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Lindz's Avatar Lindz 04:22 PM 09-20-2012

Planegreen-I know that feeling all too well!  Keeping my fingers crossed!  Why can't fertility be covered?  Don't politicians and insurance companies know we can't help it?  Infertility is such a painful diagnosis.  I remember the first time my doctor said it I went into complete shock. I cried for a week straight. AGH!  It kills me.  My neighbor is from Sweden and she actually traveled back home to have her IVF because it was free there.  Can you imagine??????  



Sourire-yay!  Sooner is always better than later!


Deb-glad your test went well.  I had it done in June.  It was interesting.


Thinking of you ladies!  :)

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 07:28 PM 09-20-2012

Sourire- Such good news!! Can't wait to follow your cycle!

SilaMarila's Avatar SilaMarila 07:58 AM 09-21-2012

Planegreen - Ugh, that is how it was for me. Disappointment is so expensive.


Sourire - Yay!!! November seems like a great time to conceive! 


Hi everyone else!


Update: I've been spotting brown and cramping a lot for the last 3 days. If this is going to be over I just want it over. Trying to stay positive but it is really messing with my head. I'm 19dpo.

gozal's Avatar gozal 11:31 AM 09-21-2012

Sila - sending myriads of fiercely positive thoughts your way and holding you and the little one in my prayers.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 11:55 AM 09-21-2012

Ack. It looks like the lab screwed up! My AMH results weren't consistent with my other results, so now I have to wait until my next period and retest everything. The positive side to this is that I can now go home for Yom Kippur (Jewish holiday where we atone for our sins and ask forgiveness of others) and we don't have to worry about having a due date close to the one we had with the boys.

planegreen's Avatar planegreen 12:38 PM 09-21-2012

Sila, I'm sending you all the sticky vibes I have.  Stick, baby, stick! 


Deborah, I like your positive attitude on the new news.  Enjoy your trip home! 


Sourire, yeah!  You sound excited about getting started. 


AFM, CD30 and no sign of AF yet. I tested yesterday and it was still BFN.  Didn't bother testing this morning.  Looking forward to the weekend.  DH is gone hunting so it's me and the girls at home.  Not much planned except a soccer game Saturday morning.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 02:25 PM 09-21-2012

Well, it looks like my cycles may not be screwed up so badly after all. My period just showed up, making my cycle 26 days long, which is totally normal for me. That means that FF had my ovulation day correct. Maybe my body geared up to ovulate early and then decided to do it on schedule? lol Anyway, I'm feeling a bit relieved.


I have Prometrium and Clomid on order. Prometrium for this cycle, the Clomid of course won't be here in time, so it is for the next cycle (if I need it). I'll take Soy Isoflavones this cycle.


I am so relieved! I was seriously contemplating the end of TTC.


SilaMarila...   I hope you've seen the last of the spotting, and that the cramps are your little one digging in for a nice long stay.


Think Fertile Thoughts!!!

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 03:21 PM 09-21-2012

Lindz - I hope you'll be making an announcement soon too! I totally relate to being annoyed with them. It's pretty much the reason I had to get rid of facebook. I hope the tests go well!


planegreen - I'm so sorry about the BFN. Much love to you.
Yes, my RE knows forsure. She was actually really happy about the switch because she has zero experience with the other and ltos with this so she's more comfy with it too. Thanks for making sure. You ladies really are the best!


Sourire - I'll be following yours too! I'm interested to see the difference in protocol. BFPs for us both though, yes?
I'm glad your IVF is sooner than originally thought. Boo to missing the rollercoasters, but as you said, you get to have one of your own!


deborah - I started writing a happy comment, but how frustrating to have to re-test everything next cycle. At least there is a bright side, and you have a great attitude about it. I hope you enjoy your trip!


Sila - Sending good vibes your way! Let's hope this is just normal pregnancy spotting.


AFM, tomorrow I go in for my day 3 base ultrasound/blood work and then on Monday I start BCPs. I have such negative views on BCP after my experience with them so it's hard to be ok with taking them. I know it's for a completely different reason though and there is a purpose. I'm super nervous, but am also excited about getting things going.

Lindz's Avatar Lindz 07:54 PM 09-21-2012 doctor call yet.  The past 4 months I've gotten a phone call that says my thyroid counts are way off the day after testing.  Today I waited and waited but nothing! I hope no news is good news!!!  

SilaMarila's Avatar SilaMarila 08:11 PM 09-21-2012

I'm miscarrying. 


I'll probably be back around here soon.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 08:53 PM 09-21-2012

Sila- hug2.gif. Everyone else- thanks. I can't say I'm pleased about the changes because I could have avoided an ultrasound the other day when I was sedated if they had known about the lab error. I do always try to look at the bright side, though. Finishing up some work now and then off to Karaoke with the girls! Tomorrow is my martial arts tournament and Sunday I go home. I'm exhausted just thinking about my weekend, but it is a happy exhaustion.

shesaidboom's Avatar shesaidboom 08:58 PM 09-21-2012

Sila - Fuck. Can we even say that on here? I don't think there is anything else to say. I'm so so sorry. This is not fair. You are in my prayers candle.gif

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 09:18 PM 09-21-2012

SilaMarila...   Hugs... I'm sorry...

Milk8shake's Avatar Milk8shake 10:22 PM 09-21-2012
Originally Posted by shesaidboom View Post

Sila - Fuck. Can we even say that on here? I don't think there is anything else to say. I'm so so sorry. This is not fair. You are in my prayers candle.gif
Exactly what I was gonna say. So sorry Sila. Life is cruel.
Gemmine's Avatar Gemmine 03:13 AM 09-22-2012

Sila: I am so sorry. I have been thinking about you all day (well all yesterday since it's currently 4am). ((((love and hugs)))) this is just awful.


Cait and Stevi: Thinking about you guys.


Sourire: I was glad to hear about your last LP with no spotting. Looking forward to your IVF.


Hi Milky-pie.


Hi everyone.

skj2011's Avatar skj2011 11:42 AM 09-22-2012
Oh Sila. I'm so sorry. Fuck is right. This is not fair at all. Thinking of you friend.
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 12:23 PM 09-22-2012

Sila - many hugs for you.  I am so sorry for this turn of events.

Lindz's Avatar Lindz 02:43 PM 09-22-2012

Sila, Oh God I'm so sorry.  Hugs.  I know there are no words of comfort.  It's just not fair.

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 03:12 PM 09-22-2012
Well since nobody has threatened us that Fuck is not allowed, double fuck. I'm so sorry Sila. This is so not fair.
SilaMarila's Avatar SilaMarila 04:32 PM 09-22-2012

I really appreciate all of your support and mutual devastation. 


It fucking sucks. Not just for me, for all of us.


I wish I didn't have to be this strong. I wish none of us did.

Smilesarefree's Avatar Smilesarefree 05:06 PM 09-22-2012

So sorry Sila it does suck.  Thinking of you.

skeemama's Avatar skeemama 06:54 PM 09-22-2012 sorry.

planegreen's Avatar planegreen 10:02 PM 09-22-2012

Sila - I'm so sorry to hear your news.  Boo!  Hugs girl... 


AFM - AF has arrived.  She's starting off slow which worries me a bit.  AND... this morning in the shower my left boob leaked "milk" wtf??  That has not ever happened to me before.  Any ideas for me on that one?  It was only a few drops but I noticed it.  Off-white color of your first milk.  Hmmm.... 


Also, can someone explain rainbow baby to me?  Sorry to be ignorant... Thanks! 

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 08:45 AM 09-23-2012

Planegreen- A rainbow baby is a baby conceived after loss.

gozal's Avatar gozal 08:21 PM 09-23-2012

Sila...there are no words. I don't know why life can be so awful. I am so very sorry and keeping you in my thoughts.

tenzinsmama's Avatar tenzinsmama 09:26 PM 09-23-2012

Sila, I've been rooting for you all this time, and my heart is breaking for you right now... Thinking of you and holding you in my thoughts. 

Milk8shake's Avatar Milk8shake 12:17 AM 09-24-2012

Sila, still thinking of you.


Just a quick check in for the stalkers, as I have been pretty quiet.  Had another scan today, and it was good news.  Baby is still kickin' along.  Heartbeat was 161 and the growth was almost on track for dates (two days behind).  I'm trying to look past that, as it was an abdominal scan.  At this rate, I'll just be having weekly scans until I don't need them any more, for whatever reason.  It's the only way to manage the anxiety.


I'm still reading updates, but feeling lousy so I'm laying low.  Don't know if it's true morning sickness, or just a side effect of the bazillion medications.  At any rate, outside of work, I mostly sleep.  


Hope to see some good news coming to this thread real soon.

Tear78's Avatar Tear78 04:03 AM 09-24-2012
Milk8, yay for good news with the little one! Keep it up!!! goodvibes.gif

Sila, greensad.gif I'm so sorry. Sigh...fuck...and not fair. hug.gif
SilaMarila's Avatar SilaMarila 08:41 AM 09-24-2012

Wow, thanks guys. Again, I appreciate your support. 


Planegreen - It might be a hormone thing.


Milk - Rooting for you big time.


I'm doing ok. 

skj2011's Avatar skj2011 08:51 AM 09-24-2012
Milk - That's great to hear that things are staying on track. Sending you lots of healthy take home baby vibes.

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