saving money for IVF.


krunchyk Me (32), DH (34), ttc #1 1/11. Diagnosed with PCOS at 19. Currently taking 1500 mg of Metformin daily along with supplements and acupuncture. Wading into the world of medicated cycles. One missed miscarriage at 8w6d in March. One early miscarriage at 5w4d in May.


Teresaresa (32), DH (46) TTC #1 since 4/09. Tried holistically for 2.5 years. 1 failed Clomid IUI and 4 failed Femara IUIs. Now a regular poster on the Summer IVF thread - hoping science can help us make a baby!


Gemmine (27) Me+ DH TTC #1 since July 2010. 1 loss at 5 weeks in April 2011.


moved to graduates!!!!!!


Shesaidboom (28) TTC #1 since early 2007. Four early miscarriages and one second trimester loss. Struggling with PCOS. Four failed IUIs, three on Femara and one on Puregon. Currently on IUI #5, this time using Gonal F.


toothfairy2be (27) TTC#1 since 10/10, Failed Clomid/Femara/Gonal F, 4 IUI. Switched to NaPro Technology and diagnosed with Stage 3 Endometriosis with a complex chocolate cyst, all removed at laproscopy March 29th--- making a baby the old fashioned way in 2012.


Sourire (30) DH (33) - TTC # 1 since August 2010 with endometriosis. So far I've done 3 IUI's with Femara and had a laparoscopy in April 2012.



Milk8shake (28) & DP (29) TTC #1 since 04/09. Battling endometriosis, a unicornuate uterus and unexplained RPL. Five little ones, gone but not forgotten. Hoping for a lucky 2013 baby, with the help of some serious medical intervention. 


Blueyezz4 TTC #1 (technically #4 - long story) since 2006; Moving on to our 3rd Fresh IVF in Oct. after 5 failed IUI's, 2 failed IVF's and a failed FET. Hoping & praying for a miracle. Mother to our twins boys - lost at 22.5wks on 6-20-09 and another little angel in heaven lost at 8wks!


deborahbgkelly (30); DH (30) Began TTC 2/2011; BFP after IVF in 11/2011. Late second trimester pregnancy loss of identical twin boys in 3/2012. Fertility challenges: Endometriosis, Diminished Ovarian Reserves (likely due to Endo) and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (anti-thyroid antibodies). RE consult on Aug. 30.. chartnew.gif


Chicajones (27) DH (30) TTC#1 since June 2010. Diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance in Oct 2011. Long cycles, currently taking Metformin and watching my sugar. Moving to the UK in the fall, but hoping for a BFP before we leave! moved to graduates!!!!



Tickletoes (36) & Hubby (45) TTC #1 since 8/10, 3 early losses on 11/4/10 ribbonpb.gif, 6/14/11 ribbonpb.gif, 1/19/12 ribbonpb.gif. First fertility visit scheduled for 2/20. My chart:BFPChart2.gif


Charley: 38, husband 38. TTC our first. Me: One unsuccessful cycle with Clomid/IUI in Jan of ’12. In March of ’12 diagnosed with Hydrosalpinx in right tube and endometriosis, polyp at 2cm located in the “sweet spot” of uterus. Lap surgery scheduled for April 13, 2012. Other treatments: positive thinking, green juice, loads of supplements and creative visualization.


Simply Rochelle: 24, Matt, 26. Married in May 2007 and ttc most of that time. Conceived in June 2008, miscarried at 12 weeks. Lap in April 2012 found stage 2 endo. Lots of failed Clomid cycles from 50mg-150mg. Finally seeing an RE in July 2012.


NievesSteve: 40, diagnosed with Grave's Disease in 3/10, married my awesome DH and partner in '09. TTC since 2010, lost a pregnancy on 5/12/12 at 5-6 weeks and now working with RE, fall into the unexplained category. Had 3rd IUI w/Clomid 6/10/12. We moved to CT (Hartford Area) in September where we live with our two dogs.



Trying To Conceive #2


TinyMama TTC #2 (DD is 5), with severe MF.


SilaMarila (26) DH (29) TTC#2 since 2010. PCO/lack of ovulation and past motility/morphology issues. 4 failed Clomid (3 IUI) cycles. Calling it quits with the RE. Saving $ to begin our embryo adoption journey! Hoping to start the process Feb/March 2013. Continuing acupuncture and hoping for a miracle in the meantime. BFPChart2.gif


rcr (38) TTC #2 since December 2007. Three failed IVFs, four canceled IVFs, five failed medicated IUI cycles. Waiting for another IVF cycle in December, and trying to keep hope alive.


BucketofRain (32) dh (33) ttc #2 for 18 months. Unexplained infertility...all tests have been good, with regular cycles. 1st cycle of 50mg clomid plus iui...


SKJ2011  (34) DOR, DH (35) perfect. TTC #2 since Spring 2011. Missed m/c and D&C in March 2012. Started clomid + IUI in July 2012.


Trying to Conceive #3


plane green (29) DH (33) DD#1 (9) DD#2 (3) - TTC since September 2010, missed miscarriage in Feb. 2011 at 9 wks, 3 cycles of Clomid 50mg, two months off, two cycles of Clomid with IUI, one cycle of Clomid 100mg but no IUI because my lining was too thin, two months off and now I am on BC to get rid of a leftover follicle.


Trying to Conceive #4


baileyandmikey Kristin (31), DH (36), we have 3 kids (10, 7,3), and one angel (miscarriage and D&C back in 2001), we've been trying for number 4 for over 2 years with no luck. My cycles got all crazy, having multiple in a month, the OB put me on Clomid, I'm currently on cycle 4. I've done 50 mg (ovulated, but no bfp), 100mg (no ovulation), 150 mg (ovulated by no bfp), and this cycle was 100 mg. I'm currently on 8dpo.... and I'm praying it worked this month. I'm done stressing out about it, and just want to be pregnant already!


(May everyone who passes through this thread find her way to this section!)

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toothfairy2be 08-04-2012 07:39 AM

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Thank you for the new thread!!

Not much new here since 12 hours ago. Cleaning the house while DH finishes some yardwork.

shesaidboom 08-04-2012 07:49 AM

This is really stupid, but it's my dog's 5th birthday today and I'm bummed because when we started planning to get a dog we had decided we'd have a baby by the time she was 3 or 4. Everything we read said that was the perfect age to add in a baby since she'd be out of the puppy phase, but still be energetic with (hopefully) a long time left, so they could grow up together. I know 5 isn't much older, but it's another one of those deadline things. I need to stop it with those!

toothfairy2be 08-05-2012 11:55 AM

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It is the little things sometimes that surprisingly hurt most. Sorry you're feeling down... This whole thing just sucks & is so beyond our control.

skj2011 08-05-2012 01:02 PM

SSB - Thanks for the new thread. I'm sorry about yet another date reminder. It really does suck so bad. I hope you catch a break and this is your month!

planegreen 08-05-2012 09:01 PM

Hi!  Happy August!  Can I be added to the top post?  We are trying to conceive #3.  


planegreen (29) DH (33) DD#1 (9) DD#2 (3) - TTC since September 2010, missed miscarriage in Feb. 2011 at 9 wks, 3 cycles of Clomid 50mg, two months off, two cycles of Clomid with IUI, one cycle of Clomid 100mg but no IUI because my lining was too thin, two months off and now I am on BC to get rid of a leftover follicle. 


So an update for me, I went to my doctor appt to review the plan and we ended up deciding for me to take a birth control pill this month as it "quiets the ovaries" and can hopefully get rid of that leftover follicle.  Then... next month I can do the Femara, injectibles of some sort, and IUI.  For now, enjoying the last month of summer before school starts (I'm a teacher).  I hope all of you are having a great start to the month! 

Milk8shake 08-06-2012 03:10 AM

SSB - thanks for the new thread.  Would you mind adding me to the front page also?

Milk8shake (28) & DP (29)  TTC #1 since 04/09.  Battling endometriosis, a unicornuate uterus and unexplained RPL.  Five little ones, gone but not forgotten.  Hoping for a lucky 2013 baby, with the help of some serious medical intervention.  


Happy birthday to your doggie!  I know that you are sad about it, but I hope s/he had a nice doggie birthday anyway.  I agree with Cait that the little things can sting.

So sorry about the heart stuff and MRI and whatnot.  I hope that it was a bad day.  It's tiring when there is always another hoop to jump through, and it's never ending!  

Fingers crossed for your good symptoms though! 


SKJ - sorry about the BFN.  Silver lining is good though!  Glad the new RE is a listener... that counts for a lot!  From now on, in the TWW, you shall be PUPO!  


Cait - I'd be so keen for some sangria.  Actually, I'm pretty much always keen for some kind of drinking!  How did your BBQ go?  I think it's sweet that you are praying for us all.  Sometimes I wish I had that kind of faith.  


Lilac - wow!  That's good news.  You are certainly seeing some improvement in the numbers!  


Sourire - Hope you are having a nice trip!  You too, Deborah!  


Rochelle - How are you doing?  


Planegreen - welcome (did I say that?)  Hope the rest of your summer is lovely.


Hi to everyone else, and all the stalkers... Yes, I see you there, stalking!  Sheepish.gif


AFM:  Pretty quiet here.  My OPKs never arrived (damn Australia Post).  Probably have to buy some new ones now.  I suck at temping and remembering to temp - sorry if anyone thinks they can stalk my chart.  It will be futile, I think.  

DP is officially in possession of an E-ring!  I know because I picked it.  I'm hoping he doesn't make me wait too long whistling.gif

I confess to possibly being in wedding mode already.  I've been stalking wedding dresses!  ROTFLMAO.gif  Don't tell anyone!  



Xerxella 08-06-2012 05:44 AM

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You caught me. Remember, stalking is caring. But, yeah for the e-ring!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY exciting!

And congrats Sila on ovulating!!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!

I'll go now. Good luck everyone!


skj2011 08-06-2012 08:08 AM

Milk!!!!! So exciting!

X - wave.gif

AFM - CD3 monitoring. Off to a not great start greensad.gif I only have 8 antral follies, down 2 from last month. I guess it really doesn't mean much b/c I don't want to fertilize all 8 of them and I'm not doing IVF, but still. Waiting on b/w results and then I'll find out when and how much clomid this month. I'm concerned about my lining. Last cycle it was a 6 something on the day of trigger. AF has been much lighter than normal for me. Is there anything I can do to build up my lining?

planegreen 08-06-2012 01:12 PM

Originally Posted by SKJ2011 View Post

AFM - CD3 monitoring. Off to a not great start greensad.gif I only have 8 antral follies, down 2 from last month. I guess it really doesn't mean much b/c I don't want to fertilize all 8 of them and I'm not doing IVF, but still. Waiting on b/w results and then I'll find out when and how much clomid this month. I'm concerned about my lining. Last cycle it was a 6 something on the day of trigger. AF has been much lighter than normal for me. Is there anything I can do to build up my lining?


I don't really have any advice for you but just wanted to say that I am in the same place as you with my lining.  I took Clomid for a total of six months and the last set of three really took a toll on my lining.  I couldn't have my last IUI because it was too thin.  Then I had to take two months off, in which my periods were still very light.  I just had a baseline ultrasound done this cycle on day 3 and my lining looked good so hopefully the two months off of Clomid have helped my body to get back to normal lining making.  The next round I am doing Femara instead of Clomid because I seem to have the undesired, but common, effects from Clomid.  


I just started Restoring Fertility yoga this cycle and that is supposed to help with the lining too.  Who knows though... so like I said not much advice but my experience is similar. 


Milk - Congrats!  I hope the proposal comes soon! 


Shesaidboom - I get what you are saying about dates.  I've been dreading Aug. 20th for awhile now and I could have had a little one turning one on or about that date. greensad.gif  That also was my dad's birthday and my younger DD was born on his death date so I thought it was really amazing that my due date was now his birthday.  Ah well... we shall see what the day brings.  I hope your doggie has a wonderful birthday!


AFM - CD14 today.  I am really hoping being on the pill for this month has some positive effects.  I feel terrible taking the pill each day.  That is the opposite of what I am trying to do!  Grr... but still if it's the right thing, I will do it. 

lilacvioletiris 08-06-2012 07:11 PM

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Could you update my blurb?


Lilacvioletiris (36, DX hypothyroid 10/11) and DH (40), (initial diagnosis no sperm, azoospermia 3/23/12, second sperm assay found 25 total sperm on 5/18/12, third and fourth SA for cryopreservation of sperm found 5 motile sperm and 3 non-motile sperm on 6/29/12 & 8/3/12) TTC #1 since April 2011. Waiting to make another sperm donation for freezing so there is enough for an IVF cycle and saving money for IVF.

Gemmine 08-07-2012 10:07 AM

Another lurker/stalker caught. Back to the bushes I go. privateeyes.gif

krunchyk 08-07-2012 07:54 PM

Hi ladies. I'm still out and about, lurking, lurking, lurking. If possible, please do update my blurb:


krunchyk Me (32), DH (34), ttc #1 1/11. Diagnosed with PCOS at 19. Currently taking 1500 mg of Metformin daily along with supplements and acupuncture. Wading into the world of medicated cycles. One missed miscarriage at 8w6d in March. One early miscarriage at 5w4d in May. 

Smilesarefree 08-08-2012 05:06 AM

So my repeat blood work showed that there was no lab error, my FSH was even higher this time at 54.  She diagnosed me with premature ovarian failure and prescribed HRT for me.  I can't bring myself to take the pills yet (estrace and prometrium) I feel that when I do I have truely given up (even though she tells me that they wouldn't interfere with anything should my body decide to ovulate again).  In any case she gave me a pretty grim outlook on having another child, she did say that if my periods do come back she will try me on the clomid but I don't have high hopes of that working if af comes back regularily.  We're not sure yet if we will look for another opinion but in the mean time I have decided that I need to start to let go and put all of my focus on my dear little dd who I am so lucky to have.  So, Please remove me from the roster.  I will continue to stalk here for most likely a long time hoping and praying to see many many bfp's, I wish that each and every one of you are blessed with as many babies as your hearts desire.

shesaidboom 08-08-2012 06:03 AM

Cait - thanks for the good thoughts. I really wish we had more control over this.


SKJ - thank you, I hope this is the month for all of us! It's about time, right?
I'm sorry things aren't going great. I hope your lining ends up being ok.


planegreen - I've added your blurb. I hope the BCP helps get rid of that follicle and you can continue on next month. I'm a teacher too :)
I'm sorry about your August date coming up, especially with the connections to your father. It can be so hard.


milk8shake - thank you, I'm hoping the same. I've added your blurb.
EEEEEK! That is so exciting! I hope he doesn't make you wait too long. I totally understand the wedding mode. I was right there too right after we got engaged. It's so much fun!


lilacvioletiris - updated you :)


Gemmine - hi! How are you doing?


krunchyk - updated you :)


Smiles - I am so, so sorry. I wish you luck and hope things work out for the best hug2.gif

toothfairy2be 08-08-2012 08:11 AM

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Gem- so good to see you still lurking smile.gif

Milk- so exciting!!! Ahhh! What a good distraction!! My bbq was great & the sangria came out awesome (my first time making it). Your DH bday party is coming up, want me to send you the recipe?

Smiles- so sad things turned out this way. Have you read inconceivable by julia indochiva? It may offer some hope for you that it doesnt have to be over but if you are trying to refocus on your cards as theyve been dealt, i wish you the best, love and happiness filled life with your husband & daughter.

Krunchy- still following your blog, glad to see youre still following us too smile.gif

Llac- i'm not fully understanding how many swimmers you've got stockpiled, but good is good so i'll just go with it! Yay!

Planegreen & skj- i took alfalfa & red clover tea to imorove my lining... I'm not certain it worked because they only gave me the lining if i asked but i know my estrogen was higher the month i did that. Then i switched to femaa & didnt worry as much.

Planegreen- i've been meaning to start my dvds again. Good reminder! Do you like them?

sourire- hope youre having safe travels! You too deborah!

Sila! Miss you lady, glad to see you did it med free this month, hope this one is the lucky egg!

AFM- CD3. taking my Femara tonight. My period was so much better this month. Cramps on day 1 but not enough for any tylenol... Color & flow has been 'perfect'. NO SPOTTING last month! I was on 200 prometrium once a day til 12dpo. Im drinking ginger tea to improvr circulation for AF & made a fertility tea blend to drink over the next 2 weeks. Hoping for a CD 13 ovulation since DH gets home late CD12(o day the last 2 cycles).

skj2011 08-08-2012 11:36 AM

Toothfairy - yay for a good cycle! That is such a good sign!!! I hope your napro doc has everything figured out and this is your month.

Planegreen - I've scoured the web for how to thicken lining. I've read that pomegranate juice (1 glass a day) can help. Also, RRL tea, baby aspirin, L-arginine, and what Toothfairy mentioned. I've decided to do L-arginine, pomegranate juice, RRL tea and herbs from my acupuncturist. Also, I've been putting a heating pad on my lower abdomen when I remember to. And, I'm doing the same dvds. So, I hope this month turns out better.

smiles - I'm so very sorry for your news. I second what Toothfairy said. Also, if you are interested in pursuing alternative approaches, both Making Babies and The Infertility Cure have chapters on how to reverse POF. I totally understand needing to move on too. Sending love and light your way.

AFM - Nothing much new to report. I have my repeat saline u/s tomorrow to confirm that my tubes are open. I'm sure it won't tell us much, but I appreciate the doc humoring me. I took my first clomid pill last night. My AF started slowly this month. Spotting that turned into flow at night. So, I started the clomid on day 3/4. Hoping the timing's ok. I've decided to get back on the workout train. IF is so disruptive that I at least want to maintain my shape if possible. I'm going to minimize the ab work (read that lots of crunches can decrease blood supply to your pelvis), but otherwise, I'm going to keep up my usual workouts.

jukim 08-08-2012 12:55 PM

hide.gif Another stalker busted! I decided to stop posting and just lurked as I felt like I was being unfair to you ladies and really didn't belong on this thread just yet. I had no confirmed infertility issues nor was I trying for long. I just had a fear of having infertility issues becasue of my Grave's Disease. So I decided to lurk for a year first.


Turns out I was right as I am currently 21wks 3 dys along, still with Grave's Disease, but doing fine. But I continue to silently lurk and pray for rainbow babies for all of you. Lurking here keeps me grounded to the reality and struggles of others which for me is more important than getting caught up in my own world where it's so easy to become insensitive to the struggles of others.  I may never truly understand but I empathise with you ladies and really pray for happy endings for each of you. So if it's ok with you guys I will continue to stalk and root for you guys. So you can take me off the list on top and I'll be going back to lurking now Bolt.gif

dakipode 08-09-2012 07:11 AM

Stalking for now. I got my official diagnosis yesterday, don't really care about the label, had my mind set on getting a Clomid prescription to straighten out my cycles. DH is very resistant to the whole idea of IUI...

I've read most of your July thread and you ladies seem like a very tight and supportive group. Don't know if I can keep up with the frequency of your updates so if you all don't mind I'll just read for now and not participate actively.

toothfairy2be 08-09-2012 12:57 PM

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Congrats jukim! Thanks for stalking & cheering us on!

Welcome dakipode- looking forward to when you are ready to shaee your story. You are always welcome! I was resistant to IUI too and tried 4 times before changing treatmentplans without IUI. Happy to share advice and hope your stay is short & sweet.

Skj- i made a fertility tea blend that i read about for improving your bodys responsoe to estrogen. Nettle tea, red clover tea, RRL tea & peppermint tea, let sit room temp overnight & drink 1-4 cups a day. It actually tastes pretty good. Lets hope it works! What are you taking from your acupuncturist? Mine said if this month doesnt work we will do herbs in september. I'm on my 3rd acupuncturist...hoping 3rd times the charm!

skj2011 08-09-2012 01:40 PM

dakipode - Hi. I recognize your from the saner tww threads. Sorry you found your way over here. The whole IF thing can be so daunting. I hope your stay here is short and sweet. Feel free to pop in whenever.

Toothfairy - ooh. That looks interesting. I actually mixed the rrl and peppermint tea. Just need to get my hands on the other two. I've got no idea what my acupuncturist gave me. It's pretty awful tasting. I know it's a "blood mover" but not sure of the exact concoction. She mixes it up special for me. I have this feeling that your time is coming really soon. I hope I'm right!

wissa19 08-09-2012 01:45 PM

Smiles - I'm so sorry.  I wish there were words that would help, but I know there's not.  hug2.gif I really really really really wanted the labs to be wrong!

Sourire 08-09-2012 02:24 PM

shesaidboom - Thanks for the new thread! My trip was to Regina, Saskatchewan which is where I grew up. That is so discouraging about your heart, wow. As if you don't have enough problems already! I'm hoping the MRI shows better results. Sorry you hit another of those awful deadlines. I'm up for one of those next week: it's our 2 year wedding anniversary, aka 2 year anniversary of failing to get pregnant. I really wish we had started TTC a few months before or after our wedding because now I find wedding anniversaries so depressing. And don't even get me started on birthdays!


lilac - oh that is so exciting that you guys have more sperm than you thought!


toothfairy - I heard the same thing that progesterone suppositories don't influence your blood progesterone much... all the progesterone is going straight to your reproductive organs where it's needed most! So hopefully things aren't as bad as they sounded. It's very exciting that Prometrium solved your spotting though... when I was on Prometrium I still had spotting, which I why I switched to Crinone.


Milkshake - I'm so excited that your DH bought the ring!!! Is it hidden, or can you take it out and look at it sometimes?


SKJ - the best way to improve your lining is to not be on Clomid! I'm surprised they didn't switch you already if you had a lining issue last month. I would strongly recommend insisting on Femara next cycle.... I honestly believe that Clomid should not be prescribed anymore, I don't get why doctors are still prescribing it when a better alternative exists!



Smiles - I'm so so sorry you've received this news. hug2.gif That must be so incredibly difficult for you. I really hope you can find peace with things eventually (and possibly get a suprise BFP!)


Sila - thinking of you!


AFM - I'm back from my trip. My baby neice is the cutest thing ever, I wanted to hold her all the time (I was always arguing with my mom & dad over whose turn it was to hold her). She's 6 weeks old and so tiny, just recently hit 6 lbs (she was under 5 lbs at birth). I'm really proud of my SIL also who is not the crunchy type at all but she's totally gotten into cloth diapering and breast feeding. I think my brother is the one really pushing these things... I never thought he cared about stuff like that but I guess years of watching our two younger sisters get cloth diapered and breastfed until they were toddlers really had an impact on him (my mom is pretty crunchy!) So anyways my usual feelings of envy and sadness around babies never surfaced around my neice... I know my brother and SIL didn't have an easy time conceiving either (she has PCOS, he had a low sperm count, it took them about a year and they got pregnant on Clomid and possibly metformin). Although I did have an overwhelming urge to steal the baby and take her home with me!!!!


While I was there I also went to my friend's wedding. Of course I ended up being seated next to a pregnant girl again. Luckily I handled it better this time, I only had a few glasses of wine :)


DH and I were not sure whether we wanted to try this month. My ovulation ended up being during my trip and we were staying at my dad's place which has paper thin walls and our room shared a wall with my dad's room... also the bed has a very squeaky mattress!!! DH voted to not even bother BDing since he doesn't believe we can get pregnant without meds. I totally agree with him but I always have this tiny sliver of hope which simply will not go away and I can't bring myself to completely give up on a cycle... so I negotiated with him that we would only BD one single time either the day of my + OPK or the day after. Well I got my +OPK at 11pm on Saturday and my dad was sleeping in the room next to us so that night was not possible. So Sunday we had a find a way to be alone in my dad's house. All day I was trying to convince my dad to go hang out with my brother and their baby, or to go for a bike ride, or go do an errand. He just would not get the hint!!!! Finally I had to come out and tell him that I needed him to get out of the house because I was ovulating and his walls were too thin! It was probably one of the most embarassing moments of my life!!!! But we ended up getting our one BD in, lol.


DH and I have got tickets to the musical Wicked this weekend (to celebrate our anniversary), I'm so excited! DH really hates musicals so I had to beg for about 3 months before he finally relented... he probably only gave in to stop me from nagging haha.

toothfairy2be 08-09-2012 03:38 PM

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Sourire- i literally just laughed out loud about you telling your dad to scoot so you could BD. I'm glad you enjoyed your niece& you overcame the urge to baby snatch smile.gif

Also, thanks for repeating the progesterone/ blood thngg. I must have overlooked it when someone said it before but I just googled after reading what you said & I feel a lot better. It still doesn't make sense completely because dont they say medicated you should be above 20 and unmedicated above 10? Not that I'm not truely relieved ( because going from 30 to 10 in 4 days still sounds sucky if it included supplementing) but I don't fully understand.

kparker 08-09-2012 05:21 PM

Just checking in on everyone here still in this phase of the journey! Been thinking of all of you lately, just read and caught up on everything. Wishing you all great success ASAP!

lilacvioletiris 08-09-2012 05:49 PM

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Toothfairy2be, we don't actually know how many swimmers are frozen, just that the bit of sample had 5 motile and 3 nonmotile, so hopefully there are multiples of 5 in the 9 vials that are frozen.


AFM, AF showed up while I was gone to a teacher's convention in Nashville, TN.  The convention was great, but the earlier than expected AF was annoying.  No free baby this month.

teresaresa 08-09-2012 06:56 PM

Sourire: I'm so glad you had fun with your niece :) I went to see a friend today who had her baby yesterday. I realized after the fact that it never even crossed my mind that it might be hard. And to be honest, it really wasn't hard at all. He was so flippin' adorable. I held him the whole time (I was the only visitor at the moment). It was love! Hilarious that you had to kick your dad out of the house!  I hope you and DH were able to enjoy the sexy time together ;-) And, I have everything crossed that it worked (partially b/c I think it's such a great story!). I loved, loved, loved Wicked. I saw it when it first came to Broadway. You're going to have a great time!!!


Sila: I didn't go back to finish reading the July thread, but I take it you ovulated on your own!!! How exciting! You must be doing back flips. Maybe your body just needed a little push? Hope everything else is great in your world. 


Smiles: Oh my gosh, lady. I am so sorry. My heart is seriously aching for you. IF alone is unfair, but this just really sucks. :(


Shesaidboom: Aw, lady. Anniversaries are hard for sure. I didn't catch up on the July thread; I hope the heart thing others are mentioning is not serious :( I'll be thinking of you!


Milk: Holy Toledo Batman!!!!!! So excited for you! Please describe the shiny bauble :)


SKJ: Why do they still have you on Clomid? That's crazy. As soon as your lining wasn't good they should have switched you. Total bummer. However, it sounds like you're doing everything you can do counterbalance the Clomid effects. Are they giving you any progesterone support after your IUI?


Toothfairy: YAY for no spotting. That's truly amazing. I'm glad they finally figured out how to fix that. I love ginger tea. So yummy. Glad you and DH will get in there around ovulation ;-)


plane: Welcome :)


Lilac: So excited for your next freeze!


jukim: That's so awesome! I think I remember you going on vacation months ago, and then I don't think you ever came back to us. I'm so super excited your pregnant - congrats!


krunchyk: I'm glad you're still around. Hope all is well with you. 


AFM: Not sure who lurks on the IVF thread. I miss you ladies so much. You're just so supportive. Anyway, I'd like to come back this way for now even though I'm not going to be doing much for the next three months. I had a miscarriage on 7/27 after 8 agonizing weeks (well, actually I was 10 weeks with how they count it). The pregnancy was fraught with issues from the beginning, so I'm relieved it's over. We can't cycle again (either fresh or frozen) for roughly three months, so I'm going to take this time to refocus on me and on my marriage. I'm likely going to change REs - I have an appointment with someone new on 9/6. At this point, I need a little more hand-holding, and my current doc's support staff haven't been the best at that. So, onward and upward!!! Looking forward to coming back over here to cheerlead for a while :)

skj2011 08-10-2012 07:48 AM

Hi lovely ladies!

Sourire - I asked about Femara and the clinic I go to doesn't use it b/c it's off label for fertility. I guess it has something to do with liability. Anyways, it sucks, but the good thing is that my RE has a cutoff of 5 or 6 for lining on day of trigger. Last month it was a 6.2 the morning of trigger. So, that's within the acceptable range. We'll see how this month looks with all my supplements. If it's still borderline, I'll push to move on to the next thing.

I'm so glad you had a great trip and fell in love. That's just so great to hear. As for the wedding, you seriously are a preggo-magnet. WTH?? Ahh, the things we do to have a baby. That's hilarious that you kicked your dad out. I hope you get a free baby and that's the story of how he/she was conceived.

lilac - sorry the witch showed up. Hoping you get to do IVF in no time!

teresa - Hi lady! Glad to "see" you here. Sounds like you are doing the right thing in switching REs. Trusting your caregivers is so important in this journey, I think. I hope the appointment on the 6th goes well! Are you guys being told to avoid during the next three months, or are you choosing to take a break? After my loss, I made the mistake of going over to the TTC after loss boards. I think nearly everyone who was on the thread with me is already knocked up. Just a warning in case you were thinking of heading over there.

AFM - Nothing was found during my saline u/s, which is good news. Both tubes are open. Hopefully, the saline flushed out any cobwebs and this will be our month. Next on the docket is monitoring on monday morning. I've been charting through ovulation and stopping during my LP, b/c it just stresses me out then. This month was looking good until today. I think it's the clomid, but my temp skyrocketed. It was 98.2 yesterday and 98.6 today (vaginal temps)! I read that clomid can screw up your bbt. Wow, I was shocked this morning.

zubeldia 08-10-2012 07:53 AM

Milk!! What???!!


Hi Sila!

krunchyk 08-10-2012 03:26 PM

Thanks Shesaidbloom!


Teresaresa - I'm so sorry for your loss. After my second miscarriage I read the book Coming To Term by Cohen. He discusses a lot of the research around miscarriage - recurrent miscarriage specifically. I'm telling you about it because he reviews a study where Scandinavian doctors used a form of tender loving care (that's what they call it) to treat recurrent miscarriage.  The group that received extra care, therapy, attention, etc were found to have a greater chance of carrying to term. So, finding a doctor and staff that offers care and support is super important. I hope you can find it with the new RE!


Also, I would recommend the book to anyone that has had a miscarriage. It gave me hope not because it is full of rosie stories and fabulous self-affirmations, but because the research points to the fact that most women that miscarry over and over again will eventually carry to term.  Hope is a beautiful thing.


Sila - I was just creeping on your chart. I have my fingers crossed that you are one of the lucky ones that gets pregnant on the off month!


Back to lurking. Have a good weekend!

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